Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Controversial “This or That” In Athletics

Take a Second and Discover Some Controversial Opinions in Athletics

Every athlete has their preferences when it comes to something, from drink brands to practice times or places, and this article is here to expose the overall opinions circulated by many controversial “this or that” things in the sports world. A Google form was sent out with a few “this or that” options for you all to choose from and I will be commenting on the responses collected.

1. Morning practice vs. Evening practice

One of the biggest controversial ideas in sports is morning or evening practice: each comes with major pros and cons. Morning practice can be nice because you get it over with and have the whole day for yourself and other activities but it can be treacherous waking up before sunrise. Evening practice is nice because there is no forced wake-up and you get to end your day off strong with some exercise, but sometimes it leaves no time for homework because it is late and you are exhausted from the day. The student body results are:

“Get home, shower, feel good about yourself for the rest of the night.” -Bezaleel Nyamutsaka (evening partice).

2. Gatorade vs. Powerade

This one is more obviously leaned one way over the other. Gatorade is the classic all-time sports drink with various flavors and options ranging from zero sugar, G2, protein, and much more. Powerade is good too but it is definitely more of an underdog when it comes to sports drinks. The student body results are:

3. Home game/meets/events vs. Away

It is always nice to be home and able to hang out with friends or be available for events in order to avoid FOMO but sometimes home events are such a drag because although you have the freedom to be home and do what you want for some of the weekend, you usually have to plan around. Away games are always fun because you get to travel to new places with your teammates and try new restaurants and shops but the worst feeling is getting home late on a Sunday night and having to still go to school the next day or getting home late on a weeknight after not only being at school all day but also playing a game. The student body results are:

“Home Crowd/Student Section is everything.” -Connor Sawall (home games)

4. Turf vs. Grass

Although some sports aren’t faced with this controversy, those that are know how intense the debate is. Turf is nice because it does not flood as easily and it can make for a very pretty field with vibrant color,s but turf burns are the WORST and when it is hot outside the rubber pieces in the turn heat up and burn your feet. Grass fields are nice because when it is freshly cut and hydrated each step feels natural as you become one with the earth and smell the green. When it comes to soccer, grass allows for a slower game while turf speeds the game up due to the speed at which the ball can travel. The student body results are:

5. Having a big meal before the performance vs. Small snack

It is common for someone to get pregame nerves beforehand so an appetite may be hard to mustard up, but for some people, a major meal is needed to fuel up. When it comes to a small snack a protein bar, smoothie, nuts, fruit, etc are common ways to get some fuel without force-feeding yourself. When it comes to people who eat a big meal, there is a less common meal and instead, it just depends on the person. The student body results are:

“More food = more energy.” –Alaina Jarrett (big meal) 

6. Loud pump-up music vs. Locked-in silence

Getting in the mindset to play or perform is so important for any sport but there are different methods to achieve this state. My long-lost friend Sadie was a major advocate for a locked-in many moments of silence and before every soccer game she played she would sit with her hand over her eyes and in silence for about 5 minutes. On the other hand, there are people like me who enjoy a little hype before having to focus; any catchy, loud song (that I know all the words to), does the trick. The student body results are:

“Get hyped to win.” –Charles Geiger (loud pump-up) 

  1. Warmup lover vs. Warmup hater

When I first put out this question I automatically assumed the majority would dislike warm-ups, but I was wrong. Many of you said that you enjoy warm-ups due to it’s bodily importance as it helps to get your body moving. But others claimed it can be quite a drag because it feels forced and unnecessary and drains you of all energy. The student body results are:

“I don’t need them. I am always good to break the spirits of my enemies.” -Max Peters (warmup hater)

  1. Shower before playing vs. No shower

Now many of you may be thinking, how is this even a question, or why would someone shower before getting all sweaty but there are some souls out there who need a good shower to get in the mindset and feel woken up. The student body results are:

  1. Traveling with teammates vs. Traveling alone

Lastly, traveling alone vs. traveling with teammates. In context, traveling can mean anything from flying across the country for an event, driving a few hours for a weekend, or simply driving to a high school away game with your teammates. Traveling as a team is always good to boost morale before a game and get hype through a good laugh, sing-along, game plan, or even gossip session. But sometimes, it can be too overwhelming and almost annoying to be with a bunch of people when traveling because you just want to sit back and relax or if you are an advocate for locking in with silence, lock in with silence. The student body results are:

“I hate that bus I hate that bus I hate that bus they pee in bottles.” -Burton McCulley (in favor of traveling alone).

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