Aliens in South Carolina?

Aliens in South Carolina?


Everyone has heard of Area 51 and the crazy UFO abduction claims from Roswell, NM, but not many people have heard about UFO sightings in the state of South Carolina.

UFO or unidentified flying objects have been spotted since the beginning of recorded time. These sightings raise questions about life on other planets. UFO sightings became more frequent after World War II when some of the first rocketry technology was developed. In 1952 a group known as Project Blue Book was formed to lead official inquiries into UFO sightings. Canada has over 750 sighting records and were kept in the Canadian National Defense and later transferred to the Canadian National Research Council.

Extraterrestrial life is life that may exist and originate outside the planet Earth, the only place in the universe currently known by humans to support life. There is currently no evidence to support that any other life exists throughout the universe. But if the universe is infinitely huge then hypothetically there should be other planets similar to Earth. These planets should be able to support life. Recently, 7 Earth like planets have been discovered by NASA makes other life seem not so far out.


Below are some reports with photographic evidence of alien sightings in South Carolina:

Greenville, SC


“I was outside watching some thunderstorms pass by over my home. I had my camera with me, hoping to get a photo or two of some lightning.  Instead this strange looking jet plane came from the northwest, and headed south. I thought that maybe it was a new type of aircraft the military was flying.  I didn’t hear any engine sound, but then again, there was thunder in the background.”


Lake Wylie, SC


A man sees approximately 16 lights organize themselves into a triangle that eventually expanded to cover the entire sky above him.  The same phenomenon was observed just a few days before in Minnesota.  Both descriptions were almost identical.  One witness created an model of what he saw (right).  He also took a photo (left).    

Apparently sightings like these are fairly frequent.  One of the most common types of UFO’s sighted in South Carolina is this triangle shaped craft.  Some argue that the craft is not a UFO but rather a craft made by the US military.  There is actually an entire website dedicated to triangular sightings like this in South Carolina.   If you want to read more about the mysterious triangles visit


Murrells Inlet, SC


“I walked out front to run an errand, and noticed movement coming from the southwest sky; there were 3 sets of lights approaching very slowly. At first I thought they might be military planes in close formation but as they got closer I realized there was absolutely no sound and they were traveling – more like gliding – much slower than conventional aircraft. The weather was perfectly clear and the night seemed remarkably quiet. After about 1 minute, the formation passed directly over my driveway at an estimated altitude of 250 feet and each craft appeared to be the same size or a little larger than the wingspan of small private planes at that height.  I observed 3 dark triangle-shaped objects with red nose lights and smaller green & white lights on the side points. The shape of the objects was like a flattened triangle or boomerang as the distance between the green/white lights was very wide and approx. twice the span from the front to side. The red lights seemed unusually large and remained constant; the green & white lights blinked alternately. I could not make out any detail on the bottom of the craft.”

This witness also created a model to accompany her report (right).





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