Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


The “Hey Girl!” Epidemic: Roommate Searches

Your guide to finding a roommate

For the many seniors committing to college, it is a very exciting and stressful time. The class of 2028 pages are college-specific Instagram accounts where many seniors post themselves to find a roommate and make new friends. For the sake of anonymity, we will be keeping the names of all the non-magnet students a secret 🤫

Ava Smoak

Ava started off looking for roommates early in the year! By January she was already having multiple conversations. In this photo, you can clearly see a typical conversation — almost always it starts with someone complimenting the other! Ava was told her Instagram is cute! Another thing to note about these texts is that it is rarely a back-and-forth. The texts tend to be sent every few hours, prolonging the conversation… it’s definitely a bit awkward 😬


Holly Manning

As one of the only students to possibly consider the University of Dayton from Magnet, Holly decided to post on the Dayton Class of 2028 page. One of the first DM’s she received was flattering but unexpected. Apparently Holly’s Instagram (with a total of 8 posts) gave off a good vibe! This is the first DM we have seen that references someone’s vibe, so not sure if that is a good or bad thing to lead with.


Yet another DM that was super sweet and complimentary – yet also had a feature that stood out! For me, it was the use of “supa.” Yet again this was the first DM I’ve seen using it – I guess there’s a first time for everything.




Lastly, another girl reached out to Holly with something very cliche. “I’m basically 100 percent committed.” Personally, I don’t want to hear how you’re “basically” committed… either be 100% committed or not committed yet. Of course, it’s super nice when people reach out and want to get to know you, but how committed you are to the school – is not something you need to lead with!



Carolina Carrara

After Carol posted on the Georgia Tech Class of 2028 Instagram page, the DMs just kept rolling in! All of the DMs Carol received were super nice and sounded pretty similar. The rest of the messages Carol got started the same as everyone acknowledged that they saw her post on the 2028 page and then she was hit with another cliche… “just wanted to reach out!”


However, this girl took it a step further and swiped up on Carol’s Instagram story! This girl flipped it on to Carol though and told her to reach out in the fall… interesting. Another girl went straight into the convo though asking Carol what side of campus she planned on living in and if she still needed a roommate!



Lauren Faust

Similarly, Lauren posted on the Auburn Class of 2028 Instagram page and received some DMs. From the different DMs she received, some girls decided to connect some similarities such as majors or interests, some started with a compliment, and some just went straight into the roommate questions!


Lauren says all the DMs she received were super nice and she even connected with one girl so well that they decided to be roommates. Unfortunately for her, that girl got into MIT and ended up deciding to go there, however, she left Lauren a very sweet message when she told her she would no longer be attending Auburn.


Addie Utsey

After Addie posted on the Georgia 2028 page she started to receive tons of DMs. One girl was very direct and after asking Addie what she wanted to major in, jumped right in and asked her to FaceTime. While I don’t think it’s weird to FaceTime your roommate, especially if you’ve never met them, I think this question was a bit strange. It’s very forward and it definitely scared Addie away ☹️ Some advice for future seniors .. I would maybe wait a bit before taking the jump to FaceTiming each other. After the FaceTime request, Addie did not answer the DM, and the girl ended up deleting the DM and their conversation ended.


Burton McCulley

While Burton did not post on the UVA 2028 page, people still reached out to her!

“In awe of the pictures on your Instagram.” While everyone receives compliments this is a new one! This girl instantly gave Burton a highly esteemed compliment and they began chatting it up!

WOW, this girl had a lot to say! Burton and this girl were able to relate to each other with the fact that both their dads wanted to go to UVA! Whenever you are DMing people it is fun to find similarities with each other!


Alexa Conlon (the stalker story)

Alexa had quite a story to tell us about a roommate situation! While Alexa had just recently committed to Clemson this girl had been trying to contact her for a while. First this girl, we will call her Jane Doe, added Alexa on an app called ZeeMee and reached out. For those of you who are unaware, ZeeMee is an app that can be used to match you with roommates and a way for you to meet new people. While Alexa was aware of the girl reaching out to her, she was uninterested so she tried to find a roommate a different way. While Alexa was planning on posting on the Clemson 2028 page, Jane Doe added her on Snapchat and texted her again! Alexa still did not want to room with her, so she posted on the Clemson 2028 page. After she posted, Jane Doe reached out for the third and final time. While it is nice when people want to room with you, if I was Alexa I would have been concerned with the amount of times and ways this girl had contacted me!


Final Advice to future seniors:
Try to be friendly when texting someone, but don’t go overboard on the compliments!
Don’t be too direct when texting – like requesting to FaceTime right away – wait for a bit and get to know the person through text!
Remember to not put all your eggs in one basket! People are talking to other people and may even change their mind on where they want to go to school, so keep an open mind!
Don’t use any version of the phrase “I’m not 100% committed to ____ but it’s my top choice!”
Don’t text people on multiple apps – it can give the impression of stalking!

Now to all the senior girls we talked to… the big question is did they find their future roommates? The answer for almost all of them is YES!

What type of roommate are you?


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