Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Some effective ways to avoid being productive in school!

An article for those who simply cannot do work in school!

As an extremely informed person on this subject, I would like to give my best advice on where to spend your valuable time when you don’t want to be productive. Now these are my suggestions for when you don’t want to do your work or are done with listening to lectures that last forever. I will do a combination of phone and computer forms of escape, so do not fret because you will have an infinite amount of options now!! Also to certify my knowledge in the area you should be aware I am procrastinating on this article itself, sorry Ms Hurt!

I will do a combination of phone and computer forms of escape, so do not fret because you will have an infinite amount of options now!!

New York Times Games

What a classic! This is arguably the best way to spend your time you could be doing other things. Every day you will find me completing my Connections, Strands, Wordle, and Tiles. Now this news website has it all with games and articles if you feel like getting educated. This website has games for days, but the majority of the time you can only play once or twice, so there is a limited amount of time one could spend on this glorious website. If you are looking for something to become a part of your daily routine, then I recommend this website!! 


Another great game that continues to pass down throughout time. The most simple online card game has made a small comeback in popularity with the High School crowd. This game is simple but also quite difficult in some instances. I tend to find myself playing this game on autopilot and can spend so much time just trying to win. I enjoy playing through the Google games option. Google games also have other fun options like the snake game, where you try and collect all of the apples without running into yourself. There is also Minesweeper which is an especially daunting game that I am unable to play due to the anger that this game incites in myself. The number of times I have meant to double tap to flag a spot and instead clicked it has taken many years of my life and most likely those around me. 

Watermelon Game

This game has seen a very quick rise in popularity due to the simplicity of the game, but also the fun bright colors. The goal is genuinely to match the same fruit to combine to create a larger fruit, to eventually get the watermelon. This game is quite fun and addicting but does resemble Cocomelon a bit too much, so do keep that in mind if you prefer a more adult-ish-looking game. 


The most classic game in the books. As a person who cannot play chess, I fully find the constant playing of this game to be impressive. I mean if this is your game of choice you probably have already finished your work or never will. Let’s just say I am in awe of your choice but do respect it heavily.


A game that has followed through the ages. I don’t think there has ever been a period of my high school career where I did not see this game on someone’s computer. It is the same idea as the Watermelon game, but instead of being able to drop the matching number wherever it is randomized, you can only move your direction four ways. I don’t think I have ever seen someone get 2048, so if you have I would go ahead and pat yourself on the back. 

Cool math games

Sadly this website has fallen off a bit due to the erasure of many games in the removal of Adobe Flash oh so long ago. This website offers many classics and has a seemingly productive name. My personal favorites have to be any Papas game, Fire Boy and Water Girl, and the Run games. Warning if you happen to play Papa’s sushiria you may end up with more stress than you started with!!

Homescape/Township/Hay Day

So many good games with the same developer. These are all relatively similar games and they do manage to incite a similar sense of addiction and joy. I know you can get these games on your phone, but some are available on computers for download. If you use a school Chromebook you would have to rely on your phone for this one. 


Tetris haunts this school. So many people have spent hours and days of their lives on the same website. I would not be surprised if people see the blocks in their sleep, falling rapidly into the abyss. I do not allow myself to play this game anymore due to its addictive nature and the fact that it also causes me an insurmountable amount of stress. Now watching other people play Tetris is so interesting to me, especially if they are skilled players.

Online shopping

If you have not online shopped in class or have not seen someone do such, then you truly have been hiding under a rock. Online shopping is a great way to spend a lot of time doing anything but work. Honestly, some of my best purchases have been made in this very school. The amount of concert tickets that have been bought in this school is quite astounding. Just a little tip for teachers who are reading this article, let them buy the concert ticket, the stress of Ticketmaster is enough punishment in itself. If you are asking how one can shop online with the strict wifi limiting countless websites, then I would have to recommend either using a hotspot or VPN. Hotspots are nice if you have a connection, but the Academic Magnet High School building tends to be made of concrete and therefore creates less than optimal connection for all who spend time in this building. A VPN is a great way to bypass this problem. You can buy one or just use a free VPN. I recommend Free VPN off from the app store. This also comes in handy for the countless times that the Wifi manages to go out in this cursed building. 

Watching movies/ shows

Another classic one, but you need a hotspot or VPN for this activity. Watching movies or other programs during class is a risky business. This may just be my opinion, but I feel as though the chances of me being caught would be a bit higher if this was my preferred option of escape. You have to listen through headphones which are more conspicuous than just having a computer open. Also, it’s a couple more clicks to sufficiently switch tabs without losing your spot in the show/ movie. I will say that this method is very good at taking your attention away from work and school. This is especially true if you are watching something very entertaining and exciting!!


This article is not suggesting to not do your work in class, but if you aren’t going to anyway I hope these are some good suggestions!!

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