UFOs Exist? Doctor Finds UFO-Caused Brain Damage

Reviewing Interesting Findings in the realm of UFOs

Brain Damage from UFOs

In late 2021, about 100 former defense and government personnel, many of them former pilots, who had reported UFO sightings were analyzed for brain damage by Dr. Garry Nolan. Nolan is no crazy UFO believer; he is a Stanford professor with 40 US patents and 300 publications. The CIA allegedly reached out to the doctor because of his work with blood analysis, informing him of the patients which he would be analyzing. Nolan claims that the CIA explicitly told him that the 100 personnel had witnessed UFOs (referred to as UAPs by the government). 

Garry Nolan; courtesy of LADbible

Nolan’s findings were consistent with the disease, multiple sclerosis. He found most of these patients had white blobs within the brain, which are dead tissues brought on by an attacking immune system. One quarter of those who witnessed UFOs, died from their injuries. Nolan essentially concluded that these patients had an over connection of neurons within their brain, which leaves the question: was this caused by a potential connection with a UFO? 

MRI scans which reveal the white globs in the brain; courtesy of New York Times

The History of UFOs

It seems impossible; even with proof, the existence of UFOs is incredibly hard to believe. Numerous files have been resting in Pentagon and CIA-released files, which have all been released between 1990 and 2023. The popularity of UFOs began during the Cold War, when a private pilot who was looking for a downed plane claims to have witnessed a flying saucer traveling at over 1,000 miles per hour. In the years following, numerous sightings were reported, to the point where the Air Force established Project SAUCER with the goal of determining whether these reports were true. Initially, the Air Force claimed that these reports were inaccurate and explained by hallucinations, yet they continued the project

UFO drawings which correlate to sightings, drawn during the Cold War; courtesy of the US National Archives

This leads to the first question: if the Air Force concluded that these aircrafts were not real, why would they continue operation, studying and analyzing them? Years later, in 1977, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit was filed against the CIA which claimed that they were withholding CIA files. Despite a statement from the CIA’s privacy coordinator, where he stated that the CIA has not engaged in the study of UFOs, the lawsuit and release of 355 documents proved that the CIA had in fact been keeping an eye on the UFO phenomenon. 

Fast forward to April 24, 2023, UFOs reports are everywhere and being taken seriously by the Pentagon. At a particular Senate Armed Service Committee hearing on the 24th, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), revealed the daily actions of his committee, along with recent updates in the UFO world. Firstly, he opened by stating that there is no concrete proof of UFOs. He then reported that his group is currently analyzing almost 700 cases of UFO sightings around the globe and each sighting must be broken down, frame by frame. 

US government releases over 350 new reports on UFO sightings
An example of a Pentagon-released potential UFO sighting; courtesy of Fox News

As I mentioned before, UFOs are incredibly hard to believe, but I do not think it should be out of the question. We should all take into consideration what the government is telling us. The US Government has historically kept information from the public, so if they are telling us that UFOs might exist, it would not be out of the question to conclude that they do. Senate hearing committees and the creation of the SpaceForce all back the potential existence of extraterrestrial life. One day, we will all know the truth, but do you think that UFOs exist?

UFO senate hearing graphic
An example of a UFO analysis; courtesy of the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services


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