The AP Research Paper topics of the seniors!


For the first year ever, the Class of 2020 completed the AP Capstone program.  This began by taking AP Seminar in the Junior year and AP Research in the Senior year. Because of the coronavirus and school not continuing, College Board dropped the Presentation part of the process.  However, the Research paper still had to be submitted. Although all Seniors were required to submit, we have listed those who have chosen to share their titles with us.

Devonte Alston: A Meta Analysis of the Diverse Effects of China’s Cultural and Economic Presence throughout Eastern Africa

Ashley Anderson: Encouraging Knowledge and Societal Inclusion of the Foster Care Community:  An Evaluative Study to Lessen the Stigma

Gage Andrews: An analysis on the narration and emotional response qualities in the film music from the movie A Quiet Place

Harrison Babb: Diets and Feeding Schedules of Captive Masai Giraffes in the United States

Caelan Bailey: Persisting Biases in South Carolina History Textbooks: Content Analysis of Eight Grade Standardized Materials

Amanda Beall: The Burgeoning Field of Nutrition Science in Medical Schools: Analyzing Physician Perspectives Toward Dietary Therapy in the Adjunct Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Zoey Bennett: High School Student Opinion and Perception of Composting as it Correlates to Participation in School Composting Programs
Lanie Berrigan: The Correlation Between Dietary Patterns and Sustainability Incentives in terms of Environmental Consciousness in the Class of 2020 at a Small, Academically Stimulated High School in Low-country South Carolina

Cade Bitting: The Effect of Protein Supplements on Muscle Growth

Benjamin Black: The Gallic Wars and Genocide: Recontextualizing the Mid-First Century B.C.E. Conflict in a Modern Understanding of Human Rights.

Christian Blackburn: How to Effectively Increase Participation in Youth-Run Extracurricular Programs: a Study of Unali’Yi Lodge 236 of the Order of the Arrow

Rosie Booker: An Analysis of Native American Representation in Late 20th Century Horror Media

Lily Borders: A Relational Content Analysis on The Charleston Carriage Horse Industry

Cassie Brisbin: The Effects of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response on the Blood Pressure and Heart Rate of High Schools Students 

Alaina Broomall: A study of the Correlation between Temperature, Terrain, and Visibility and Reef Shark Populations in the Australian Great Barrier Reef. 

Emma Broucqsault: High School students’ perspectives on targeted advertising and consumer privacy on social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

Clarke Brunson: Misinformation ad Marijuana: What People Really Know About America’s Most Controversial Drug 

Zach Buesing: Reanalysis of Psychopathy Studies

Camila Carrillo: Can the narrative of Jim Henson’s 1986 film, ​Labyrinth​, be considered a fairytale? A study based on Vladimir Propp’s ​Morphology of the Folktale

Sam Carson: Music Listening Patterns Among Highschool Students and it’s Connection to the Music Industry

Piper Carter: Analyzing the Effectiveness of YouTube in Advertising Kylie Cosmetics to Gen X

Jack Catalano: The Effect of Alcohol Consumption on Academic Achievement

Kaki Cobb: Implementing Service Dogs in a High School Setting in Order to Lower Student Anxiety: How Will it Make a Difference?

Mark Condon: Falling on Deaf Ears: A Quantitative Analysis into the Appearance of Ear Protection Within Live Music Venues

Jackson Coppola: Youth Perception: The Boeing Company and the Impacts of the 737 MAX Controversy

Thomas Crowley: Arab Nationalism and the United Arab Republic

Clara Cullum: The Feasibility of Group Studies on Uberman Sleep Based on Observed Heart Health Effects

Vivian D’Souza: Examining the effects of gamification in an e-learning app used in a Beginner Foreign Language Classroom

Clyde Davis: Lyrical Differences Between Male and Female Artists in Rap Music

Andrew de Arellano: Running and Mental Health in American High School Students

Molly Dickerson: The use of neuroplasticity to correct postural alignment and improve function in patients with hypermobility and joint dysfunction 

Jack Dillard: The Increasing Use of Social Media in the Modern Political Landscape of the United States; An Analysis of the Correlation Between Social Media and Youth Political Participation

Lucas Dillard: Ethnic Stereotyping in Tarantino Directed Films

Mia Di Paolo: The Effect of Fast Tempo Music On Female Student-Athlete Workout Intensity. 

