How a Normal? Day of Online School Goes


You wake up at 8:29 on the dot, roll out of bed, and open your laptop. You then stay on the zoom long enough to say “here” for attendance, log off, and shut your computer screen.

Sound about right?

No? Let me try again.

Unfortunately, for most of us online school this year consists of much more “school” than it did last spring. I know for me I am on zoom consistently until 3:30 (except for our lovely lunch break). Slightly off topic, but does zoom completely drain anyone else’s battery? My computer apparently dislikes zoom about as much as I do. Most likely the 20 plus tabs I keep open on my desktop do not help.

That’s not to say there aren’t a few advantages. I certainly enjoy my extra hour of sleeping since I don’t have to drive to school, and my dog appreciates me being home with him all day:) I have more time to get ready for work in the afternoons as well, since I don’t have to deal with traffic leaving school. On our particularly fall feeling days, I like to attend my classes on my back porch. I tend to still eat lunch during the designated lunch block since my multitasking skills are not great; something tells me attempting to take notes and make lunch at the same time would not have successful results. Overall though, I know my classmates and I are excited to with our teachers and classmates face to face and drop zoom once and for all.

I decided to ask a few other of my virtual friends for one adjective they would give to describe their online school day.

Here’s what we got:

(11) Kate Waldorf: “chaotic”

(12) Brady Siegan: “sadhype” for those curious about the definition of this, you will have to ask Brady himself. He is one of two senior red head guys, so he should be pretty easy to spot.

(10) Annie Cagle: “comfortable”

(11) John O’Neill: “boring”

and of course me. I’m gonna hit you with a depressing one: “lonely”. ¬†As much as I truly enjoying seeing everyone’s foreheads on my laptop screen, I have to admit there are some parts of real school that just can’t be replicated.

Also, for those of you confused by the headline, I’m not sure if a day where you attend school from your computer will ever be considered normal. Maybe typical would be the better word. But that’s besides the point.