Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


AMHS Girls Soccer Team Traditions

Special Traditions For a Special Team

As the girl’s soccer season has commenced, so have the many traditions. We take tradition very seriously on the team and each one is a crucial aspect of all the success that comes our way. This article serves as a spotlight for those special traditions and possibly some inspiration for other Magnet teams who lack tradition.

Raptor Retreat

Every year around the start of the season, the team gathers together for a team sleepover on IOP at Coastal Retreat Center where we all spend the night and participate in team bonding activities. Typically, we all arrive straight from school and quickly make ourselves at home. Once light falls and darkness rises we gather around to begin our fun. First, our Coach, Alister, has a team meeting to go over some things and spark motivation for the season. Then we play games that vary depending on the year. Last year we did Pictionary, crafted team friendship bracelets, and all split into groups to make goofy slideshows about each other. Sometime in there, we all gather around for dinner and before the end of the night, we do a campfire and share our favorite team memories. Finally, two very special events are held late at night, but that information is private to the team.

The Magnet

The Magnet is a red toy magnet that is passed around throughout the season. After the first game, Coach Alister hands it out to who he believed had a great performance, and from there on out each player who receives it has to hand it out at the next game. At the very end of the season, the Magnet is given to a senior MVP for them to sign their name and be forever remembered.

Bagel Breakfast

One of my favorite traditions is bagel breakfast. On game big days against Oceanside or Bishop England, a designed bagel person (this year it is Lilly Murphy) picks up bagels and cream cheese from Bagel Nation in West Ashley. The team gets to school earlier, around 8 am, to gather in Mrs. Yackeys room and watch inspirational YouTube videos and the OCA girls’ soccer team documentary for motivation. Also, the most popular bagel is the frazzled bagel therefore it can get pretty messy. In years past girls have brought in their own toaster and jars of peanut butter to bring our bagel breakfast to another level.

It is a fun way to get in the right mindset for the game ahead.

— Rachel Holden

“Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root

If you know or have heard of this song, you would understand the randomness of it being our team song. As tradition has gone in the past, the first song on the pregame playlist that plays over the speakers at our home games in “Send Me on My Way” by Rusted Root. This song is like the calm before the storm of rap that follows.

Silent Gucci

This is a tradition that is confusing until you experience it. At the beginning of each game when we all huddle up and before we do our cheer our appointed silent Gucci person gets low and whispers “Silent Gucci on three…one, two, three” and then the team whispers in unicine “Silent Gucci”. Yes, it sounds weird but it is a form of good luck. According to alumni Kaylin Morris, this is how the story goes… About 5 years ago when our team was destroying other teams 11-0, alumni Mariman said we could not score until she said “Gucci” and then she said “Gucci” and we scored! From there on out it became a ritual of good luck for the team before every game. Now, the role of silent Gucci is passed down along with every other tradition. This year our silent gucci holder is Sophia Benich…


If you have read any soccer article or been to any soccer game you would know about Po. Our team’s cherished mascot, Po, holds a special place in our hearts as the longest-serving member of our program, spanning over a decade. Po is a majestic metal chicken, and he not only brings us luck but fosters love among us. Po stays stationed at the half line during practices and games. According to tradition, any accidental collision with Po prompts a special response: sprint over, stand him upright and give him a kiss. This year, Lilly Murphy proudly assumes the role of Po’s caretaker, continuing the tradition passed down from Maya Tompson. Lilly dresses Po with boas and necklaces.

He rattles around my car, I’m pretty sure he’s given me tetanus, but I still love him.”

— Lilly Murphy A.K.A Murph

Chocolate Milk

At the end of every game, we all drink chocolate milk because it is good for recovery. At the beginning of the season, parents sign up for games to supply the milk and to adhere to dietary preferences, we also get almond chocolate milk. Personally, I love having a scrumptious chocolate milk at the end of every game.

Secret Soccer Sisters

This tradition is not the only one that takes place on the soccer team; from what I can tell almost every girl’s sport does this. But this is how it takes place for us. Toward the end of the season, usually, when playoffs start, our Coach randomly assigns everyone a secret soccer sister (SSS) to buy almost a week’s worth of gifts for. The themes of each day vary depending on the year but for the most part, they are relatively the same. One of the days we do breakfast day.

Bible Study

There is not much detail I can give on the tradition called “Bible Study”. But basically, at the end of each season, the boy’s and girl’s teams get together to celebrate the season with a fun little party. This tradition may be the most iconic one of all as no other sports team at Magnet can get to this level no matter how hard they try.

It is the best night of the year! (Unless you are a frehsman).

— Abigail Poole

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