Diving into the Minds of Our Student Body Government

It is always important to know who is representing you! We wouldn’t want a Team Edward leading us, now would we?


Ignore the poorly Photoshopped Taryn pls >_<

President – Hunter Sutcliff, ’22

1. Give us three words to describe yourself. 

My three words would be proactive, guitar, and stressed.

2. What has been your favorite Magnet memory?

My favorite Magnet memory has probably been Spirit Week sophomore year because I think, at that point, all of our friend groups had solidified. That Spirit Week was honestly kind of a blast and was like peak Magnet!

3. How do you plan to decorate your senior parking space?

I plan to figure out some way that I can throw in something related to UFC, guitar, or even Attack on Titan.

4. Being that you spent some time in China in 2019, what was the most beneficial or eye-opening thing you gained from that experience?

I think the most beneficial thing I gained from being over there was definitely the cultural awareness and aspect of China. There are a lot of things that people do differently in China in comparison to here and it took a moment to get used to, but it was also a very humanizing experience to see how people operate in different countries. Especially with China, I feel that we often end up dehumanizing people from other countries, along with the customs and things they do. My time over there allowed me to see first hand how they, and everyone else, are just humans. I was also able to clearly see how they are the same as us and how they are different because you cannot get a genuine, authentic idea of another country or culture without actually going over there. Also, another big thing I gained from my trip were the relationships from my host family (with who I am still in contact with, which is really cool), local friends, and also other exchange students.

5. What do you hope to accomplish this year as President of the AMHS student body?

I am hoping to get us as close as possible to how we were our freshman and sophomore year, but while still bringing in new traditions. However, as you can imagine, it is very hard with all of the COVID-19 restrictions. The COVID-19 numbers are higher in Charleston than they have ever really been and in terms of Spirit Week and fundraising, we cannot even have food trucks at the school. So this year, it’s just a matter of finding ways to continue doing Spirit Week, Wall Day, and service projects with all of these restrictions. I have high hopes, but my expectations are unfortunately not nearly as high.

6. Why do you think it is important for students to take part in their student government, either indirectly or directly?

In order to keep Spirit Week going and all of the fun activities we have at Magnet, student participation is crucial. If nobody was dressing up or participating in the activities, it would all be boring. By having students be involved with the student government, it betters the chances that everyone can get amazing Magnet memories that I, and hopefully others, had pre-COVID-19.


Vice President – Vishwa Veeraswamy, ’23

1. You often seem to be entering and leaving the school parking lot blasting music. What are you listening to?

I drive two sophomores, Beatty Cummings and Lukey Sutherland, and oftentimes after a long day at school we like to play fun music in the lot to get ourselves and others in a better mood. Some of our favorites are Club Can’t Handle Me  by David Guetta and Flo Rida, “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X, and “Money in the Way” by 2Chainz. Another artist we love to listen to is named SAINt JHN, and I can’t forget Taylor Swift. I think it was last week Mikhael Douglass heard us blasting “Style” and he got excited, which is honestly why I like to do it, just to help everyone get a little excited after a hard day at school.

2. What current trend in the media or society do you find to be overrated?

The trend in society that I find the most overrated at the moment is the hype over Donda. Although I do have a strong bias against Kanye West, I am a firm believer that Certified Lover Boy was the better album, and I will take that to my grave.

3. What do you think is the most interesting item you currently possess?

The most interesting item I currently own is my Frida Kahlo wallet. It is bright red with flowers and a picture of Frida Kahlo on it, and my parents got it for me when they went to Mexico City. It was right after I had just lost my wallet for the third time or so, so they wanted to get me a wallet that I couldn’t lose, so they bought that one for me.

4. If you could have a candle of any scent what would it be? 

If I could have a candle with any scent, it would be the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Not only are chocolate chip cookies one of my favorite desserts, the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking is miraculous. It always makes me happy to smell them when it’s like a cold day and you come inside and smell cookies; they just make everything better. 

5. What do you hope to accomplish this year as Vice President of the AMHS student body?

The main reason I love serving on Student Council, and took this position in the first place, is that I love to make the people around me happier. I think Student Council is especially important at Magnet because of how tough of an environment it is academically, having a group of students there to make you enjoy your time and be happier is really important. So I guess as Vice President, I hope to make as many of my fellow students enjoy their experience as possible. 

6. Why do you think it is important for students to take part in their student government, either indirectly or directly?

I think it’s important for students to take part in Student Council because it always helps to have a student perspective on things when it comes to making decisions that will eventually affect the students. Oftentimes, administration can become out of touch, to no fault of their own, with the student body, so it is important to have a student government that is vouching for and letting the ones who make the final decisions do what the students want for themselves.


Historian – Rebecca Marhefka, ’22

1. Do you find that you are more gaslight, gatekeep, or girlboss? Explain.

I definitely identify with the girlboss ideology more than either of the others. I feel like the term girlboss comes with the “b word” (censored for school) which I also identify with. I am 100% the bossy person in group projects that like puts their input into every group member’s slide so I think that is evidence enough.

2. What is your personal definition of success?

Success to me is definitely like pure happiness and being content. I feel like you’re successful when you can live on a private island half the year and like travel the world the other half of the year and do absolutely nothing. No back breaking work or anything. But obviously I think you are most successful when you are just happy where you are, physically, emotionally, spiritually, all that jazz.

