Senior Trip Packing List

Items Seniors Are Bound to Forget

Senior Trip Packing List

The time is finally here… the end of the school year! With this being said, the senior class trip is also right around the corner, 30 days away to be exact (as of 4/25). Your lovely, amazing, one-of-a-kind seniors will be escaping the school to the magical oasis of Disney World in the early hours of May 25 until late at night on May 28. In this article, I am creating a brief list of items that seniors are bound to forget while packing for their getaway, besides basic necessities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and underwear… After all, second semester senior impacts will be at an all-time high by the end of May, so I’m sure that any reminders will be greatly appreciated to all.


Starting off with an absolute must, money! Believe it or not, a lot of people arrive at their destination without remembering to bring their money. Thankfully, Disney is in the US so no one will have to worry about bringing a different currency, but be sure to bring cash and your debit/credit card on the trip. Some places may not allow card transactions, so it’s good to have some cash as a backup. Between all of the food, shopping, and attractions, be sure to bring enough money for a senior trip souvenir to show your kids when you are 30.


Another necessity… sunscreen! The Florida rays will be blazing down on the back of your neck and shoulders each day we are there, so unless you want to get skin cancer and return home with an itchy, red sunburn, be sure to pack some sunscreen. You will be most appreciative of this item while at the waterpark with most of your skin exposed. Going along with this, it may also be smart to pack some aloe in case you fall victim to the high UV. Thank me later!


In order to demonstrate ultimate spirit, you must bring a pair of Disney mouse ears. Don’t have a pair? No worries, they have millions of pairs of all colors, styles, and patterns in the park for $40. 


Furthermore, you can display your inner-medieval self by bringing a top tier medieval gown or suit to wear at the Medieval Times show in Florida! I know every senior already has a costume from our grade’s wall day last year, so bring it on out to Medieval Times! The show will be a blast… a hilarious medieval show of competitive jousting while a delicious dinner is brought directly to your seat. What better way to engage in the event than dressing up like one of the performers?? Who knows, maybe your costume will be so good that you can slip onto stage with them! 


Next up, be sure to bring a good pair of tennis shoes for all of the walking that we will be doing. The last thing you want is aching feet or blisters from flip flops in addition to a horrible sunburn on the 8 hour bus ride back to Charleston. Although it would be smart to bring a pair of flip flops for our waterpark day, make sure you plan to bring supportive tennis shoes as well.


Additionally, you should bring a signature book for all of the Disney characters to sign, as well as a map to guide you around the park. If you don’t have these two items already, you can surely obtain them while in Hollywood Studios. If you don’t feel like purchasing a souvenir, the signature book is the perfect way to capture some of your most memorable moments and meetings during the trip.


If you plan on bringing any of the items listed above, what is more perfect to keep them all together than by using a fanny pack! This bag is the perfect way to keep all of your small belongings in the same place by your side during all of your outdoor activities. This pouch will help you avoid losing any valuables, and you won’t have to worry about shoving your money, phone, and chapstick into the tiny pocket of your jean shorts. In this bag, you can keep a small bottle of sunscreen, your wallet, phone, gum, chapstick, signature book, map, and a small hairbrush or bottle of lip gloss if you desire 😉 


Lastly, Disney enthusiast Noah Boudolf recommends that you download the Hollywood Studios app in order to track the wait times for each of the rides and attractions so you can be as efficient as possible. By taking this genius advice, you will be able to easily navigate the park and maximize your ride time instead of spending hours waiting in line.