Private Schools Playing in the Public High School League


Gabi Rauls, Staff Writer

SCISA, also known as the South Carolina Independent School Association, is an athletic league specifically structured for private schools.  It’s classifications range from A-AAA.  SCHSL, or the South Carolina High School League, is an athletic conference  for all public schools in South Carolina featuring classifications A-AAAAA.

Schools such as Bishop England, Christ Church, and St. Joseph’s Catholic all participate in SCHSL despite their private school classification.  These schools are allowed to participate in the public high school league because they pay a fee in order to compete in the SCHSL.

Private schools have several advantages over public schools in the athletics of SCHSL.  Private schools are able to recruit players from club teams during the off season; some private schools even require their players to play for a club team in order to play for their high school.  Public schools however, cannot recruit.  In fact, players that transfer into a public school cannot dress for one full year.  Academic Magnet Sports Editor Nate Leroy says, ” There are two types of SCISA schools: those that recruit and those that lie.”

Private schools have extra funds to pay for better uniforms, equipment, and coaching.  Public schools have set equal funds aside for each sports team and do not have such deep deposits to draw from.  With these added resources, private schools can train more effectively and more efficiently than public schools.  This is extremely evident as private schools continue to dominate the public school league (St. Joseph’s Catholic and Bishop England both won their respect State Volleyball Championships for class AA and AAA, and Christ Church won the AA  Girls Tennis State Championship).  If public schools had access to the same funds and advantages as private schools, State Championship Title games would end much differently.