Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Get Excited for Powderpuff

Who will take it all?
Connor Sawall and James King coaching up Addie Hanna and Cliffie Manuel

November 17th is the most important football game Academic Magnet students will play this year. Every year, each grade assembles its greatest teams possible in the form of girl’s flag football. The event is held annually every fall during lunch where fans and players alike can join together to have a fun time during a grueling school week. Each team is entirely student led with Magnet football players being designated as coaches, drawing up playbooks and leading drills in practices. Likewise, AMHS Cheerleaders have an even more daunting task: trying to teach groups of boys cheers and stunts. The preparation is already underway as both Sophomores and Seniors held their first practice this last Thursday, the 2nd. This year looks to be one that any team could take the championship. Mark your calendars Raptors; your Super Bowl is approaching.

Class of 24 Powderpuff Team last year

The Seniors are normally favored to win the competition year after year but the Class of 2024 has not been successful in past years. Most notably, 2024 shamefully lost to the Class of 2025 last year in the Junior vs. Sophomore matchup. It should be clarified that the game was decided on a controversial tie-breaker, the timeless game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Head Coach, Connor Sawall has not forgotten this loss saying, “I have my eyes set on one target, the Juniors.” Despite past struggles they maintain faith that this year will be the one. Coach Sawall has decided to simplify the offense for this year with the game plan summarized with “give the ball to Charlie and get out the way.” Though he is careful not to reveal specifics on the team’s strategy in order to lose a competitive edge. In past years he has been known to write up elaborate playbooks, channeling his inner Bill Belichick, but it seems the plan has not translated in years past. The team will be led by two star soccer players, Addie Hanna and Charlie Zaifert. Addie is at the wheel of the team this year and has been in years past playing quarterback due to her “high football IQ and elite ball knowledge” according to Coach Sawall. Addie, when on the field, tries to imitate her favorite, Trevor Lawrence. Charlie brings up the second part of this backfield duo, being the powerhouse at running back. She says that she will bring touchdowns galore for the senior squad as well as spirit. She channels her inspiration, Saquon Barkley when on the gridiron due to her favorite team being the New York Giants. Aided by rules that typically benefit the Senior class to win, this may be the year that the Class of 2024 takes it.

I have my eyes set on one thing, the Juniors.

— Connor Sawall

The Class of 2025 is still riding a high over their victory (in Rock, Paper, Scissors) versus the current Seniors. The man behind the playbook this year is Magnet football star, Max Peters. When interviewed Max kept his answers short and simple, careful to not reveal any bit of his game plan besides the plan to simply win. He has high hopes this year believing they will win the entire thing with ease. He names his star players as Alaina Jarret, Evie Walldorf, and Street Wilson. Street Wilson, the team’s center or as she calls it the “hutter,” offered some insight as to what the team is looking like for this year. This is her third year on the team and has played the same position every year, sure to have mastered snapping the ball. She believes that the entire team’s expectation is to “win the whole thing because we won last year and we do it easily again.” She then made the claim that “statistically speaking, the juniors are way more inclined to win than the seniors.” I’m not sure what statistics or logic she’s referencing but we will see if her prediction comes true. She is high on her teammates QB Chloe Trowman and WR Evie Walldorf saying that this duo is “unmatched” and will result in an “immediate win.” Is this junior team too cocky or justly confident? Expectations are high, we will see if they can reach this high bar.

The Sophomores are a young yet promising squad, ready to prove themselves. To do this they will first encounter a powerhouse Junior team, but sources are saying they just might. The team is coached by AMHS Football rising stars QB Campbell Stoklosa and Teddy Lorruso. The tandem of coaches have some uncertainties but remain confident. They both say that they have not seen a lot of on-the-field action from their players so they aren’t sure who will prove themselves a star. Campbell notes that “we for sure have some studs.” Yet, they believe anyone and everyone could go down in the AMHS Powderpuff history books. They have shown they are rather serious about winning, taking the initiative to have their team practice already, something the Juniors are yet to do. Both Campbell and Teddy coached last year but Campbell said he was “horrible” last year and is hungry to redeem himself and his class. Campbell has extra motivation to win due to a side bet with Junior coach, Noah Orza. This may be in the gray area of AMHS Powderpuff rules but it truly shows how much this competition means to those involved. This team has a lot to prove but they seem serious to prove it.

Senior Cheerleaders last year

An under-appreciated role in the event are the Powderpuff Cheer Coaches, tasked with the seemingly impossible request to instill rhythm and cohesion into groups of guys. The coaches are often AMHS Cheerleaders and those with gymnastic backgrounds. The energy level that the Powderpuff Cheer Teams have can elevate their grades performance, making their team have a seeming home field advantage. In these tight games, any advantage can help. Common cheers and rallies take form in low-level stunts such as human pyramids despite the gray area these fall into supervision’s rules. Oftentimes the cheerleaders dress up in matching uniforms, most notably the tradition of the Senior cheerleaders wearing the girls cheer uniforms.


Raptors, get excited for 2023 Powderpuff. Be sure to support your grade and see who takes it all. See you November 17th on the back field!

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