AMHS Varsity Girls’ Soccer: Get to Know the Team


Gabi Rauls, Staff Writer

Entering the second week of the regular season the Raptors are 5-0 since their first official game against Ashley Hall. Though the girls faced two disappointing losses at one of the largest pre-season soccer tournaments in the South, the team developed their current successful formation.  In addition, sophomore Riane Coman was named to the 2017 All-Tournament team due to her  several goals and play-making abilities.  Also, this past week sophomore goalie Maggie VanThullenar verbally commited to Auburn University to continue her soccer career.

Since attending Viking Cup, the girls have defeated, as previously stated: Ashley Hall (5-0), James Island (1-0), North Charleston (13-0), Garrett Technical Academy (11-0), and last night Whale Branch (12-0).  After the Garrett game, each girl had scored at least once since the beginning of the regular season.  Currently AMHS has the most Goals  within the SCHSL AA classification according to and are ranked 8th overall.  Friday the Raptors will host Hilton Head while hoping to continue their four game win streak.

The team is not only skilled but also entertaining on and off the field.  Each girl had a little something to share about herself:

Emma Ladd (Midfield, JR): I really like plants but they always die on me. Like I think succulents are adorable and I also secretly dream of starting my own garden someday.

Rowan Burns (Defense, JR): I yelled at an ant pile when I was younger because how dare they bite a princess.

Maggie Vanthuellenar (Goal Keeper, SO): I drink mountain dew before each game.

Anne Claire Purcell (Midfield, SO): I have 8 pairs of sneakers and I love them equally.

Meredith Gee (Midfield, SO): I used to play the oboe.

Emma Otey (Forward, JR): I played the piano, clarinet, flute, and oboe and sucked at all of them.

Riley Haas (Forward, FR): I used to say lellow instead of yellow ’cause I couldn’t pronounce the Y.

Lauren Osborne (Midfield, FR): I gave myself a concussion by running into a wall in a game of tag.

Ashley Anderson (Defense, FR): I love listening to music and I’ve always wanted to live in Hawaii.

Riane Coman (Forward, SO): “Once I threw away Abby Wambach’s old cleats that my friend’s dad gave to me to wear because he is the physical trainer for them and she HAD WORN THEM and they were 9 1/2 mens and I threw them away and then a week later my parents were like ‘Where are Abby Wambach’s cleats’ and I was like ‘WHAT?'”

Jourdan Gruber (Forward, SO): I was in a talent show when I was 3 and I started singing and when I caught everyone’s attention I took off my pants. (Editor’s note: she eats bagels with meat spread).

Kori Swanson (Goal Keeper, JR): One time when I was learning like just learning how to walk I ran away with my dog and my parents found me a neighborhood over.

Molly Dickerson (Forward, FR): I’d never had brownies because I’m allergic to eggs and I was so excited because I was at some random hotel buffet and the brownies were labeled vegan which means they should be egg-free so I ate like 5 of them and it turned out they had eggs in them even though they were vegan.

Emma Broqsault (Defense, FR): One time when I was little I was at Disney and I went to this interactive Lion King show for kids and they took me on stage and gave me a tambourine to play and then my pants fell down but I didn’t notice because I was too busy playing the tambourine.

Mary Ashton Jenkins (Midfield, FR): I walked up to meet Cinderella and she curtsied. So, I decided I wanted to curtsy too and I ended up pulling up my dress up above my waist which resulted in me flashing everyone with my Disney princess underwear.

Erin Schnell (Defense, SR): I get bloody noses all the time.

Kyle Thayer (Midfield, SR): My dog is really scared of fireworks so the first New Years with him he freaked out and started running but I was holding his leash and I didn’t want him to get lost so I legit let him drag me through the streets of my neighborhood. My arms and legs were very bloody.

Gabi Rauls (Midfield, SR): I don’t know how to correctly pronounce the words ‘bagel’ or ‘bureau’.