Virtual Spirit Week Costume Contest

A little competition those who couldn’t be on campus!


Spirit week is over and the results are in with the Seniors claiming the long-awaited victory. While dress-up participation was riveting, it was certainly lacking the certain gusto that only a virtual student can provide. To correct this loss, the Student Council held a daily virtual costume contest… here are the results! 

Day 1- Salad Dressing Day 

Seniors → Chefs

Juniors → Ranch

Sophomores → Thousand Island

Freshmen → Greek

Amelia McMarlin

9th Grade: Amelia McMarlin

Amelia sported a Greek, home-made medusa look that shocked the judges with it’s creativity and intricate details that only a goddess could rock. 

Maysen Ronchetto

10th: Maysen Ronchetto

Maysen embraced the island life with her underwater, turtle filled background, hawaiian shirt and super cute, tacky tourist garb! 



Louis Fisher

11th: Louis Fisher 

HOWDY! Louis is ready for the ranch with the classic red bandana, straw cowboy hat and the black mask to top it all off. 

Maya Pai

12th: Maya Pai

Maya is ready to cook it up in the kitchen. With her tall chef hat, matching apron and stove ready spatula Maya could whip up a virtual dinner you’ll never forget! 



Day 2- Toons vs Tunes 

9th: Grace Dorsett

Grace Dorsett rocked the Lilo look from the classic movie “Lilo and Stitch”. She nailed the skirt, shirt and even finished the look off with her very own ukulele. 

Maysen Ronchetto

10th: Maysen Ronchetto

Once again, we crown Maysen Ronchetto the queen of spirit week for sophomores. She sided with the cartoons and dressed as Chloe from Miraculous! 

Aaron Causey

11th: Aaron Causey 

Aaron Causey took the Magnet music scene by storm in his rockin’ tie dye and even cooler bass. The grunge garage scene really took the cake and completed the perfect “Tunes” outfit.

Amelia Butcher

12th: Amelia Butcher

Amelia Butcher went all the way with her spot on Billie Eilish costume. With the bulky plaid pants, and green hair, you can hardly tell where the popstar ends and the raptor begins! 


Day 3- Coachella Day

Unfortunately, grade wide virtual participation began to dwindle after the first few days. So rather than ranking by grade, I just wanted to share some of my favorites! 


Day 4- Generation Day

Similarly to Coachella Day, the online participation was lacking. So, I compiled a few fan favorites to share with everyone!

That is all for out virtual spirit week costume contest! I would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated! Student Council really loved seeing your costumes! Although the circumstances are less than ideal, the raptor spirit is still very much alive!

much love <3