Clemson Sorority Invasion

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Clemson Sorority Invasion

As college begins to swing into full gear, recent Magnet grads are finding their places within college campuses across the country. Since Clemson seems to be the most popular destination for AMHS alumns, the Talon has decided to do some research into the Greek life of the school.

Clemson was founded in 1893 as an all boys college; it became coed in 1955 and it wasn’t until 1959 that Greek life permeated the campus. In 1970, these fraternities and sororities became nationally recognized. Currently, there are 39 chapters on campus, with 23% of the student body involved in Greek life.

Below you can find a list of the Sororities represented at Clemson:

Organization Chapter Nickname Local founding date
Alpha Chi Omega Theta Lambda Alpha Chi, AXO 1985
Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Nu A D Pi 1976
Alpha Phi Iota Rho Alpha Phi(f) 2012
Chi Omega Psi Kappa Chi O 1970
Delta Delta Delta Beta Theta Tri Delt 1970
Delta Zeta Pi Epsilon DZ 2005
Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon Theta Gamma Phi 1988
Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Phi Theta 1972
Kappa Delta Epsilon Tau KD 1980
Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Mu Kappa 1970
Sigma Kappa Kappa Pi Sig Kap 2009
Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Zeta Zeta 1992


Now, we are all wondering; “Which Magnet ladies decided to #GoGreek?” With some indepth investigative journalism, we have compiled a relatively accurate list for your viewing pleasure.

Erin Atz- Delta Delta Delta

Lauren Baldo- Delta Zeta

Caroline Black- Kappa Delta

Katie Hulsey- Kappa Alpha Theta

Emily Jordan- Delta Delta Delta

Emily McGee- Alpha Chi Omega

Emma Rodgers- Delta Delta Delta

Savannah Seeber- Unknown

Stay tuned to see these Talon reporters infiltrate one lucky Clemson Sorority!

Update: Bridget Tunney is NOT in a sorority. We deeply apologize for this mix-up. We repeat, Bridget DID NOT go Greek.