Student-Athlete of the Week: Riane Coman

Student-Athlete of the Week: Riane Coman

Gabi Rauls, Staff Writer

Riane Coman, a sophomore at Academic Magnet is halfway through her second season on the varsity soccer team.  Currently she is the leading scorer in South Carolina with 26 goals.  Last year she became a freshman sensation as a starting forward, scoring 18 goals over the course of the 2016 season, so already she is already well past her scoring record from last year.


Within the SCHSL AA classification Riane tops the leader boards in points (points are equivalent to goals plus assists), goals, and is tied for 1st in assists with two other girls in AA.  She began her 2017 season in the Spring Valley High School Viking Cup and was named to the all tournament team.  She has scored at least one goal in every game so far and has had several hat tricks.  Now that the team is approaching the end of the season, Riane’s objectives are: to complete her freshman and sophomore year with 50 total goals, score off two more headers, and bring home a state championship title this year. When not playing soccer for Academic Magnet, Riane plays for her club team based in Greenville, SC.  The Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (CESA) is part of the Elite Club National League, a nonprofit club dedicated to raising the level of play through intense daily training.  The club also reports that 92% of its 2017 class will be continuing to play soccer at the collegiate level.

Riane also hopes to play soccer in college.  The Talon wishes her and the rest of the AMHS soccer team good luck in the rest of the season!

Editor’s Note: Most Memorable Story

“Ok so once I was at my neighborhood pond trying to feed geese grass and they were mean and started chasing me and they chased me all the way to the tennis courts and then I fell when I got there and cut myself and I stopped the whole match that was playing on that court” -Riane Coman