Class of 2020 College Decisions

Magnet Seniors Say Goodbye to the Nest!


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Known as Magnet’s smartest grade, the Class of 2020 has come to a pivotal moment in their lives: leaving the beloved Birdcage. Congratulations to these seniors on their hard work the past 4 years! From the 2019-2020 Talon staff, thank y’all for all of the memories and friendships made. We wish y’all the best of luck!

Mallory Alexander: University of California, Santa Barbara

Devonte Alston: Clemson University

Ashley Anderson: Clemson University Honors College

Gage Andrews: Elon University

Pearl Ayiku: University of South Carolina

Harrison Babb: Clemson University

Caelan Bailey: Emory University

Amanda Beall: Clemson University Honors College

Zoey Bennett: University of South Carolina 

Lanie Berrigan: University of South Carolina Honors College

Cade Bitting: United States Naval Academy

Benjamin Black: University of South Carolina Honors College

Christian Blackburn: Clemson University

Charles Blanc: University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Rosie Booker: University of South Carolina

Lily Borders: College of Charleston


Cassie Brisbin: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Alaina Broomall: Wofford College

Emma Broucqsault: University of South Carolina Honors College

Clarke Brunson: University of California San Diego

Zach Buesing: Trident Technical College

Sarah Burke: St. Andrews University

Camila Carrillo: College of Charleston

Sam Carson: Belmont University

Piper Carter: University of South Carolina

Jack Catalano: University of South Carolina

Catherine Chopade: Clemson University

Kaki Cobb: Clemson University

Jameson Condon: College of Charleston

Mark Condon: College of Charleston

Jackson Coppola: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Thomas Crowley: Clemson University 

Clara Cullum: Clemson University Honors College

Vivian D’Souza: University of South Carolina Honors College

Clyde Davis: University of Alabama

Andrew de Arellano: University of South Carolina Honors College

Ethan DeMille: University of South Carolina

Molly Dickerson: University of South Carolina Honors

Jack Dillard: University of Mississippi

Lucas Dillard: Clemson University

Mia DiPaolo: Clemson University 

Sophia Discolo: Georgetown University

Josephine Drake: University of Notre Dame 

Shea Duncan: College of Charleston

Lesesne Early: Clemson University

Seth Early: Clemson University

Caroline Fair: Clemson University

Sam Ford-Dirks: United States Naval Academy

Hannah Forman: William and Mary and St. Andrews Joint Degree Programme

Emily Furtick: College of Charleston

Gabby Gagnon: University of South Carolina Honors College

Emory Gardner: North Carolina State University

Sully Gholson: United States Coast Guard Academy

Carson Goodier: Clemson University Honors College

Finn Gottlieb: University of Southern California

Robby Gourdie: College of William and Mary

Megan Gray: Clemson University Honors College

Kasen Groves: University of California, Los Angeles 

Julia Guo: University of South Carolina 

Grace Gurney: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lucas Haas: Clemson University Honors College

Riley Haas: University of Richmond

Luke Haenel: College of Charleston Honors College

Charlie Hale: Clemson University

Michael Hammer: University of Michigan 

Emma Heeke: Emerson College

Lilli Heinrich: Belmont University 

Lily Herpolsheimer: University of South Carolina 

Bailey Hillen: Wofford College

Chap Hodges: University of Georgia

Jenny Hsu: Clemson University 

Alex Huang: Yale University

Caroline Hyde: Clemson University

Libby Jaskwhich: Fordham University

Mary Ashton Jenkins: University of South Carolina 

Taliyah Jenkins: Howard University 

Juliet Johnson: Wake Forest University

Kathryn Jones: Clemson University Honors College

Will Jordan (Lil Cynth): Wofford College

Will Jordan: Clemson University

Simone Kavarana: University of South Carolina

Brendan Kelleher: Duke University

Ricky Keys: University of British Columbia 

Ameen Khan: United States Air Force Academy 

Will Kronsberg: University of South Carolina

Angeline Krupa: DePaul University 

Claire Kunkle: University of South Carolina

Eliza Lankford: Anderson University

Sabrina Lawrence: University of Southern California

Davis Leath: Dartmouth College

Mason Leath: Georgetown University

Jonathan Lemon: Clemson University

Eli LeRoy: American University

Ella Lesesne: University of South Carolina

Jack Levenson: Clemson University

Elan Levine: Columbia University and Jewish Theological Seminary Dual Degree Program

