Blood Drive

AMHS students donate blood


On Thursday, January 24th in the school gymnasium, the AMHS student council came together with the Red Cross to host the 3rd  blood drive this year. Students ages 16+ lined up outside of the gym, former empire of Coach Sharon Williams, to donate their precious blood to those in need. The blood that is taken from these drives saves the lives of local patients suffering from everything from leukemia and lymphoma to car accident victims. We spoke to Mason Leath, the man in charge of organizing this great act of community service.

Hello Mason, sir…Why did you organize this event?

“Giving blood is a quick, easy way to give back, and it saves the lives of so many people. It’s really rewarding”


Why is it so rewarding?

“The Red Cross sends me emails of people who receive the blood and it shows me how I can make an impact on society as a high school student”


Sophomore Vansh Nagpal had reasons near and dear to his own heart to take time out of his school day to give away his platelets. “I thought it would be cool…and I felt bad for people who needed blood,” he explained as he prepared to go under the needle.

AMHS senior Samuel Maher says he decided to give blood for the experience. “I passed out to give blood to someone I don’t even know,” he grunted. He was grateful to give back to the community, but will not be doing it again in the near future.

Sophomore Simon Hughes might be small in stature, but he has no fear when it comes to giving back. The spitting image of a real, honest man, he is eager to make self-sacrifices to help others.
“Donating blood is really important to me. 10/10 it is worth it for me to donate at the risk of passing out. I have friends who have almost died from not having enough plasma cells in the hospital to sustain themselves, so I try to give blood as much as possible to help people like them. I just want to help others, and I know it is such a big help to the medical community, so it is worth the physical pain 100%.”

If you have the guts to do it, giving blood is a wonderful way to easily help save the lives of others. Thank you to the volunteers from student council that helped to organize this event!