Josephine Drake: Understanding the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Residential Radon Exposure in South Carolina

Shea Duncan: Body Image and Self-Esteem Among Adolescent Girls: Testing the Influence of Sociocultural Factors

Lesesne Early: How to Effectively Display to Gifted High School Seniors how Factory Farming Affects Them

Seth Early: Correlation Between the Shift in News Sources and the Accuracy of Student Responses at Academic Magnet High School

Caroline Fair: Diversity Standards In High Achieving Magnet High Schools

Sam Ford-Dirks: A Quasi-Experimental Study on the Correlation of Hand Speed and Strength Drills

Hannah Forman: Democratic Socialism and Generation Z Students: Why Are They So Compatible? 

Gabby Gagnon: Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Therapy as a Treatment for Migraine: A Systemic Review

Emory Gardner: Requirements of a Lunar Base

Sully Gholson: Logistics and Deployment Decisions of Charleston County EMS Ambulances

Carson Goodier: An Analysis or Media Rhetoric in the Context of Presidential Impeachment; the Evolution of the Twitter Rhetoric of Donald J. Trump

Robby Gourdie: Connecting the Imposter Phenomenon to Perfectionism, Perfectionistic Self-Presentation, and Demographic Background in a High-Achieving Population of High School Students

Megan Gray: The Relationship Between Instagram Usage and Body Satisfaction in Female Adolescents

Kasen Groves: School and Exercise: Examining the Effect of Exercise on Academic Achievement

Julia Guo: The Correlation Between Level of Affluence and Depression Induced by Substance Usage, Academic Stress, and a Strained Familial Relationship

Grace Gurney: The Influence of Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils on  Adolescent Cognition and Stress

Lucas Haas: The Correlational Effects of Violent Video-Game Play on Mental Health and Academic Performance of the Academic Magnet High School Students

Riley Haas: A Discovery of the Most Efficient Strategies for Improving Diversity at Academic Magnet High School

Luke Haenel: Disambiguation and Analysis of Chlorination Byproducts in Mount Pleasant, SC with regards to Environmental Regulation and Population Growth from 2010-2018

Michael Hammer: The Economic Cost of Poverty: An analysis of savings behavior discrepancies at the poverty line

Emma Heeke: Ready or Not: the Subversion of the “Final Girl” Role in Post-Modern Horror Cinema

Lilli Heinrich: Analyzing the Implications of Alternate Business Practices on Zara-Inditex in an Effort to Increase Their Environmental Sustainability 

Lillian Herpolsheimer: Representation of American Adolescent Sleep Deprivation in Contemporary Art

Chap Hodges: The Impact of Video Games on Academic Achievement

Jenny Hsu: Reducing Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Alex Huang: Implications of Neural Network-based Voice Synthesizers in a peer-setting

Caroline Hyde: Examining Human Resilience and Trauma in Women Across Generations

Libby Jaskwhich: The Inequality of Displacement in Areas of Prevalent Gentrification

Mary Ashton Jenkins: Understanding Team Culture: A Comprehensive Evaluation on How High School Coaches Impact Their Athletes

Juliet Johnson: A Statistical Analysis of the Changing Frequency of Tropical Cyclones that affect the Savannah, Georgia region

Kathryn Jones: A comparison on how ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap dance styles can alleviate academic stress levels in Charleston County School District students aged 13 to 18

Tall Will Jordan: The Effectiveness of Different Musical Elements on Studying and Cognitive Learning

Will Jordan: Correlation Between Precipitation Levels and Enterococcus Levels In Shem Creek, South Carolina.

