Prom Roundup: Most Unique Tuxes

Prom Roundup: Most Unique Tuxes

Prom was a great success this past weekend.  Students enjoyed the venue of the Aquarium and were able to relax a bit before cracking down for the start of AP Exams within the next week.  It was great to see everyone dressed up nicely.  Most guys wore the classic tux as pictured here [left to right top row: Colton Frankel (12′), Jack Kulp (12′), Dashiell Jay (11′), Josh Mitchell (12′), Ben Forcier (12′), and bottom row: Buckley McCall (12′), Reece Moore (12′), Coleman Richards (12′), Chris Camp (12′), Andy Turner (12′), and Owen Navarro (11′)].

However, some boys opted for a less traditional and more unique look.  Below, The Talon picked some of our favorites of the most unique tux looks.


Pictured here at the Circular Congregational Church Downtown, Daniel Roa (12′) and his date Riley Wilson (12′) wore matching bow ties, cummerbunds, and boutonnieres.


Pictured above at Waterfront Park Downtown: Leonardo Awgulewitsch(12′) with his girlfriend Jessie Baynes (12′) opted for a less traditional look with a gray suit and a black tie.


As seen here at Patriot’s Point in Mount Pleasant, Sloan Nietert (12′) had a tailor custom-make a bow-tie to match Selina Pi’s (12′) unique and stunning dress.


Keb Mosley (11′) decided to spice up the traditional black-suit look with a black shirt and pink vest to make Megan Michalski’s (11′) dress really pop.


At the Charleston Place Hotel Downtown, Henry Flowers (12′), James Yon (12′), Nick Nybo (12′), Bob Hughes (9′), Adam Ackerman (12′), and Jake Sossoman (12′) decided to keep it classy with white dinner jackets.


Pictured here with his date, Caroline Smith (12′) at the Waterfront Park Downtown, Cole Shubert (12′) opted for a classic Charleston-look with suspenders that feature palm trees and a sun.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.41.03 PM

As seen above at the Charleston harbor with his date Emma Coen (12′), Coleman Richards (12′) wore a bow tie made by his friend, Cole Sanford, who hunts turkey and pheasant birds and uses their feathers to make bow ties for his company, “C Sanford South”.


Coleman and Buckley, both friends of the founder of C Sanford South bow ties, went with a similar look.  As seen here at the Charles Harbor with his date, Becca Bosch (12′), Buckley McCall (12′) also wore a bow tie made of bird feathers.


Seen at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant with his date, Chris Sacha (12′), Liam Christensen (10′) dressed for the Mardi Gras theme by wearing a festive Mardi-Gras colored cummerbund and matching bow tie.

Pictured here with his friend Andy Turner (12′) on the left  and his date Chandler Anderson (12′) on the right, Mason Proctor (12′) donned a snazzy Paisley suit.