Liam Rowley: Filmmaking Genius

Filmmaker, photographer, Chef™. For any freshmen unaware of this legend’s presence at Magnet, Liam Rowley, a member of the class of 2017, graced our school with his beautiful photos throughout his attendance here. As a grand finale, Liam constructed his short film masterpiece, Dugo Dugo, for his thesis. The short horror motion picture depicts a variety of young test subjects and the main murderer, Liam. Throughout the film, Liam’s character kidnaps, tortures, and interrogates his victims, who are later incorporated into the bloody “Indonesian” stew, dugo dugo. Liam stated that it was difficult to direct and act in such a masterpiece because, naturally, he dislikes horror films in general. He did not want to have to watch other horror movies to gain inspiration; however, the film was clearly not impeded by his lack of cliché horror experience.

Succeeding Dugo Dugo, Liam is admiringly in the process of directing a new short film, The Dog Killer. His most recent masterpiece will depict the protagonist’s quest to determine if men are inherently evil in which he meets three characters: The Mentor, The Loan Shark, and finally, The Dog Killer. He warns viewers that although they may at first feel terrified and disgusted by the evil dog killer, they “would be surprised with how much [they] have in common.” Liam’s newest installment is a unique and inventive take on the classic question of whether or not all men are born evil, and the protagonist’s exciting and unsettling quest for the answer will, without a doubt, blow your socks off.

If you are interested in being graced with the opportunity to watch this piece of beautiful cinematography, go to Liam’s promotion video and Kickstarter link to help him reach his budget goal.