The Watergun – the Seniors non-violent weapon of choice

Not actually but it’s just as entertaining as a John Wick movie

As no one will remember except for the current seniors and maybe a few select juniors. Senior classes of the past have elected to participate in a little game they like to call senior assassins. Every week each assassin is assigned another assassin to assassinate. Say that five times fast. Of course, there is none of the real violence that comes with assassination but all the glory, betrayal, skill, and scheming is still in play.

Rules of Play

Assignments are sent out each Monday. From then “double agents” (the lame term used in place assassins) have until Saturday at 11:59 pm to shoot their target with a water gun. If you are shot you are eliminated. However, if the person assigned to you tries to shoot you and you shoot them before they shoot you, they are eliminated. Sunday is a day off for all agents. No play can be executed on campus.


  1. Trust no one. Friends and family included.
  2. Don’t leave your house. Even if you have had a terrible week and all you want to do is hang out with your friends on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon because you think it’ll make you feel better and you trust that your friends won’t spill your location to the double agent after you, don’t. You’ll get got. Take it from me I would know.
  3. Always stay strapped. Have your water gun on you at all times for defense. Pro Tip: take a page from Ben Whitley and have an umbrella on you at all times as well.

The Fallen

Day 1: Agents got off to a quick start with 7 agents eliminated in the first few hours of play on Saturday night 

Andrew Forsyth eliminated Connor Gale while chilling with friends in the Bessinger’s BBQ parking lot

Nick Patterson eliminated John Thomas while kicking back in a private residence

Adam Gatch eliminated Porter Quantz under the cover of night

MK Kerrigan eliminated Marshall Hodges in the arms of his leading lady Anna Cook

Mattia Cassell eliminated Preston Sessoms before going bowling for Mattia’s birthday

Sydney Issacks eliminated Mattia Cassell on his birthday smh

Allie Streck attempted and failed to eliminate Hank Tschantz but was eliminated herself

Day 2: After a day rest on Sunday, the second day of play took down 3 agents 

Porter Zach eliminated his own girlfriend Serenity Gainey before school

McCabe Templeton eliminated long time family friend Brooks Melton

Hand Tschantz takes his second kill when he eliminated Adam Frye

Day 3: The third day became the most devastating day to date as the soccer game festivities quickly turned into a fatal event. 

Eliza Taylor eliminated Elias McCall before school after a long-winded back and forth between the two

Liam Wood eliminated McCabe Templeton after she “honorably surrendered” outside of her home

Ruth Middleton eliminated Prudence Criscuolo at track practice

Nicole Tufts eliminated her bestie Kaila Brown at her house before school

Emma Anderson eliminated George Sterrett at the soccer game

Frances O’Shea eliminated Evie Otis and the soccer game took its second victim

Sean Healy eliminated Alex Hernandez hours before the soccer game

Shreyas Mytri attempts to eliminate Ethan Ouelette outside of Moes before the soccer game but misfires and is eliminated himself by Ethan

Felix Von Asten eliminated MK Kerrigan by hiding in the bed of John Rowe’s truck

The man himself Mohamed Ismail eliminated Anna Cook and the soccer game claimed its third and final victim

Day 4: Day four was a relatively quiet day thick with deceit and broken friendships. You know who you are. 

Timothy Wilson eliminated Ruth Middleton after a chase down at track practice

Conolly Burgess eliminated Christina Dolan after Christina’s location was ratted out by scum of the Earth Simon Hughes who she knows will get what he deserves

Day 5: Day 5 claimed 4 victims as the end of the round quickly came around the corner. 

Ben Whitley eliminated Adam Gatch before school

Molly Tippey eliminated Emma McLain after a chase down in Park Circle

Taylor Aquino eliminated Christian Nelson after Christian “screamed and ran around [his] car for 5 minutes”

Jeremy Garza failed to eliminate Ben Whitley after he expertly shielded himself with his umbrella

Landon Ethredge eliminated Whitney Knotts

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