Simone Kavarana: A Correlational Study Between False Confessions and Improper Police Interrogation Tactics 

Brendan Kelleher: Evaluating the Knowledge of Nutrition Within the Secondary School Population

Ameen Khan: Analysis of the Tradeoff Between Security and Practicality in the Context of Mobile Messaging Applications

Will Kronsberg: Compensation Beyond Scholarships for Intercollegiate Athletes from the Perspective of High School-Age Students

Angeline Krupa: A Case Study of the Effects of Increased Tourism In Relation to the Gentrification and Environmental Degradation of Coastal Towns in the Mediterranean Region

Claire Kunkle: Human Agency within Terry Pratchett’s “City Watch” Series

Eliza Lankford: Observed Trends Extracted between Students that Participate in the Arts in High Stress Schools

Sabrina Lawrence: Level of Computer Science Education and Degree of Trust in Artificially Intelligent Educators in High School Students

Davis Leath: The Effects of Multilingualism on English Literacy Rates of High School Students in South Carolina

Mason Leath: An Analysis of News Headlines and Their Effect on the Political Polarization of New Voters

Jonathan Lemon: An Experimental Analysis of Traditional and Sport-Specific Warm-Up Methods in Wrestling

Eli LeRoy: Determination of the Psychological Relationship Between Musical Performance Anxiety and Performance Success

Ella Lesesne: Race and Sexual Violence in Texas Prisons 

Jack Levenson: The Implications of NASA’s Failed Organizational Structure  

Elan Levine: TV Tropes of Teen Dramas: Compiling the Ideal Series

Oliver Lewis: How are Medieval Scandanavian Gender Roles Represented in Vikings Season One? 

Allison Li: Training Artificial Intelligence to Recognize Nuclear Segmentations in Digital Pathology

Angela Li: How Do Retirement Home Amenities Affect the UCLA Loneliness Scale and Happiness Measure Score of 3 Select Retirement Homes in South Carolina? 

Erin Littlejohn: Composition Copyright Infringement of Ideas and Expression: Substantial Similarity in the Case of Williams v. Gaye

Stephanie Lomeli-Garcia: How Media Has Impacted Teenagers’ Opinion on Gun Control

Irene Lu: How do cultural differences in the definition of “well being” influence lifestyle in China compared to the US?

Caroline Lucas: Adapting Lord Jim: Translating Literary Elements into Bande Dessinée

Maria Lutas: The Effect of Pop, Rock, and Classical Music on Spatial Awareness Dependent problems and Decision Making Confidence

Ellie Marino: Gauging high-achieving students’ support of legalizing compensated live-donor kidney transplantation

Mary Hope Martin: Correlational Study Observing the Relationship Between Caffeine Consumption and Sleep Quality in Academic Magnet Seniors

Elizabeth Moise: Correlation Between Reliogiosity of Students and Their Abortion Opinion

Piper Monk: Difficulties in Hurricane Evacuation Processes in Charleston Nursing Homes

Nicolette Monnier: Relationship Between Students’ Perceived Social Support and Anxiety in a High-Achieving High School Environment

Quinna Muthard: A Study on the Extent of How Genuinely Unique Popular Young Adult Fiction Novels are Based on Specific Aspects of Literature

Kyler Nguyen: “Game Developers’ Choice for Best Art Direction” Winners and Nominees of 2016-2019: An examination of Art Styles and Common Themes Among Award-Winners

Dessie Anne Nietert: Environmental art and the ocean of plastic

Jacob Norman: Music Genre and its Effect on Short and Long Term Memory in High School Students

David Novo: Musical trends in Tavis Scott’s ten most popular songs analyzed for the purpose of creating a song in his style

Lauren Osborne: A Correlational Study Between Stress and The Enneagram in High Achieving Students 

Caelan Paquette: It’s All in the Bag: An Analysis of Reusable Low Density Polyethylene Bags in Coastal Cities

Avery Parker: A Study of the Mental Health and Running Habits of College Students

Caroline Patterson: What Do the Connotations Surrounding Autism in Popular Television Shows Have to Say about the Way We View Autism?

