Ella & Sadie’s Podcast


In this podcast perfect for your lengthy commute to AMHS, we talk about a wide range of topics and offer our opinions on everything from the Grammy’s fashion to if we would live in Australia or not after a thorough review of all the wildlife they have to offer! Here are all the things that we cover and feel free to leave your opinions or topics you want to hear about next time in the comments! :

  • Grammy’s fashion hot takes
  • Should Harry’s House have won Album of the year?
  • Rihanna’s half time show
  • Is the Super Bowl overrated?
  • Tom Brady and Giselle
  • MGK and Megan Fox
  • Do we believe in astrology?
  • Leonardo Dicaprio and his newfound love for 2004
  • Australia: Would we live there?


Thank you for listening and remember to leave your opinions in the comments below and any new topics so that we can talk about it!