Let’s Talk About It: College & AMHS Edition


Welcome back to another episode of our podcast! This week we break down a senior’s point of view about Magnet, questions fellow raptors wanted answered, and our experience with the college admissions process!

Here are all the questions that we talk about in this episode:

  • What are the craziest events that have happened in your four years at AMHS?
  • Should I take Ap gov, Ap Econ, or both?
  • How do you get through all of your classes without over stressing yourself?
  • Do you ever think you should’ve gone to a different high school?
  • Was going here a waste of time?
  • What are your thoughts about state schools?
  • How do you deal with poor mental health?
  • What were the worst classes you’ve taken?
  • Is Ap stats easy compared to calc?
  • What is something in your senior year that you wish you had started working on earlier, perhaps in your junior year?
  • How do you not cry everyday knowing that you’ll graduate soon and travel into the great unknown?
  • What scholarships do you recommend applying for?
  • What do you believe contributed the most to you getting into the colleges that you got into?
  • What do you believe hindered you the most from getting into some of the colleges you applied to?
  • How do you choose between two colleges?