Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Meet the 2023 Girls Basketball Team

Dive into the most anticipated sports team at Magnet
A tribute to last year’s squad as we are waiting on the flics from this media day, ft. BG.

It’s that time of the year, basketball season. With the start of November comes the commencement of the highly anticipated Academic Magnet Women’s Basketball team. The team is a tight knit community with intense spirit. For example, our personal mascot, BG, is an athletic, agile gnome decorated in a green basketball jersey, capturing the essence of our team. Knowing what B.G. stands for is a privilege known only to the members of the varsity team. We also have a tradition of bringing in a precious T.L.C. wood chip to place in a chest at the start of practice. Putting your chip in the chest signifies your trust (T) loyalty (L) and commitment (C) to the game of basketball and to the team. Street Wilson (11) says that “the TLC chest is my favorite tradition because it always reminds me to lock in.” Hold onto your socks because I would venture to say that the squad is projected to have our best season yet. 

The TLC chest is my favorite tradition because it always reminds me to lock in.

— Street Wilson (11)

A Grueling Start:

Tryouts began on Monday, October 30th and lasted until Wednesday, November 1st. These fall afternoons saw players of all grades and talent. Stretching from returning varsity captain Holly Manning (12), to new prospect Katie Sheffield (11), to summer baller Suzette Head (9), aka Nike, we really saw it all. Tryouts began with the tests of agility, strength, and willpower. Day 2 focused on innate athletic ability and day 3 was centered around the players’ love for the game. The end of the final day saw the formation of two teams: Junior Varsity and Varsity. Without further ado, here are the rosters of your 2023-2024 Lady Raptors: 


Holly Manning, 12, captain, 4 years

Abby Brauchle, 12, captain, 4 years

Grace Rueben, 12, 4 years 

Cliffie Manuel , 12, 4 years

Evie Walldorf, 11, 3 years

Emma Herrin, 12,  2 years

Street Wilson, 11, 2 years

Sophia Benich, 11, 2 years

Lindsey Griffin, 11, 2 years

Madeline Moye 10, 1 year

Hayden Moody, 10, 1 year 

Rowan Engelke, 10, 1 year

Josie Barrineau, 10, 1 year

Grace Griffin, 11, manager


Look out for our JV squad.

Junior Varsity:

Tiana Mallawaaratchy, 10, 2 years

Nadia Fox, 10, 2 years

Alden Halversen, 10, 2 years

Madison Logan, 9, 2 years

Lillian Patterson, 10, 1 year

Finnley McGlynn, 10,  1 year

Elle Fennell, 9, 1 year

Suzette Head, 9, 1 year

Layla Jolly, 9, 1 year

Logan Taylor, 9,1 year

Emma Nelson, 9, 1 year

Anita John, 7, 1 year


Coach Stevie Jones, Head Varsity & Assistant JV Coach, 5 years

Coach Dee Turner, Assistant Varsity Coach, 2 years

Coach Katie Keith, Head JV & Assistant Varsity Coach, 2 years

Dominating the 2A scene?

In his 5 years coaching at Magnet, Coach Jones has really worked to create a thriving women’s basketball program and has made big strides for the sport at this school. He’s created a team with a deep bench and talented players. It’s a sure bet to attribute our teams strength and potential this season to him. And he brought on two new great coaches last year, way to build a program with long term goals. Huge shout out real quick!

Crossing campus boundaries?

As Magnet students are aware, last year SOA students began to play AMHS sports. While the varsity team only has one SOA student, Josie Barrineau, the JV team is a very mixed school team. There are 12 players on the roster, and out of those 12, over a third of the team goes to SOA. These players include Nadia Fox, Finnley McGlynn, Layla Jolly, Madison Logan, and Anita John! We are so grateful for the extra players SOA has brought us. 

Basketball or Reality TV? 

Despite our commitment to the game, some drama has already found its way onto the team. Last year was filled with some memorable events: Lindsey broke BG, a messed up Starbucks order delayed the start of a game, and a highly controversial post L ice cream trip had lingering impacts. What does this year have in store? Already, we’ve had some intense arguments about Friday practices, namely last Friday, November 10 as only 4 players were able to attend. In return for missing practice, the team was required to create a TikTok that included the entire team. On our fresh account: @magnetballers (go follow), Street and Madeline led the charge in performing the Renegade. Despite embarrassment, the TikTok was posted and reposted on the team’s Instagram: @amhswomenbasketball. Off to a rough start, ladies. 

