Gone Fishin’: The Ins and Outs of the Fishing Club


Avid outdoorsman Creed Branham founded the fishing club just a year ago, his sophomore year of high school. Now a junior, Creed continues to preside over his club and enlighten the Magnet population with the joys of fishing. The founding of the fishing club came about after Creed saw a hole in the extracurricular activities of Magnet student life. He’s loved fishing since he received his first fishing pole at two years old, and feels that it could help enrich the Magnet student body. The fishing club meets once or twice a month in Mr. Rush’s room, and there will typically be an announcement a few days before as a reminder. Most of the time, these meetings are about planning a fishing trip for the weekend, but this year you might walk in on a meeting about an upcoming fishing tournament. Creed’s favorite part of his club is getting to watch people catch their first fish, and his favorite memory of the club is the singular fishing trip they went on to Folly Beach last year. A final message to readers, President Branham says that the club is not only a way to meet new people, but also to create a new, and lifelong, hobby.