How to Make the Most of Your Four-Day Weekend

A Comprehensive List

As Martin Luther King Jr. weekend approaches (with an extra teacher workday!), I decided to compile a list of the best ways you can maximize your time off from school. Whether you want to enjoy your time off or pack as much in during the four days, here are some ideas to make the weekend an enjoyable experience and not a guilt-ridden waste of time.

1. Sleep

While this might seem obvious, many students spend too much time over long weekends staying up at parties or hanging out with friends. I’m not saying to not have fun, but make sure you get caught up on all the sleep you most likely lost during midterms week. It’s super important, so at least try to fit in an extra few hours a night, or a nap or two. And if you have the misfortune of a test on Wednesday, don’t stay up too late the night before. As many teachers have said, “If you don’t know it by midnight, you’re not going to know it for the test.”

2. Get caught up on your reading assignments

Yes, it’s a break from school, but this weekend would be a great time to get to reading your assigned books. I know many of us just turn to Sparknotes, but try to think of it as a book you’re reading for fun, it can make it easier to get through. Although some of the assigned readings are just horrible, like The Scarlet Letter (sorry Mrs. Grayson), many of these books are assigned for a reason. Have a little fun with it and gain some world knowledge along the way. If anything, you’ll be thanking yourself when that reading quiz rolls around.

3. Charleston Restaurant Week

If you’re itching to get out of the house, try visiting a restaurant during Restaurant Week. Many local favorites have created special menus just for this event, some centering on classic Charleston cuisine. If you have a significant other, this would be a great date option, but if not, trying out new restaurants with friends is a great activity. A list of all participating Charleston restaurants can be foundĀ here.

4. MLK Jr. Tribute Concert

If you want to celebrate the man this weekend honors, check out Lowcountry Voices’ (left) MLK Jr. Tribute Concert. Featuring both spirituals and traditional and modern gospel, this is a great option to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy here in Charleston. The concert will take place at 5:00 pm on January 14 at St. Matthew’s Baptist Church here in North Charleston. Admission is free, but a ticket must be reserved. More information can be found here.

5. Go to the beach

While it’s certainly not swimming weather yet, the air is warm enough to enjoy our beautiful coasts. Bring a blanket and set up a picnic, fish, or play a game of spikeball. Now is the perfect time to hang out on the beach without the hoards of summer and holiday tourists. If the beach isn’t really your thing, check out some of the local businesses in our beach towns. Many don’t get as much traffic during the off-season, so buying a coffee or a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday would help keep our local shops thriving for many years to come.

6. Shop

With semi coming up in less than a month and spirit week following close behind, now is the perfect time to get some shopping in. Check out the Goodwill Bins or Uptown Cheapskate to thrift all of the various spirit week costumes (themes have been released, check the Instagram). In need of a cool semi dress? Head downtown to a vintage shop, like Red Rose Vintage or Ensamble Consignment for a unique outfit that’ll have heads turning.

Still wondering how to maximize this weekend’s potential? Don’t fret, hanging out with friends and tidying up your room (I know your parents have been asking) are still great options. Most importantly, remember to RELAX. While you might think it’s a waste of time, it will certainly help you have the best start to the second semester. Enjoy this weekend, y’all have earned it. And if you get a Powerschool notification about a midterm, don’t worry. A test is a test, never let it take over your life.

Enjoy the weekend, Raptors!