Sadie Bowlin

Sadie Bowlin

Sweet raptors, my name is Sadie Bowlin and I cannot wait to deliver you all some very chic articles this year. In school, I am co-founder of the sunrise environmental club. Outside of school, I spend my time working or creating art, including fashion design, film, and drawing. I usually have multiple jobs at a time, currently being a math tutor as well as a retail sales associate. If you need math help, let me know. Or, if you need help picking a top to wear this weekend, also let me know. I am both a woman in STEM and the arts. Now, since I think it tells you about a person, here are my most listened to artists on Spotify:

  1. Lana Del Rey
  2. Kendrick Lamar
  3. Kali Uchis
  4. Ariana GrandeĀ 
  5. Frank OceanĀ 


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Fall 22 Hallway Fashion

Fall ’22 Hallway Fashion

September 11, 2022
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