Where the Class of 2022 is Going to College


As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, the senior class is making some of the biggest decisions of their lives. Since this article is a tradition, we feel the need to continue it so that YOU will know where you have friends/acquaintances from high school, when you eventually go to college. There’s a lot of different colleges this year, so Magnet is spreading its influence far and wide. If you’re a junior and currently looking at colleges don’t hesitate to ask questions to your elders and get advice. I certainly wish I had. That said, the alphabetized list follows: 


Abar, Oliver- Haverford College

Anden, Evans- Virginia Tech

Anderson, Christian-  Furman University

Anderson, Tee- Clemson University

Araujo, Pedro- University of Michigan

Archambault, Mary- University of South Carolina Honors College

Ava Brunson- Loyola Marymount University

Bain, Emerson- University of Florida

Bazine, Meriem- Lehigh University

Bearden, Macey- Colorado State University 

Benson, Anna- Clemson University

Benton, Jeremiah- University of Florida

Bonner, Chaye – Furman University

Brown Will- Clemson University Honors College

Brown, Regan- Georgia Tech or University of South Carolina Honors College

Burnette, Sarah- University of Tennessee

Carrillo, Inés- College of Charleston Honors College

Causey, Aaron- Clemson University 

Cayabyab, Mebron Jorvy- College of Charleston

Cayouette, Caleb- Clemson University Honors College

Clark, Anson- American University 

Claypoole, Lilly- Wake Forest University

Cole, Hallie- University of South Carolina Honors College

Colestock, Jonah- Clemson University

Collins, Mackay- University of South Carolina

Compton, Mary- University of South Carolina Honors College

Covode, Phoebe- Clemson University

Cox, Brett- University of Virginia

Crowley, Taryn- Middlesex University

Custer, Izzy- Florida State University

Das, Aditi- Clemson University

Dhawan, Aanika- Arizona State University 

Dimicco, Dominik- Carnegie Mellon or University of South Carolina Honors College

Domm, Teagan- University of California- Davis (UCD)

Douglass, Mikhael- University of Colorado Boulder

Drake, Francis- Notre Dame or Carnegie Mellon

Drucker, Nicole- College of Charleston

Enright, Michael- Furman University 

Fan, Kevin- Duke University

Fang, Sunny- University of South Carolina

Fetten, Sophia- The College of William & Mary

Fisher, Louis- Clemson

Fleming, Marshall- Wofford College

Ford, Julian- United States Naval Academy

Freudenheim, Jake- Wofford College 

Garrigan, Maggie- College of Charleston

Geils, Genevieve- Clemson University Honors College

Goldsmith, Grant- North Carolina State University

Grubb, Louisa- Johns Hopkins University

Hale, Augie- University of South Carolina

Hallaba, Kinsey- Gap year, moving abroad

Hawes, Wesley- San Diego State University Honors College

Heineck, Nate- The College of William & Mary

Heller, Sydney – Colorado State University Honors College

Henry, Blair- Chapman University 

Hershey, Clay- Tulane University or The University of the South: Sewanee

Hinson, Noah- Clemson University Honors College

Hiraoka, Hana- University of Michigan (probably)

Horton, Caroline- Clemson University

Hull, Zane- College of Charleston

Hyatt, William – University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

Inman, Emma Helen- Auburn University

Jacobs, Caley- University of South Carolina

Jajuga, Charlie – Clemson University

Jaroscak, Joy- University of South Carolina

Jenkins, Marianne- Winthrop University

Johnson, April- Clemson University

Jones, Ella- Oregon State University

Jones, Socks- Colorado State University

Khaskhely, Maya- Clemson University

Kitchens, Amelia- College of Charleston 

Klemm, Alden – Southern Methodist University

Kuyper, Charlie- Wake Forest University

Laird, Reese- Florida Southern College

Lankford, Somer- Clemson University

LeGendre, Lexi- College of Charleston

Levin, Alex- Clemson University

Limbert, Carter- Ohio University

Lindner, Maria- Cornell University

Manuel, Lucy- University of Virginia

Marhefka, Rebecca- University College Dublin

Marino, Molly- United States Naval Academy

Matthews, Mia- Clemson University Honors College

McLean, Sophia- University of South Carolina

Medlin, Gabriel- Clemson University

Mochizuki, Gracie- University of South Carolina Honors College

Morris, Kaylin- University of South Carolina Honors College 

Muirhead, Will- Clemson University

Myers, Jake- Clemson University

Nadeau, Lauren- Ave Maria University

Nafea, Nurah- College of Charleston

Nguyen, Logan- Clemson University

Norman, Jack- Wofford College

Oliver-Reed, Sam- College of Charleston Honors

Overbey, Alana- University of South Carolina

Owens, Mark- Savannah College of Art and Design

Peagler, Lauren- University of South Carolina

Perkis, Claudia Rose- Georgetown University

Phelan, Bailey- Clemson University

Phillips, Miley – University of South Carolina Honors College

Praete, Lilly- DePaul Honors College 

Ramsey, Lilly- University of South Carolina

Ravenell, DJ- University of South Carolina

Ravindra, Virginia- Clemson University

Ray, Grace- Virginia Tech

Reed, Randy- Clemson University

Ronchetto, McKenna- College of Charleston

Scheurer, Leddy- George Washington University

Scott, LaPortia- University of South Carolina 

Semenoff, Alicia- Pennsylvania State University

Skradski, Ada- University of South Carolina

Sparacino, Leo- University of South Carolina

Stoklosa, McClain- United States Merchant Marine Academy 

Sutcliffe, Hunter- Clemson University

Tabler, Braedin- Duke University

Tangeman, Anna Leigh- Loyola University Chicago

Thelan, Cameron- Montana State University

Tuxworth, Catherine- Furman University 

Van Hagen, Mia- University of Georgia

Wallace, Mary Lide- University of South Carolina 

Walldorf, Kate- University of Virginia

Wallen, Asher- Duke University

Wang, Huiwen – Duke University

Warid, Deena- Clemson University 

Webb, Nola- Wofford College

Weber, Emily- University of North Carolina Wilmington 

Wise, Mabry- Appalachian State University

Whelan, Samuel- University of Richmond

White, Peighton- University of South Carolina Honors College

Willits, Gray- Indiana University 

Wood, Piper- University of South Carolina Honors College

Wren, Chloe- University of South Carolina

Young, Anne- University of Virginia

Ziegler, Garrett- Clemson University Honors College


Where Most People are Going:

  1. University of South Carolina- 25
  2. Clemson University- 25
  3. College of Charleston- 10
  4. Duke University- 4
  5. Wofford College- 4
  6. University of Virginia- 4
  7. Furman University- 4


Honors College Attendees: 22


This is not the entire senior class! I have to publish this article today. Maybe I will update it, maybe I will not, but you can always check @amhs22decisions on Instagram.