Trump is right (again) on the NFL

William Tipton, Staff Writer

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Over the past weekend, the pro-football world became embroiled in political controversy surrounding players kneeling for the national anthem at the beginning of the game. During last year’s football season, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to sit or take a knee for our country’s national anthem in the name of “racial inequality.” At the time, this move was debated by the talking heads of the mass media, yet was allowed to continue by the NFL. Since Trump’s election–and the continued heightened racial and social tensions perpetuated by the liberal media–more football players have followed suit in not standing for the national anthem. With all of the news and events happening in the country over the past several months, this issue has taken a backburner in the list of controversies. Over the past weekend, Trump brought the spotlight back to those unpatriotic and disrespectful players by stating that in his opinion, NFL owners should fire those that take an action to disrespect the national anthem and those fighting for our nation. The response from sports officials and players were predictable; mostly PR focused statements that denounce Trump’s position and include a mention of ‘division,’ with the exception of leftist basketball players LeBron James and Steph Curry. Trump continued to tweet about the NFL, specifically the vast response from the players on this issue, describing the NFL’s low ratings and the crowd’s response to the team kneeling for the anthem.

The mainstream (fake news) media, and a majority of the liberal elite in this country jumped to their favorite conclusion on anything and everything Trump (or anything else for that matter): racism. Immediately following Trump’s Alabama rally, CNN and MSNBC were complaining that this “does not help the president’s race problem,” whatever that means. Talking heads took time away from the crisis in Puerto Rico, as well as the major GOP health care push, to chide Trump because he denounced some disrespectful and unpatriotic NFL players who happen to be black. Nowhere in Trump’s Alabama speech did he mention the race of the players, nor did he say or act as if he would use the power of the government to do anything about these players. He simply gave the right opinion that he disapproves of the players disrespecting the American flag and the national anthem, and it does not matter what color or creed that player is. The problem here for liberals is that the American people agree with him. According to a scientific poll taken by the Remington Research group, 64 percent of Americans agree that players should stand for the national anthem.

As with many of the statements Trump makes, this one has surely been over-blown and disproportionately covered by the media. But the reality of the situation is that he made a statement that a majority of Americans agree with, and did not once mention race. I would feel just as angered at a white athlete disrespecting our flag and nation as I would a black athlete. In the end, the response by the media was very predictable. Its goal at this point is to completely destroy the Trump administration in the court of public opinion, and will not stop trying, unless conservatives and Republicans can unite and fight back. This relentless degradation of an administration by the supposedly free press is caustic to the welfare of our country.

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