“Speechless”: Gypzy Carrigg Tackles Thesis


When most Magnet students think of senior thesis, they think of hours upon hours spent in the lab researching the latest medical discovery, engineering the latest product, or even uncovering a cure for cancer. Gypzy Carrigg, however, took a different approach to the year-long project by producing and directing her own music video. She wanted to learn the process of creating a music video by using common techniques that filmmakers use. Carrigg took a song written by her friend and Magnet alumni, Vendi Pavic, and brought it to life. Granted, this involved a trip to a “creepy abandoned building” and the assistance of a few friends. Namely, this list included John Pavlides (vocalist), Tony Reda (guitarist), Emily Baxley (cellist), Maddie Steen (vocalist), and Josh Smoak (sound engineer). In addition, it features, Peter Sterckx and former Magnet student Lily Frain as the stars of the video. However, she faced some problems; her biggest issue was finding equipment and having to adapt with what she had. In addition, she had a few problems adapting to the Magnet thesis standards; her ROL was not difficult, but her data was her process, as opposed to typically tangible data in a science thesis. But, Gypzy says to be aware that doing a creative thesis is not the easy way out; the process is just different and makes you think differently. The AMHS community has had a great response to the video, and nice comments on Gypzy’s Facebook post only reinforce this support. All in all, this project highlights the creative capabilities of Magnet students. Great job and congratulations, Gypzy!


Check out Gypzy’s music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgY2gqTCVRU