Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Top Best Feelings at School

No school Monday!

Sometimes getting out of bed and dragging yourself to school isn’t the easiest task of the day. Little things like seeing your friends or jamming to music on the way to school can make your day a little more enjoyable. There are some classic moments however that make you smile and whisper, “yes!!” when you least expect it. Keep reading to see if you relate to these top best feelings at school.

  • Walking into last period and seeing a substitute

We love our teachers at Academic Magnet, but sometimes we need a little break during the school day. Last period is usually when I’m feeling a little worn out, so there’s nothing better than walking into class to see that you have a super chill substitute. This is also a great feeling if you are hyped up because you get to keep talking to your friends rather than sit through a lesson.

  • Grilled cheese day

YEAHHH! Knowing it’s grilled cheese day is all the motivation you need to get through the first three periods of the day. I always notice my friends have a little pep in their step upon realizing the infamous grilled cheese is being served that day in the cafeteria. The same goes with CCSD bowl day according to a few seniors from last year, but that meal seems to be a little indifferent among the different classes at AMHS.

The grilled cheese just hits the spot and it only comes around every two weeks.

  • When you run into your friend in the bathroom

This should not be a shocking or unusual occurrence considering how small our high school is, but something about running into your bestie in the bathroom on accident just feels so random. It always generates an unnecessarily large reaction and it is a nice little surprise during the school day. It’s something that you didn’t know you needed.

  • Finding out that your quiz is actually a group quiz

Even if you are well prepared for a quiz, you know that you are really going to do great when you walk into class and the teacher splits your class into groups. The chances of having at least one expert in your group at all times is pretty high, so the quiz usually goes by like a breeze.

  • When everyone else forgot to do the homework

This moment always comes in clutch perfectly. You were super tired and had a long afternoon, so you forgot to do your homework. You walk into class ready to accept a missing homework grade until the teacher realizes that everyone else also forgot to do their homework…SCORE! This only really applies though if your teacher just gives up on the homework grade and lets it slide. The possible negative that could come out of this situation is the teacher getting upset and giving everyone zeros for homework. The same goes for if the homework was just too difficult to complete and everyone else agrees.

  • The last day of school before winter break

Hot chocolate, candy canes, The Polar Express, pajama day. While the day before winter break in elementary school was a little more festive than now, the magic is still in the air. The stress of midterms finally comes to an end and it feels like when you walk out of school, you do not have to return for weeks. Everyone is excited for the end of the semester and ready for a break, and you can feel it in the hallways on the last day of school before the new year.

  • When it’s Sunday and you remember that you don’t have school on Monday

This is a very rare occurrence, but a great feeling. Waking up with the Sunday blues is the worst feeling when you have a lot on your plate academically, but checking your phone and realizing that you have another day off scares the blues away instantly. The sun shines brighter, the air feels crisper, and your body feels lighter when you have a Monday off from school. I personally prefer having Mondays off rather than Fridays because the week goes by faster and Sunday does not feel so demanding. It’s better to be at school on a Friday rather than a Monday.

  • When you go into the senior lounge and there’s actually food left in there

This SHOULD only apply to seniors, but there are sneaky rats everywhere lurking through the halls. I know that it is expected that any snacks put in the senior lounge will be snatched up instantly, but every once in a while there can be a singular bag of cheez-its hidden away in a corner and it’s a great feeling. The worst feeling on the other hand is seeing a giant box of a great snack sitting on the table that is completely empty except for a random object sitting inside of it like those weird skeleton rat things.

  • The morning of a field trip

The morning of a field trip may be one of the best school morning feelings ever. I remember when I was in elementary school and I would be so excited that I could barely go to sleep. Field trips in high school are almost more fun since they happen so rarely. No matter where your class is going or what you are doing, it is fun to have a little change of scenery. The air also feels so joyful and crisp on field trip mornings. We definitely appreciate all that the teachers and staff do to take us on field trips, by the way.

  • Having a drill in the middle of a boring lesson

Not that learning isn’t fun, but sometimes it’s nice to take a little break. Fire drills can be a little bit of a hassle, but the best drills are simple and easy ones that take a while, but do not require too much effort. It is pretty disappointing however to hear the intercom come on only to find out that we are just on a hold posture and class resumes like normal.

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