Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Who Were You Crushing On As A Kid?

A Look At AMHS Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity crushes can be defined as intense admiration for a public figure working in the entertainment, sport, or any popular industry. As children, celebrity crushes can range from actors on your favorite TV show, to a character in your favorite game. Today I will be highlighting the childhood celebrity crushes of the Academic Magnet Student Body. From my collection, there are many actors, game characters, and even athletes that have struck the Raptors fancy. Now I will begin listing and analyzing the childhood celebrity crushes of your Raptors.

Frat Boy Era Harry Styles:

As submitted by anonymous, this student said Frat Boy Era Harry Styles was their childhood celebrity crush. This does not seem surprising, as most Magnet students’ childhood had One Direction as a main musical element to their childhood soundtrack. The student’s reasoning behind why he is their celebrity crush is “look at him.” I am guessing that Mr. Styles was definitely pulling off the frat boy look. Attached below is an image of Mr. Styles himself. After thoroughly analyzing this student’s submission I would have to also give Frat Boy Harry a big thumbs up, because his smile and flowing brown hair really seal the deal. I would give him an overall score of 100/10 for hotness, because this Harry Styles Era truly seems to be one of the winners.

Frat Boy Harry Styles

Judy Hopps:

Next up, submitted by Harrison Crites, is Judy Hopps, aka the bunny cop from the childhood movie Zootopia. Judy is the only bunny cop in the entirety of the Zootopia police force making her an underdog in comparison to her coworkers. If you have seen Zootopia you know that she does indeed break career barriers and is able to stop a massive problem amongst predators and prey from escalating. Harrison says that as a child, he thought she was “fearless and brave,” which is what made him submit her as his childhood crush. I would have to agree with Harrison, that she was a trailblazer in the Zootopia world, and for that reason I would rank her a 8/10.


Judy Hopps

James Maslow From Big Time Rush:

Next up, Elaina Seymour submitted James Maslow From Big Time Rush as her childhood celebrity crush. Now although I have never watched the show before, I do know it follows a group of teenage boys who have to leave behind their small town life to embrace the opportunity of being pop stars. James is definitely a looker, and according to Elaina, “he was the cutest one on the show, and had the best looking hair.” After looking at a picture of James, I would have to agree with Elaina because he is definitely tall and handsome making him a winner in my book. Elaina said that apparently he and the rest of the band were on tour recently, and came to Charleston. She said she was upset that she had to miss it, because it would have given her the chance of a lifetime to see James in the flesh. In my expert opinion I would rate James a 10/10 because he truly exemplifies what a childhood crush should be.

James Maslow from BTR

Bree from Lab Rats, Jessie from Jessie, Liv from Liv and Maddie:

Now what all of these lovely ladies have in common is they are main characters on popular childhood Disney channel shows. All of these lovely ladies were also submitted by Isaac Chery, who in one word described them as “hot.” Bree from Lab Rats, is a tall brunette who seems to be one of the main action characters in the show, and from her pictures, she seems to know how to pack a punch. Jessie on the other hand is a red head with a beautiful smile, who was the nanny of a rich family living in a penthouse in New York. Finally, Liv is a highschool twin, with her sister Maddie, who is the more athletic sibling whereas she is the more socially active character. Both are short blondes with lots of personality. All in all, Isaac’s picks are definitely well spoken for, as he had excellent taste as a child.


— Isaac Chery

Bree, Jesse, and Liv

Dusty Crophopper and Elvis Presley:

Next up we have two polar opposite celebrity crushes; however, both were equally as important for Bellamy Kline to submit. Dusty Crophopper is the main protagonist in the movie Planes, and can be identified by his bright orange paint and wide smile. Bellamy said that as a seven year old, Dusty just “did something to her.” On the other hand, Elvis Presley, or the King of Rock and Roll, was a major icon during the 60s to the 80s and is still clearly affecting us today. Bellamy’s story for why Elvis was her childhood crush goes as follows: “My old nanny talked about going to see him in concert in the 60s once and immediately I was hooked. I was so obsessed with him that my parents took me to some Elvis Presley festival at Graceland for my 8th birthday.” Well it definitely seems like Elvis made his mark on young Bellamy Kline. In my opinion as well I can agree on both submissions, as I am an Elvis fan myself; however, instead of Dusty, I would have to throw a member of the Cars movies in the mix, Finn McMissile. Finn is a talking spy car who is classy and has a mustache. I guess Disney really knew how to make cars and planes somewhat appealing to little kids.

Dusty, Bellamy at Graceland, and Finn McMissile

Bella Thorne:

Bella Thorne during most of our childhoods was a big star on Disney channel, most notably known for her role on Shake it up with Zendaya. Max Lussier submitted her as his childhood celebrity crush, because although he did not know why he liked her, “he was totally head over heels for her between the ages of 6 and 8 because of how gorgeous she was.” I would have to agree that someone who has a lot of confidence and a pretty smile, would be a strong candidate for celebrity crush material.


Bella Thorne and Zendaya




As there were many other amazing submissions, I will most likely have to follow up with part two, so stay tuned. All in all, most of the submissions I thought were pretty spot on and make a lot of sense for being childhood celebrity crushes. I think it’s even more amazing when your childhood celebrity crush is still your celebrity crush today, but let’s face it, that rarely ever happens. Once again thanks raptors for submitting your choices, and please stay tuned for more looks inside the student body’s list of celebrity crushes.



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