But we also have some positive developments, such as the removal of the dreaded knee pads.  This battle has been a long one, as the knee pads are an infamous trademark of the team, as any AMHS Women’s Basketball fan knows.  The introduction of them two years ago was meet with resistance at first but then we got used to them and they became an accepted part of the team’s game day drip. I might even miss them a little bit.  But not really, as the team collectively rejoiced when our hard work on our new defense earned us a knee pad free season.  But be on your best behavior players, as I have a sneaky feeling that Coach might attempt to slide them back into the mix after one too many mess ups on our part.

A sneak peak of the type of content we provide on our TikTok.

What’s life as a baller like?

For varsity, this varies based on the week. Unfortunately, the boys team was not raised under the standard of ladies first, so we alternate with late practices. Luckily, this week, we have practice early from 3:45-5:30. Recently, we’ve been focused on scrimmaging and practicing our new defense. Every Wednesday we have a shooting day that Coach Stevie says is “good for the soul.” With our first game looming, we have an intense week of practices to prepare. I’m talking no nonsense, other than media day on Tuesday (we know how to let loose every once in a while). 

Contrary to the varsity players, JV practices Tuesday – Friday having a more relaxed schedule when compared to varsity. Because there isn’t enough gym time for both Varsity and JV teams the women’s JV team practices from 4-5:30 in the SOA gym. Their head coach Katie Kieth leads the team in shooting and dribbling drills to try and prepare them for the next level of basketball … varsity!

The best day of the year?

An exciting and stressful day for the team was Tuesday November 14th … media day! Every year the team gets in their uniforms and takes team photos. Madeline Moye (10)  “is really nervous for it” despite only being a sophomore.  Hayden Moody (10) and Rowan Engelke (10) wholeheartedly agreed, adding “we better look pretty in our pictures.” Safe to say it’s a big day for the team.

Last year the varsity team lined up in a “V” shape with one of our former captains holding BG. This year the team hit the photographer with the “V” shape once again, and did it better. After the team picture the seniors took their individual pictures for their posters and big heads. These pictures were taken multiple times and with a bit of nerves because they will be hanging on the walls until at least February. This is a big deal because the freshmen have PE and go in the gym everyday. The last thing we would want is for the freshmen to judge us off a bad picture.

Thinking we were finished, the juniors and sophomores left the gym to change into clothes for practice and the seniors were led into the hallway for an exciting surprise.  We were immediately blinded by the bright glow of the strobe lights and fog surrounding us. Media day was taken up a notch for the Class of 2024.  Abby Brauchle was especially excited and couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Relatable to say the least. We 5 seniors preceded to take some pretty tuff pictures in the illuminating green lights and fog. We’re waiting on the edge of our seats for the results, keep checking in on the Raptor Athletics Instagram for updates.  


We appreciate the support for the top tier athletic team at Magnet. We would also love your in person presence. The varsity team is looking to battle Cathedral Academy on November 17th to kick off a great weekend and an even better season. There are 26 games this season, so make sure to come support your lady raptors. Our senior night is conjoined with the boy’s team and will take place on February 6th against Bishop England. Save the date folks!

*JV times are listed first, all games are varsity unless stated as JV*

Date Opponent Place Times
11/17-19 Battle in the Lowcountry (Varsity Girls) Cathedral Academy 6:30pm, TBD
11/28 Hanahan (JV Girls) Home 4:15 pm, 6:30 pm 
11/29 Charleston Charter School for Math and Science Away 6:30 pm
12/1 Military Magnet (JV Girls) Home 4:14 pm 
12/1 Burke Home 6:30 pm 
12/6 Charleston Charter  Home 6:30 pm
12/8 Hanahan Away 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm
12/9 Stall  Away 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm
12/13 Ashley Hall Away  5:00 pm, 6:00 pm
12/15 Hanahan Away 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm
12/16-18 Ty Solomon Pre-Holiday Tournament (JV Girls) Away TBD
12/27-29 Military Magnet Holiday Classic (JV Girls) Away TBD
12/28-30 Carolina Invitational Away TBD
1/3 Carvers Bay  Away 6:00 pm
1/5 Timberland  Home 4:15, 6:30 pm
1/9 Oceanside Away 4:00, 6:30 pm
1/13 North Charleston  Away 10:00 am
1/16 Lake Marion Home 4:15 pm, 6:30 pm
1/19 Bishop England Away 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm
1/23 Timberland Away 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm
1/26 Oceanside Home 4:15 pm, 6:30 pm
1/30 Ashley Hall Home 5:00 pm , 6:30 pm
2/2 Lake Marion Away 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm
2/6 Bishop England Home 4:15 pm, 6:30 pm


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