Keeping Up With Pack A Puncher

Catching up with a rising YouTube Star


Pack holding his Golden Play Button for surpassing 1 Million Subscribers

The students at Academic Magnet for the past four years were blessed in more ways than one. Little did they know but they were in the presence of an Internet sensation. Seth Dominiak, or as he is known in the gaming community, “Pack A Puncher.” Seth is a live streamer on YouTube. Pack was in the Class of ’18 and unlike his classmates who took the mundane route and went off to college, Pack pursued his dream of Youtube stardom. He loaded up a moving van and established his new home in Downtown Charleston.

Pack A Puncher helped me get better at baseball and Fortnite

— Ethan Fewell

With a new found freedom from both parents and school, Pack’s channel has undergone an astounding boom. At the time of this article the channel is at 1.7 million subscribers and scientists have even stated that watching Pack’s stream is the only surefire way to guarantee more dubs in Fortnite. While my opinion may be slightly biased, I believe that Pack A Puncher is the only reason that YouTube is still relevant for anything other than watching vine compilations that butter my croissant. This eager fan boy was lucky enough to get a slot in Pack’s busy schedule to ask him some questions.

What made you decide to start a youtube channel?

I saw other YouTubers doing it and thought that I could do better.

Did you ever imagine that your channel would grow to this size?

I had a feeling my channel would grow this big eventually, but not this quickly whatsoever. 

What do you think is your key to success?

Key to success? Never giving up and working harder than anyone else. Competition is good. 

What is your favorite part about living on your own?

The freedom. Being able to wake up/eat/work whenever I want is the best part for sure. 

Where do you see the channel going in the future?

I see my channel just exponentially growing in the future for as long as I plan on doing this, and then turning it into something I see myself doing for the rest of my life. 

What was your favorite part about Magnet?

Favorite part about Magnet? The community. Being surrounded by some of the smartest kids in the nation is a great environment for learning and helped me push myself to the limits.

As you can likely tell from his answers, Pack has remained humble despite his success. And while some of you uncultured underclassmen probably weren’t on the “Pack-Train” last  year, this ambitious reporter was able to get shouted out by Pack A Puncher himself not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES!!!!!!!

Let’s get some Mini hype in the chat boys

— Pack A Puncher

Obviously, this makes me a big deal. Nonetheless, I owe my fame to Pack A Puncher. So I encourage you, my avid readers, to quickly go to the nearest internet accessing device you can find, clear your numerous tabs of assorted animes, and go to Pack’s live stream. Be sure to drop a like, drop a sub and join the Pack Army.