3. Would you ever want to be famous, and if so, is there a certain level of fame that you would not like to reach?

It would be cool to be famous. I wouldn’t want to be like Kim Kardashian famous because she got robbed at gunpoint in Paris, and that is just not my dream. It would be cool to be like “First Daughter of the President” type of famous where you can have all of these awesome opportunities and still be expected to have a career, which is something that I want. Or maybe like Oprah famous where you’re friends with a bunch of famous people and you’re rich but you’re not necessarily a celebrity yourself, you know what I mean?

4. If you could fluently speak another language, what would it be and why?

It 100% would be French. I want to live in France in like Paris and the South of France and everywhere in between. All I want to be able to do is order pastries and bread and cheese, so I don’t necessarily have to be fluent to do that but it’d definitely help.

5. What do you hope to accomplish this year as Historian of the AMHS student body?

I want to make a really good scrapbook that fully encompasses what this year has been and will be to us. It’s important to show the COVID-y parts but also all of the fun parts that we will have throughout the year, especially for seniors because it’s our last year of high school :((

6. Why do you think it is important for students to take part in their student government, either indirectly or directly?

IT IS SO IMPORTANT to participate in your student government system because without participation, nothing you want will happen. PIE and the administration will try their best to help us have a good year, socially, but that’s not their main job. They have so much other stuff to do, so it’s important as a student body to advocate for what we want to see happen in our community, whether that be a more fair dress code or a full fledged Wall Day. Nothing will happen if you don’t vote, fundraise, put your ideas in the hat, build that wall day structure, etc. Just help out yourself and others by caring about our school life.

Treasurer – Harry Ding, ’24

1. What color would you describe your personality as?

I asked some people what color they thought my personality would be and their answers varied from vomit green to dirt brown, so take that as you will. I personally think I’m purple though.

2. What age of your life are you most looking forward to or what age of your life did you like the most and why?

I most look forward to the age that I decide to retire, which is hopefully early.

3. If there was one album or artist that you would deem a “must listen” for everybody reading, what would it be?

I have like 50 that I love, but my favorite albums are probably Kids See Ghosts’s Kids See Ghosts, My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, and The Smiths’s The Queen is Dead.

4. If attending school was a choice, would you choose to go and why? If not, what would you plan to do instead?

Probably not because waking up at 6:30 AM every day is not how I enjoy getting my morning started. My dream routine would be waking up at 10:00 AM in a nice house in Italy or the Bahamas.

5. What do you hope to accomplish this year as Treasurer of the AMHS student body?

With COVID-19, things like food trucks and morning treats are unfortunately not possible. However, I’m still planning on having fundraisers that can still take place even with the restrictions, such as raffles.

** If any of you  have any particular ideas that you want to see happen, feel free to reach out to Harry via email at dinhar9763@ccsdschools.com.

6. Why do you think it is important for students to take part in their student government, either indirectly or directly?

A big part of participating in the student government is the ability to change what goes on in your everyday life at school. Nothing is perfect, and the more people who speak up, the better that the many events at Magnet can be.


Community Service Chair – Taryn Crowley, ’22

1. Without being given a category, tell us your top five of your choice.

I’ll give you my top five Spotify artists. So right now it is, I believe, Gorillaz, Harry Styles, Phoebe Bridgers, Kanye West, Taylor Swift.

2. If given the opportunity to go through someone’s phone without any repercussions, whose would you choose and why? 

I’d go through Harry Styles’s; I want to see what that man is up to. I feel like he’s up to a lot, you know? And he just doesn’t tell anybody. I want to see his texts to his mom because I just want to see if he just talks to her. He doesn’t like her pictures [on Instagram], I feel like. I don’t know if he does his own social media or not and I guess I would find out if he has the Instagram app or something.

3. Were you more of a Webkinz, Poptropica, or a CoolMath Games kid and why? Or, if you find that you were another, feel free to explain.

I was a GirlsGoGames.com type of girl, but I also recently picked up playing Poptropica in Study Hall. I was definitely into the dress-up and fashionista stuff on there. I remember specifically, there is memory engraved in my brain forever, that I was on GirlsGoGames and I found this Monster High dress-up game and the music was that song from Selena Gomez’s Another Cinderella Story, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”. Yeah, that song was playing in the background and it was a great time to be alive honestly.

4. If you could have any job, disregarding salary and requirements, what would it be?

It would be either one of my two plans for after I graduate: an English teacher or a writer. None of those necessarily make money, but I don’t care because that is where I am going to end up, one of those two places.

5. What do you hope to accomplish this year as Community Service Chair of the AMHS student body?

I just want people to actually participate in the service opportunities that I give people. Because a lot of the time people will come to me and ask for service projects and I give it to them, but they never do anything with it. Like, the blood drive is right in front of you, all you have to do is sit in a chair. We set things up so that you don’t necessarily have to donate blood to get service hours; you just have to help out in some way.

** Taryn is hosting a blood drive for Tuesday September 21st and anyone 16+ (with parental permission) is allowed to donate, so please take her up on it! You can earn service hours for donating and for getting other people signed up!! Also, the American Red Cross often gives out Amazon gift cards, food, and t-shirts :)) Contact Taryn for more information.

6. Why do you think it is important for students to take part in their student government, either indirectly or directly?

I think the whole school’s spirit revolves around Student Council because we do all of these events to make everyone feel good at the end of the day. When I was a freshman running for sophomore class president, I remember looking at Wall Day specifically and how it was student-run and thinking, That is the coolest thing ever. I want to be a senior here, even though this place does test me every day. I just thought that was really exciting and I really wanted to be a part of that. I honestly don’t get why anyone else wouldn’t want to be. Being involved with Student Council is just an easy way to ensure that we can still have fun at school.