A humble KRITique of Cadillactica

C. Mason Proctor, Staff Writer

A humble K.R.I.T.ique

Cadillactica by Big K.R.I.T.


Big K.R.I.T. made a splash in the Hip Hop world in the mid-2000s when he released his initial mixtape series See Me on Top. He continued to hit us with Dirty South driven bass knockers with his release of K.R.I.T. Wuz here. This was definitely his most acclaimed work and in my opinion the best. The album that he rapped on and self produced had clear influence from artists like UGK, Outkast, and Goodie Mob. The key characteristics of Krizzle’s musical productions are frequent uses of samples, wit, and the smooth delivery of his southern drawled out lyrics.

Based on his latest studio album Live from the Underground, KRITheads expected an album full of in your face and base “wow moments.” Instead we got a variation of different types but equally powerful moments mixed in with the classic KRIT sound. On his new album Cadillactica he shared the production with other sound engineers and what we got was a more diverse KRIT. This definitely opened creative doors for Krizzle. Even though there were less bang your head beats he showed a level of artistry that is rarely seen in the game these days. I give Cadillactica an 8.5 out of 10 for an overall project. Don’t be fooled there are those tracks on the tape that I would readily give an 11 out of 10.

Songs to look out for: My Sub pt. 3, Soul Food, King of the South, Saturdays=Celebration*, and Mt. Olympus (with a new background beat).