National French Honor Society Induction

Congratulations to the 2018 NFHS inductees!


Here are the new FNHS inductees.

On Thursday, April 12th at 5:30 pm, Academic Magnet hosted its annual French National Honor Society Induction in the Judith Peterson lecture hall. Baguettes, eclairs, croissants, and several other refreshments were provided for those who attended.

Students who maintained an A each quarter in their French class were invited to attend the ceremony and become a part of the club. Co-Presidents Michael Pi and Eliot Leadem gave opening remarks and discussed the work the members do to engage in Francophone culture.

Treasurer Mason Leath lead the new inductees in the pledge: “Par ce flambeau, ce symbole du transfert des connaissances, je m’engage à continuer sans relâche mes efforts pour m’instruire et transmettre aux futures générations mon amour pour la langue et la culture françaises.” This translates to: By this flame, a symbol of the transfer of knowledge, I promise to continue my efforts to further my knowledge and pass on my love for the French language and culture to future generations. Secretary Janie O’Shea handed out candles and passed downed the flame from one end of the stage to the other in order to commemorate the student’s dedication to the language.

L’homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux // The man who knows two languages is worth two men.”

— Société Honoraire de Français

Dr. Altman gave the closing remarks and acknowledged the graduating senior members for their years of hard work dedicated to not only French as a class, but also crêpe sales and peer tutoring. The money raised from the fundraisers has been donated to Save the Children in Francophone countries.

The students of AMHS National French Honor Society would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Altman, Mr. Jent, and Ms. Spencer for all their help, support, and hard work this year. I wish the best of luck to the rising officers, members, and future inductees of FNHS!


Audrey Alexander

Clarke Brunson

Riane Coman

John Conley

Molly Dickerson

Hannah Froman

Robert Gourdie

Zoe Harris

Abigail Keating

Oliver Lewis

Angela Li

Erin Littlejohn

Ivy Lu

Nicolette Monnier

Grace Moorman

Aly Nida

Lydia Pless

Katharine Radovanovich

Miranda Schuehle

Tory Streetman

Christie Tran

Amber Tu

Bohan Wang

William Wendt

Graduating Senior Members

Evelyn Bi

Maria Camargo

Fanny Cheung

Meredith Coen

Claire Dickman

Peyton Funkhouser

Bryn Gerding

Lydia Heath

Jackson Howe

Garrett Kelly

Brennan Kosut

Eliot Leadem

Monet Lescow

Hannah Martin

Amanda Parker

Michael Pi

Karl Pless

Anna Smirnova

Lea Staykoff

Helena Upshaw

Max von Asten

Elena Wilson

Jenny Yao