Non-AMHS Affiliated Ski Trip 2018


On Thursday, January 11th 2018, at 6:30 A.M., 21 AMHS students set out to Snowshoe, West Virginia. To many students’ surprise, AMHS teachers were largely unaware the trip was taking place. So, when 21 scholars weren’t present at school on Thursday and Friday, Ms. Pinckney and Ms. Redfern were both confused and livid, probably. Whether administration approves or not, though, the Ski Trip is an Academic Magnet tradition that we just couldn’t afford to miss out on.

Travelers Enjoying Deli Mart

Crowning Moments: While visiting West Virginia, we discovered an abundance of unexpected treasures. To start, finding a Chick-Fil-A on the way to Snowshoe was a harder task than expected for two cars: Will Donellon, Will Schnell, Joe Lehman, and Daniel Lehman in one and Wendy Kelly, Mary Claire Newsom, Meghan Cradock, Anne Claire Purcell, and Coco Kelly in the other. We searched for the nearest Chick-Fil-A which directed us to Radford University, which most likely had one in their cafeteria. Our two cars ended up becoming huge fans of the University; some bought merchandise which can be seen worn by Daniel and Will. Also while exploring Radford, we discovered Deli Mart™, which ended up being way more of a mart than a deli. Once we got to the resort, our ski instructor informed us of a local dance club at Snowshoe. Possibly the biggest fan of the dance club was Andrew Potts, who stated, “I’m having so much fun” about 14 times. Last but not least, our beloved former classmate, Bob Hughes, made a guest appearance on the slopes. Although he didn’t have an assigned bed in the hotel, his classmates made room, and he had a comfortable spot to sleep on the plush carpet floor for the majority of the trip.


Trip’s Casualties: Although the crowning moments were most memorable, students also experienced some misfortune on the trip. Meghan Cradock, bless her heart, was so determined to attend the trip that she braved through the flu to go and tried to make the best of it. Meghan was mostly seen in bed under about 4 layers, but she did make it on to the slopes one day, which she may or may not regret. Owen Duffy also suffered a casualty when he wiped out and his hand took the heat. It grew to twice the size of his right hand, but he insisted, “it doesn’t even hurt!” Sure enough, though, when he visited the doctor, they informed him that it is broken. Lastly, Doscher also endured a nasty fall while snowboarding, which resulted in a sick looking black eye.


Best & Worst Skiers: By far the most talented skiers were Mr. Oloffson, Ian Stadtmueller, and Bob Hughes. Seemingly, the slopes were far too intriguing to keep Mr. Oloffson away because I’m unsure if he ever came back into the hotel once we got there. Ian’s talent was unexpected and impressive, while Bob’s skills have likely improved since his move to Boone, North Carolina. Sadly, the more incompetent skiers were Andrew Potts and Daniel Lehman. Daniel did make it down the trails every time, but not without falling and keeping his stance bent at a 90 degree angle. Potts, on the other hand, was unable to stand in his skis without wiping out, let alone make it down the mountain.

A Cute Selfie!

Chaperones: Wendy Kelly, my beloved mother, was a great help on the trip even though she chose to opt out of skiing with an occasional venture outside for a cold IPA and a slice of pizza. She was extremely sad about Snowshoe being her last “school” trip to chaperone, but she insisted this was the best one yet. Unfortunately, I have little input from Mr. Oloffson other than the occasional “hey” while passing by in the hallway. Finally, Joseph Lehman was by far the coolest chaperone; it almost seemed like he was our age!

I would like to give a big thanks to Mia Di Paolo for organizing the excursion and all three chaperones for making the trip possible. I looking forward to being a 5th year on the WSC 2019 Ski Trip.

P.S. Sincere apologies to Lucy Pinckney and Lynn Redfern. I know you missed us!