Get Your Greek On: Charleston’s Annual Greek Fall Festival

Eleni Gaspar , Staff Writer

4643412861_32bca66467_zMost people spend their late summer and early fall days in Charleston at the beach or strolling the streets of downtown, but as of last year the Greek Orthodox Church has added a second Greek Festival known as Fall Festival. For the past 44 years, the church has held a large Greek festival downtown on Mother’s Day weekend; however, since it has always been a huge success a second festival has been added in the autumn. NL1_3978

This year it falls (no pun intended) on October 3-5 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on 30 Race Street. The festival includes endless amounts of Greek music, outstanding food and vendors. Three times a day during the weekend the Greek dancers perform in full-out costumes, dressed from head to toe, and do traditional Greek dances. When the dancers are not performing, normal, American, non-Greeks are encouraged to come up to the stage to try and learn the seemingly easy dances. There are blow up castles and face painting for children as well as a number of inexpensive shops to buy Greek jewelry, paintings or small trinkets.


For those students wishing to have a fun time while also completing service hours, seniors Andy Turner and myself work in the youth group drink booth, and any AMHS students are welcomed to help out. So whether you are looking to spend a weekend doing your duty as an American citizen to become more (Greekly) cultured or to earn some easy and many services hours, you should tell all your friends to come check out the Charleston’s Second Annual Greek Fall Festival.

If you have any questions of how much fun it is or to sign up for service hours, see myself, Eleni Gaspar. I also always have an unlimited amount of free tickets a week before the festival, so there is really no reason to not come! Eláte!