Some of The Most Memorable Spongebob Squarepants Episodes

Simone Kavarana and Ella Lesesne


Rock Bottom

This truly iconic episode features best buddies Spongebob and Patrick. On this sweet afternoon they have one goal and one goal only: Glove World. They take a bus to the highly acclaimed theme park, giggling and singing all the way there, only for the trip to end up as a bust. They have a fin-tastic day, but somehow, hop on the wrong bus on the way back to their beloved town of Bikini Bottom. When the bus arrives and halts at a 90-degree cliff, they are terrified. Yes readers, yes, they have just arrived at the hair-raising, spine-chilling, blood-curdling Rock Bottom. Surrounded by bizarre sea creatures who only speak a strange tongue-language, Spongebob fears he will never return home. Talk about bad luck- missing the bus five times in a row by only a few seconds each time, right? 




Something Smells 

There’s nothing like a sundae on Sunday! And for Spongebob, it’s a big kind of deal. His Sunday sundae consists of throwing everything from his fridge and pantry together to create the stinkiest, smelliest, yet YUMMIEST sundae. This includes but is not limited to: ketchup, onions, and his peanut plant! (soil and pot included). Little does he know, it leaves him with a long lasting bad breath effect- so unbearable to others that the whole town evacuates. If ya’ll know anything about Spongebob, it’s apparent that he is a people pleaser. Or fish pleaser, if you will. So you can only imagine how upset he gets when he’s unaware that it’s his breath turning people away. The worst part is, he thinks it’s because he’s too ugly. Fear not though- his trusty best friend Patrick teaches him the mantra that will carry one through lifetimes: “I’M UGLY AND I’M PROUD” 



Graveyard Shift

The sash-ringing, the trash-singing, mash-flinging, the flash-springing, ringing, the cr-crash-dinging, A name we all love and adore –  the hash slinging slasher. When Spongebob and Squidward get stuck working the night shift at the krusty krab, Squidward takes this perfect opportunity to spook spongebob with a made-up ghost story featuring the so-called “hash slinging slasher”. As this ghost story seems to come true the suspense of this true thriller of an episode only further intensifies. Although the hash slinging slasher only turns out to just be a young fish seeking a job application and the spooky events are the fault of Nosferatu – a silly vampire who is arguably the best cameo in spongebob history – the urban legend of the hash slinging slasher will never die. 



Have You Seen this Snail

“Gaaaaryyyyy come hooooome.” All true fans know the heart wrenching feeling felt when Spongebob wails these words. No episode has ever made me feel the way this episode does. In this episode, Spongebob’s snail, Gary, feels neglected. He packs his bags, gathers his belongings, and slides out. When Spongebob realizes what he’s done he makes posters, hangs up signs, and rallies around town trying to bring his best friend back home. I don’t know about you guys, but this episode pulls out straight tears from me. Every. Time. I think we can all agree that it holds a special place titled “untouchable” in our hearts. 



One Krab’s Trash

A name that is held dearly   – Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. When Spongebob comes across the vintage famous soda drinker’s hat, Mr. Krabs absolutely sells the item and its glory to him. To Spongebob, it is his “hatty”, a temporary best friend if you will. When Mr. Krabs and his greedy tendencies lead him to attempt to steal the hat back to get more money for it, Spongebob buries it with Smitty, because “it was his hat Mr. Krabs…. HE WAS NUMBER ONE!” Mr. Krabs digs up Smitty from his grave to retrieve the hat, only to find out he has to fight off the army of the living dead. Mr. Krabs then becomes the laughingstock of Bikini Bottom for his anticipation of thousands of dollars for the hat, leaving the lesson forever in my heart and head that Smitty was always number 1 – and never to disturb the living dead. 


Sun bleached 

We all know how it feels- Mid November, when your summer tan has been washed away by the paleness of your skin pigment. Without your bronze summer look, you can feel left out- unconfident even. If this episode teaches kids anything, it’s that you shouldn’t be excluded because of what you look like. In this special episode, Spongebob and Patrick get invited to Larry the Lobster’s exclusive dance party. The only catch is- you have to be THIS tan to get in. The two of them jump through hoops using caramel and tanning beds to get a nice glow. It all ends up backfiring, well, because everyone knows: You’re your best self, when you’re your TRUE self.