Oliver Lewis: University of North Carolina at Asheville 

Allison Li: University of Chicago

Angela Li: Emory University 

Erin Littlejohn: Baylor University

Stephanie Lomeli-Garcia: University of South Carolina

Irene Lu: New York University Shanghai

Caroline Lucas: Swarthmore College

Maria Lutas: Clemson University

Ellie Marino: University of Notre Dame

Mary Hope Martin: University of South Carolina 

Elizabeth Moise: Clemson University

Piper Monk: Clemson University

Nicolette Monnier: Furman University

Lee Muirhead: Clemson University 

Daniel Murphy: Wofford College

Quinna Muthard: Haverford College

Kyler Nguyen: Clemson University

Daniel Nichols: Clemson University

Dessie Anne Nietert: Dickinson College

Jacob Norman: Clemson University

David Novo: University of South Carolina

Lauren Osborne: Clemson University 

Brianna Otero: College of Charleston

Caelan Paquette: Clemson University Honors College

Avery Parker: Clemson University 

Caroline Patterson: Clemson University 

Jack Patterson: Clemson University

Reid Perrett: Clemson University 

Lily Peterson: Fashion Institute of Technology

Emma Grace Pittard: University of South Carolina

Lydia Pless: University of South Carolina Honors College

Katie Radovanovic: Tufts University

Allison Rauls: University of South Carolina

Katherine Ray: Clemson University

Stella Reimer: Marymount Manhattan College

Jonathan Roberts: Clemson University

David Roddey: University of South Carolina 

Sammy Rosenberg: Gap Year in Israel then Yale University

Shreyon Roy: University of Texas at Dallas Honors College

Susannah Ryan: Clemson University

Fernanda Salinas: Clemson University

Stephen Savage: Washington and Lee University 

Mina Schaafsma: University of South Carolina Honors College in the Top Scholars Program

Jacob Schar: University of South Carolina

Will Schnell: Southern Methodist University 

Michal Segle: Colorado State University

Kory Singleton: University of South Carolina

Toby Sizemore: Auburn University

Madison Smalley: Coastal Carolina University 

Allyson Smith: Brigham Young University

Kyle Smith: Belmont University

Julia Spencer: University of South Carolina

Sloane Stoklosa: Clemson University

Michelle Sun: Clemson University

Masi Sundara: University of Western Ontario

Abby Sutterlin: Wofford College

Jamie Terry: St. Edward’s University 

Jake Thayer: Clemson University

Jordan Thomas: University of South Carolina

Isobel Tingley: University of Colorado Boulder

Christie Tran: Furman University 

Amber Tu: University of South Carolina Honors College

Godwins Tuyishime: Wofford College

Simon Vaglienti: Clemson University

Ben Vazquez-Mora: Clemson University 

Kedar Veeraswamy: Williams College

Kaitlyn Victoria: College of Charleston

Dhillon Wegner: Clemson University 

Christian Weichsel: University of Michigan 

Ebonie White: Winthrop University 

Sam White: Washington and Lee University 

Emily Williams: Clemson University

Sophia Wilson: Duke University

Sophia Zhang: Johns Hopkins University

Gabby Ziegler: University of South Carolina

Stats for the Class of 2020

University of South Carolina Attendees: 34

Clemson University Attendees: 49

Percentage going out-of-state: 40%

Percentage going in-state: 60%

Military Appointments: 4

Honors College Attendees: 19

Ivy League Attendees: 4