Where is the Class of 2021 Going to College?

Even if it isn’t your dream school, you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. Congratulations everyone!


Top 5 Attended Schools of the Class of 2021

  1. Clemson University: 47
  2. University of South Carolina: 19
  3. College of Charleston: 9
  4. Duke University: 5
  5. Furman University: 4

Thomas Abraham– Clemson University

Rachel Ackerman– Appalachian State University 

Emma Anderson– Clemson University

Grace Anderson– Clemson University

Niko Apostolou– University of Miami 

Taylor Aquino– Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Aiden Astle– Lehigh University

Jack Austin– Clemson University Honors College

Justin Baek– College of Charleston 

Macon Bauknight– Georgia Institute of Technology

Colby Beaver- Clemson University

Eric Beaver– College of Charleston

Alan Bi– Furman University

Lillian Bluestein– Emory University at Oxford 

William Boyd- Michigan State University 

Collin Brientnall– Semester abroad in Paris and then attending Tulane University

Kaila Brown– College of Charleston

Haley Bryan– College of Charleston

Conolly Burgess– The Ohio State University Honors College

Connor Burrill– Duke University 

Amelia Butcher– College of Charleston Honors

Sophia Butcher– College of Charleston Honors

Julia Camp– Syracuse University

Emily Campbell– The College of William and Mary

Dylan Carter– Clemson University 

Mattia Cassell- Reed College

Owen Chapman– University of South Carolina Honors College

Kaitlyn Chau– Stony Brook University

Maisie Cochran– The College of William and Mary

Owen Conley– University of South Carolina 

Anna Cook– Clemson University Honors College 

Kristen Cooper– Florida State University

Lydia Cox– Duke University

Prudence Criscuolo– Eckerd College 

Will Culler– University of South Carolina 

Evan Daniels– Haverford College

Isabella Darce– Davidson College 

Cameron Dawson– University of South Carolina 

Carmen Del Mastro–  Purdue University

Ansel Dietrich– American University 

Christina Dolan– University of South Carolina Honors College

Brendan Elliott– Duke University 

Brad Emenov– Clemson University

Landon Ethredge– Clemson University Honors College 

Lillian Feingold– Furman University

Ashley Fister– Clemson University

Aidan Flinton– Virginia Tech

Pilar Florez– University of Cincinnati

Tonisha Forrest– University of South Carolina, Beaufort 

Andrew Forsyth– University of Florida

Adam Frye– Clemson University 

Serenity Gainey– University of Pittsburgh

Connor Gale– The Citadel and then the Air Force after college

Keiry Garcia Mora– University of South Carolina

Jeremy Garza– Clemson University

Adam Gatch– Clemson University Honors College

Christian Geils– University of South Carolina

Emily Griffin– Clemson University

Jason Guo– Georgia Institute of Technology 

Ishraq Haque– Harvard University

Sean Healy– United States Military Academy

Leah Heineck– Pace University, NYC

Thomas Henry– Virginia Tech

Joel Herndon– University of South Carolina

Simon Hughes- Clemson University

Grace Hill– American University 

Marshall Hodges– Clemson University

Liana Horner– Brandeis University

Hannah Hughes– Wofford College

Sydney Isaacks– Clemson University Honors College

Mohamed Ismail– Clemson University Honors College 

Tate Jennings–  University of Colorado, Boulder

Tabitha Johnson– Florida Southern College 

Kyle Jonsson– Clemson University

Charles Jordan– Davidson University

Alyssa Rocha-Kapinos– Clemson University 

Mary Katherine Kerrigan– Clemson University 

Colton Kilgallen– University College Dublin

Whitney Knotts– University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Lily Lassiter– Yale University 

Jennifer Lee– Wellesley College

Simon Li– Deferred enrollment to NYU Stern and moving to NYC to work full-time for a startup

Benjamin Lipschutz– Touro College

Ruth Liu– University of South Florida

Johanna Lonyo– University of South Carolina Honors College 

Cal Macdonald– Eckerd College 

Mark Maci– Boston University

Anna Grace Maher– University of South Carolina

Emma Martin– Clemson University 

Sophia Martuscello– University of Massachusetts, Boston

Jocelyn Massenet- The College of William and Mary 

Katherine Massie– Clemson University 

Casey Matthews– University of South Carolina Honors 

Elias McCall– Clemson University Honors College

Emma McClain– Clemson University 

Trinity McManus– College of Charleston

Aidan McPherson– Clemson University 

Charles Medlock– Clemson University 

Ishaan Mehrotra– Duke University

Brooks Melton– Clemson University 

Ruth Middleton– United States Air Force Academy 

Carson Moore– University of South Carolina 

Devon Mulligan– University of Alabama Honors College

Shreyas Mytri– University of California, Los Angeles  

Christian Nelson– Clemson University

Sarah Nelson– University of South Carolina

Madeline Nguyen– University of California, San Diego

Sophie Nguyen– Clemson University

Olivia Niesse– College of Charleston

William Novak-Condy– University of South Carolina

Lillian O– American University

Frances O’Shea– Furman University

Charles Olsen– United States Naval Academy

Rey Ortiz Bautista– University of Notre Dame

Evelyn Otis– Washington and Lee University

Ethan Ouellette– Duke University

Maya Pai– College of Charleston

Rawisara Pansap– 42Bangkok, KMITL

Janice Park– University of Richmond

Nicholas Patterson– Clemson University

Matthew Porzio– Clemson University Honors College

Nora Powell– Clemson University 

Disha Qanungo– Clemson University

William Quantz– Clemson University Honors College 

Michelle Ren– University of South Carolina

Casey Richmond– University of South Carolina

William Rocco– University of North Carolina, Wilmington 

Mary Routh– Fordham University

John Rowe– University of Georgia

Adam Rubeinstein– Automotive apprenticeship while attending Trident Technical College 

Anyjah Sally– Howard University

Valeria Salvatierra– University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Catherine Santos– Colby College

Preston Sessoms– Clemson University 

Brady Siegan– Wofford College

Hayden Southworth– Sewanee The University of the South

George Sterrett– Clemson University

Johanna Stone– University of South Carolina 

Allison Streck– Wake Forest University

Karoline Surdyk– Furman University 

Elizabeth Tayor– University of Georgia Honors College

Julia Templeton– Washington and Lee University

John Thomas– Clemson University

Jack Tucker- University of Montana 

Molly Tippey– Clemson University Honors College 

Henry Tschantz– Clemson University 

Nicole Tufts– Clemson University

Miles Turk– Clemson University 

Arthur Unger– Rice University 

Felix von Asten– New York University, Stern

Sylvia Watkins– Coker University Honors College

Sophie White– University of Virginia 

Benjamin Whitley– University of California, Los Angeles 

Alex Williams– Clemson University

Timothy Wilson– Clemson University 

Lily Wolf– Clemson University

Liam Wood– Clemson University 

Vivien Yang– Pratt University

Mason Yost- University of North Carolina, Asheville

Porter Zach– Clemson University Honors College, direct transfer to Georgia Tech