College Decisions of Magnet Seniors

Magnet Seniors Say Goodbye to the Nest!

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Kira Adkins: Medical University of South Carolina, Pharmacy

Alex Adragna: University of South Carolina

Michael Arnold: United States Military Academy

Campbell Babb: Clemson University

Ethan Bean: University of South Carolina

Chloe Belton: Tulane University

Kennedy Bennett: Yale University

Evelyn Bi: Boston University

Ryann Birkner: Towson University

JJ Bishop: University of South Carolina

Elise Blackburn: Clemson University

Gracie Bollinger: University of South Carolina

Jackson Bracy: Davidson College

Rowan Burns: Wofford College

Cameron Bush: Clemson University

Maria Camargo: Clemson University

Fanny Cheung: Yale University

Hollis Chillura: University of South Carolina

Lila Clark: Drew University

Lauren Clifford: Furman University

Meredith Coen: Fordham University

Meghan Cradock:University of South Carolina

Sophie Crosby: University of South Carolina

Lauren Cuppy: University of South Carolina

Nicholas Curcio: Furman University

Campbell Daffin: Wofford College

Josh Dark: University of South Carolina

Chris DeHart: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Lauren DeMarco: Wake Forest University

Andrew Demetre: College of Charleston

Samantha Devapiriam: University of Southern California

Claire Dickman:  University of South Carolina

Seth Dominiak: University of South Carolina

Will Donnellon: Boston College

Gabbi Drusin: Clemson University

Dillan Drymon: University of South Carolina

Gavin Duffy: College of Charleston

Owen Duffy: University of South Carolina

Avery Dzvonik: United States Military Academy

Semaj Fielding: University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Brooke Forney: University of South Carolina

Courtney Fox: University of Georgia

Peyton Funkhouser: University of South Carolina

Gregg Gardner: University of Virginia

Nahom Gebreselassie:  University of South Carolina

Grace Gehlken: Wofford College

Bryn Gerding: University of California, San Diego

Jacob Gleaton: Fordham University

Aidan Gomez: Boston University

Olivia Gould: College of Charleston

Annalise Hafner:  North Carolina State University

Carly Hall: University of Notre Dame

Sarah Harrington: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Nico Harris: College of Charleston

Brent Harwell: Clemson University

Lauren Haselden: University of South Carolina

Lydia Heath: College of Charleston

Doscher Hill: Clemson University

Lauren Hogan: Clemson University

Megan Holderness: Wofford College

Jack Hosley: Macalester College

Jackson Howe: Washington and Lee University

Abbi Hulsey: University of South Carolina, Aiken

Claire Hunt: Wake Forest University

Allison Infante: University of Rhode Island

Boone Jones: Duke University

Indira Kanginakudru: Clemson University

Brandon Kassouf: Georgia Institute of Technology

Sam Kavarana: Davidson College

Caroline Keefer: University of South Carolina

Coco Kelly: Loyola University, New Orleans

Garrett Kelly:  McGill University

Samuel Kendall: Colby College

Jared Kievit: University of Florida

Cameron Kimner: Clemson University

Mary Frances Kline: University of Pennsylvania

Weatherford Knowles: New York University

Ashwin Koka: Clemson University

Zachary Kontenakos: Clemson University

Brennan Kosut: Cornell University

Zachary Kronsberg: Duke University

Ellie Kunitz-Levy: Brandeis University

Emma Ladd: University of South Carolina

Keagan Larkins: University of Miami

Elizabeth Larymore: Charleston Southern University

Brett Lavelle: Boston University

Eva Leach:  College of Charleston

Eliot Leadem: Wake Forest University

Daniel Lehman: University of South Carolina

Mack Lehman: Fordham University

Monet Lescow: Davidson College

Josh Lin: Clemson University

Emma Ludman: DePaul University

Jerry Manigault: Clemson University

David Martin: Clemson University

Hannah Martin: University of South Carolina

Margaret Martin: Anderson University

Chloe Mattila: College of Charleston

John McFee: Marshall University

Harrison McGrath: DePaul University

Thomas McNerney: University of South Carolina

Jackson McQueeney: New York University, Shanghai

Chase Michaelsen: Utah State University

Brookelynn Miller: University of South Carolina

Caroline Mitchum: Clemson University

Dhruv Mukherjee: Clemson University

Sophie Myrick: Gap Year

Earl Navarro: Duke University

Mary Claire Newsom: University of South Carolina

Jack Niesse: University of South Carolina

JJ Odell: Rice University

Garrett Olofsson: Clemson University

Zachary O’Neal: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Damon Otero: University of South Carolina

Emma Otey: University of South Carolina

Amanda Parker: College of Charleston

Michael Pi:  Princeton University

Karl Pless: University of South Carolina

Andrew Potts: Clemson University

Nick Price: Avarett College

Carolyn Prickett: United States Naval Academy

Alexander Puckhaber: Georgia Institute of Technology

Will Ray: Clemson University

Madeline Richards: Clemson University

Payton Ritter: Clemson University

Joe Rogers: University of South Carolina

Isabel Root: Sewanee: The University of the South

Bryson Rose: Clemson University

Ethan Santi: Mercer University

Brett Schlesinger: Cornell University

Caroline Seymour: University of South Carolina

Nathan Shirley: University of South Carolina

Anna Smirnova: Duke University

Hannah Smith: Clemson University

Isaac Smith: Gap Year

Megan Smith: Brigham Young University

Maggie Snyder: Tulane University

Ian Stadtmueller: University of South Carolina

John Staubes: Univerisity of Texas, Austin

Lea Staykoff: Tulane University

Duncan Streit: Clemson University

Kori Swanson: Coastal Carolina University

Declan Sykes: University of South Carolina

Kelsey Thomas: University of South Carolina

Chris Thomasson: University of South Carolina

Abby Tickle: Clemson University

William Tipton: University of South Carolina

Grace Tumbleston: University of Mississippi

Helena Upshaw: Clemson University

Belle Valiulis: University of Glasgow

Max von Asten: Duke University

Kevin Walsh: Clemson University

Alec Waring: Wake Forest University

Annsley Webb: Ohio State University

Emily White: Clemson University

Abby Williamson: College of Charleston

Elena Wilson: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Bailey Winter: University of South Carolina

Jenny Yao: Harvard University

Sarah Yetman: New York University

Adam Ziff: Princeton University

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