How to Survive High School

You can’t spell school without chool.


Grace Rieflin

A goodbye salute from the class of 2016

We seniors may be done with high school, but for the rest of you unlucky souls, you still have years to look forward to. Here are some tips on how to make the most of “the best four years of your life” from people who have made it through (mostly) intact.

“Don’t take things too seriously, but remember when it’s important to do your work.” – Sophie McCallum

“Curl up into a ball and die.” – Danny Cunningham

“People at this school try to give themselves aneurysms. Try to stay calm, because at the end of the day grades are just a number.” -Mary Peyton Brown, Talon Editor

“Figure it out on your own.” – Madison Santi

“Don’t sacrifice your fun.” – Heather Lee

“Take all of the science and math APs. They’re really easy! Also, thesis is a lie.” – Robert Lowery

“Apply for as many scholarships as physically possible.” – Savannah Seeber

“Do your homework during focus.” – Lauren Medich

“Don’t do your homework. It’s too stressful.” – Anne Dosher

“Get really close to Ms. Redfern. She’s helped me out of a lot of sticky situations.” – Anonymous

“Drop out as soon as possible.” – Creed Branham

“Don’t worry, it will all be okay in the end.” – John Michael Wager