Jack Patterson: Factors Prohibiting Physical Therapists From Utilizing Basic Barbell Movements For Strength Development in the Rehabilitation of Outpatient Orthopedic Patients

Reid Perrett: Psychological and Academic Effects of a Student’s School Environment 

Lily Peterson: Fashion psychology and the effects of clothing on adolescent social anxiety

Emma Grace Pittard: The Behavioral and Mental Effects of A Magnet High School Environment on The Academic Success of Its Students

Lydia Pless: A Comprehensive Implementation of Urban Agriculture in a Suburban Southeastern United States Setting

Katie Radovanovic: Exploring the Validity of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Allison Rauls: Experimental Analysis between the Stress Levels of High Schools Seniors and Mindfulness Meditation using a Meditation App

Katherine Ray: Trends in the Reporting of Sexual Harassment at the United States Military Academy in Relation to the Me Too Movement

Stella Reimer: The Effects of Therapy Dogs on High School Seniors Stress Levels

David Roddey: The Effect of Special Needs Inclusion on Children with Disabilities’ Learning Development and Attention Span in General Education Classrooms

Sammy Rosenberg: Correlating American Political Polarization with Modern Orthodox Jewish Perspectives on Israeli Settlements in the West Bank

Shreyon Roy: Increasing the Efficiency of Hashing Algorithms

Susannah Ryan: Testing to Find the Most Convenient Approach to Incorporate Time Restricted Eating Into the Lives of Teenage Students

Fernanda Salinas: Undergraduate Men’s Opinions and Attitudes on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 

Stephen Savage: Analyzing the history of Nissan Maxima Commercials to Extrapolate trends and predict future advertisements.

Mina Schaafsma: A Quality of Life Evaluation on Adapted Pants for Above the Knee Amputees

Will Schnell: Flavorings Impact on Continued use of Electronic Cigarettes in Adolescents

Michal Segle: Rethinking Alternative and Complementary Approaches in PTSD Treatment 

Kory Singleton: Determining the Correlation Between Parenting Style and the Academic Achievement of Accelerated Students

Madison Smalley: Visual Intelligence in Regards to Hearing

Allyson Smith: The Correlation of Adolescent Competitive Distance Running and Academics

Kyle Smith: Incorrect Metadata in the Music Industry

Julia Spencer: Most significant factors in predicting a winner of the Bachelor

Sloane Stoklosa: The Effect of Political Bias in the Media on Students in High Achieving High Schools

Masi Sundara: Analyzing the Effects of Electronic Cigarette Flavoring Liquids on the Angiogenic Properties of Cardiac Ventricular Fibroblasts

Abby Sutterlin: Cardiovascular Disease in Type One Diabetics

Jamie Terry: Lyric Interpretations of Drug References in HipHop Music from the 80s/90s vs 2010s

Jake Thayer: The Effect of a Therapy Dog on Social and Mental Skills of a Person with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Statistical Comparison

Isobel Tingley: What factors of academically advanced high schools lead to burnout in gifted Charleston students

Christie Tran: The Efficacy of Yoga Therapy as an Alternative Treatment for High Stress and Anxiety Levels

Godwins Tuyishime: Psychological Effects of Social Media Use

Ben Vazquez Mora: Adhering to an anti inflammatory Diet and The Impact on an Asthmatic Soccer Player’s Endurance

Kedar Veeraswamy: Optimizing Factors in the Classroom Environment to Promote Student Success on Project Based Learning (PBL) Activities 

Kaitlyn Victoria:The Evolution of Immigration Policy and How It Should Shape America’s Future

Christian Weichsel: The Economic and Cultural Development of a Modern Hong Kong: An Analysis of Chinese Economic And Political Neocolonialism From 1997 to 2019

Ebonie White: A Meta-Analysis of The Effect That The Current Mental Health Programs That Have Been Placed In Schools Have on Students

Sam White: Pre-Race Visualization Tactics In Competitive Swimming

Emily Williams: Foster care aid in Charleston County

Sophia Wilson: NAC Influence on VEGF and s-Flt1 Receptors: Utilizing Cell Cultures and the ELISA Test

Sophia Zhang: Mood, Sex, and Age in Relation to Cognitive Performance in High-Achieving High School Students with Partial Sleep Deprivation 

Gabby Ziegler: The Effects of Greenwashing on Student Consumer Behavior as shown by the Correlation between Sustainable and Non-Sustainable Gen Z Students