Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Advice to the Class of 2027

Baby raptors- you’ve come to the right place.

Hey freshies, it’s me. As the babies of the school, I feel that you don’t receive enough guidance on how to really fit in here. Academically and socially, it can be hard for you guys who are fresh out of middle school. So, as I have endured 4 long years at Magnet, I am here to use my experience and wisdom to provide some advice to you guys (you’re welcome). Okay, here you go:



When you first come to Magnet, it can be very intimidating. You may not know a lot of people as you are all coming from different middle schools and areas of the big 843. As you look around the cafeteria, you may be tempted to judge others or put up a front as a result of your own lack of confidence. However, I urge you to gather up whatever empathy you have and recognize that you guys are all in the same boat. Be nice to your fellow raptors in your own grade. Especially because when the rest of us cool older upperclassmen leave, you guys will only have each other. As a senior, I regret not getting to know some people in my grade better. Time flies, so be friends. This same concept applies to other grades as well. To make it easier for yourself, I encourage you to respect your elders. Speaking on behalf of the seniors, we will like you better if you have some respect for us as we have been here all this time. We love you guys, but you are freshman. Your time will come. 


Find what floats your boat

Some of my favorite memories at Magnet have been on the sports teams. However, it wasn’t easy starting out. Even though I had been swimming my whole life, when I first came in as a freshman, I was SO nervous to go to practice for the first time. School hadn’t even started and I didn’t know anyone. When I got there, I met some spectacular junior girls who took me under their wing. Huge shoutout to my favorite former raptors: Lilly, Genevieve, Phoebe, and Mia. So, get involved. Whether it’s a sports team, club, or other activity, I feel confident there will be these girls (or guys) waiting for you. Maybe even me, if you are planning to try out for the girls soccer team 🙂 (Shoutout @amhsgsoccer, love you guys). 


Manage your time

Trust me when I tell you, the ONLY way to be truly successful at Magnet is to manage your time well. During your time here, there will be times where the odds seem stacked against you. You may have quizzes, tests, assignments piling up along with sports or other extracurricular activities. It will be a learning process, but manage your time wisely. One way to do this is to use your study hall. As this spacious hour and a half may be new to some of you, you may be tempted to catch up on some Netflix or simply with your classmates. However, I urge you to use this time. This tactic has worked wonders for me and allowed my time at home after school or practice to be much more enjoyable. 


Don’t take life (or school) too seriously 

At a school like Magnet, it’s easy to get consumed in perfectionism and academics. However, in the words of a fellow SENIOR raptor, Cliffie Manuel, “Perfection is boring, it’s the imperfections that make us beautiful.” (Wow, how original?!) All jokes aside, it really is not the end of the world to get a bad grade or two and it will all be okay. I know you guys are babies, but don’t cry over spilled milk. 


Participation is key

If you listen to nothing else out of this article, I urge you to comprehend this. Magnet is hard, no one is denying this, BUT what makes us us is our school spirit and traditions. You won’t find another high school as good as us in that area. So, as baby raptors, it is your responsibility to join in and embrace the culture. Come to the football games. Dress up for spirit week. Help with wall day. In order to create the best experience possible for yourself at Magnet, participate! You may think these things are embarrassing or stupid but I promise you, embrace it. It truly will make your time here more fun. Freshman, get hype or get out 🙂


Now that we have gotten some big topics out of the way, here are some quotes of advice from elder raptors for you:

“Make a class quizlet! I made one freshman year and it is still in use today.” -Suzanna Carlsten, 12

“Be calm, cool, and collected.” -Chloe Carlsten, 12

“If you start off strong, it’s smooth sailing for the rest of your days.” -Sutton Meyer, 12

“Always be yourself and you will find the right group of friends, join as many clubs as you can they will make you happy.” -Street Wilson, 11

“Don’t be late everyday @cliffiemanuel” -Holly Manning, 12

“Don’t procrastinate.” -Jackson Ethredge, 12

“Respect your elders.” -Lauren Faust, 12

“Work hard, play hard. But, the only thing you should get high on is the green and black. Roll birds.” -Jordan Burrell, 12 

“Don’t do drugs, they are not worth it.” -Harrison Crites, 12

“Stay in school, stay off the streets.” -Wyatt Mahoney, 12

“Get out while you can.” -Isaac Cherry, 12

“Participate in school events and have lots of school spirit.” -Chloe Trowman, 11

“Join the football team, also study.” -Connor Sawall, 12 

“Make sure you use an agenda. To use my Biology study guides, email me,” -Wilson Swenson, 12

“Don’t stop in the middle of the hall. Just keep walking, please.” -Milla Broadwater, 12 

“Use your study hall if you want to sleep.” -Sophia Benich, 11

“Don’t take anything too seriously but also do.  You never know what’s actually going to matter.  But just laugh.  You’ll be fine.” -Jason Gould, 12

“Go to Magnet football games, not Wando or Lucy Beckham. Just don’t be like that.” -Burton McCulley, 12 

“Spend your freshman year getting to know everyone, be open minded.” -Piper Hudgins, 12

“Join the girl’s soccer team, it’s litty.” -Charlie Zaifert, 12

“Never back down, never what? Never give up.” -Madeline Moye, 10

“Study hard.” -Evie Walldorf, 11 

“Lighten up.” -Aislynn Piihl, 12



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