Coronavirus: What to Do

Live Your Life

Coronavirus: What to Do

If your anything like me and have been bored since we have no school then you’re extremely bored. So I’ve put together some things to do whether you want to risk it or play it safe.

Risk it: These are some things to do that will put you in a little more dangerous but at this point, you’ll probably be fine.

  1. Go to the Beach: With people being scared of the Coronavirus there will be much fewer people at the beach meaning you can actually park and not get trampled. Sure the water may be a little cold but you have nothing better to do and if you still don’t want to get in then just go for a walk.
  2. Take Your Car for an Oil Change: This one is mainly for me because I’ve been putting it off for a long time and I definitely need on, but I bet there’s more of you that are in this position.
  3. Wash Your Car: Although this is not necessarily risking it, you will still be outside. Even if you don’t have a car then wash your parents’ cars and get some brownie points.
  4. Live your life: If your willing to risk and are allowed to then just live your life and do what you would normally on a summer day.

Play it Safe: If you don’t want to get the coronavirus or your parents are making you stay home then here are some things to do.

  1. Schoolwork: You have to do it at some point so you might as well just knock it out and get it over with. Speaking of knocking it out you might as well just sit down one day and get everything for the week done so then you don’t have to deal with the rest of the week.
  2. Play Card Games: Card games are a great way to make the time past and you may even get good at them meaning you could make some money. (Not that I support gambling) For some card game ideas look at Sloane’s article.
  3. Board Games: Just like card games board games are always fun although I hate monopoly. The sad thing though is you can’t make any money like card games.
  4. Cook: With all the time we have you might as well learn how to cook some new foods. You never know it could help for college so you don’t have to eat Ramen and Easy Mac every day.