AMHS’s Letterboxd/Movie Reviews

A conversation with students about recently released movies: what to watch, and what to avoid



Hi Raptors! For this week’s article, I really wanted to see what a Magnet version of Letterboxd would look like. If you don’t know, Letterboxd is an app that’s kind of like social media for movies. People log movies they watch, rate, and review them. Reviews are public comments you can post under any movie; the conversations in the comment section can get wild, controversial, and philosophical. If you love movies like me, I definitely recommend it. I love going to see new movies in the theater, so I have my own opinions about many recent releases. I also feel this fitting with the Oscar’s coming up (stay tuned to the end for Magnet’s Best Picture winner). Here is Magnet’s Letterboxd for the following recent releases: Top Gun Maverick, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Knives Out: Glass Onion, Don’t Worry Darling, Pearl, X, The Menu, The Batman, Avatar 2, Elvis, Blonde, Barbarian, Babylon, Infinity Pool, You People, Women Talking, and although not a recent release, The Great Gatsby (because it’s a magnet classic).


Top Gun: Maverick

Magnet Average Score: 4.3/5

I liked it for Glen Powell and Glen Powell mainly.  -Emma Hsu 3/5


this was so much better than the original omg, also the practical effects were amazing -Cat Clyburn 4/5


I think that the cinematography of this film with the fighter jet footage made it an enjoyable watch and it had enough action to keep me engaged. And it had Tom Cruise. I am also a sucker for those kinds of sequels that tie up all the loose ends that the original movie left behind. -Ella Chapman 4/5


Hot take: the first one was so much better. Enough said. Miles Teller was hot though. -Quinn Enright 1.5/5


literally one of the best movies in the entire world I saw it four times in theaters and then like 5 more times on dvd -Talia Barsness 5/5


ryan tedder better watch his back because if i have to hear that song one more time -Olivia Elko 4/5


This movie had the most rating responses by far, and definitely the most 5 star ratings. It’s definitely safe to say the general population of magnet students loved Topgun. Those who disliked the movie were outliers for the most part. As for me, I saw this movie in theaters and it was alright I think. I definitely don’t have a sentimental attachment to the franchise, but it was cute. Very surface level for me. 2/5


Everything Everywhere All At Once

Magnet Average Score: 4.4/5

“Best movie of the year and it better sweep at the Oscars. I was a sobbing mess of tears in the theater and there’s nothing else like it. So unique and inspired.” -Emma Hsu 5/5


“I laughed, i cried, i stared in the mirror for thirty minutes and questioned my existence” -Cat Clyburn

“I saw this movie 2 days ago and I am in awe. While I was lost for the first 30 minutes, the changes in settings as they go across the multiverse and the concept of the entire movie was just beautiful to say the least. I loved the rock scene and I would be lying if the “In another life, I would have liked just doing laundry and taxes with you” didn’t make me want to cry. The acting is phenomenal and the storylines hit a little too close to home and were woven together wonderfully. I thought some of the multiverse elements were a little cheesy, but apart from the sad “what could’ve been in another universe” concept, the story artfully uses humor to lift the mood. Additionally, the googly eyes and the mirror that they use with the camera work had me engaged the entire time (the attention to detail was great) top 10″ -Ella Chapman 5/5


“a visually stunning journey that is every part dazzling and thematically exceptional.” -Olivia Elko 5/5


“The students LOVED this one. I watched the movie myself a couple days ago, and I think the concept is amazing. More movies need to be made about the existential part of life. However, I think the storyline was kind of jumbled and didn’t really make sense. The bagel really had me questioning this movie’s writers.” 3/5


Knives Out: Glass Onion

Magnet Average Score: 3.7/5

“Good. Not as good as the last one but I wasn’t expecting it to be. It was a fun time and that’s all I can ask for.” -Emma Hsu 3/5


“Very enjoyable. Not as good as the first, but I would watch again.” -Zoe Rhyne 4/5


“I don’t think it was as good as the first one but it was definitely a slay” -Cat Clyburn 4/5


“Regarding this movie, I have two different kinds of reviews. First of all, seeing this in the movie theater really enhanced the experience and while it is an enjoyable watch on Netflix, it was considerably better in the theater. I loveeeee the detective and I think he makes the movie. Madelyn Cline was perfect comedic relief with her character and the storyline had me on my toes the entire time, so I think this is a fun and lighthearted watch and a bit of a ploy regarding rich people (which seems to be a constant theme in today’s movies) but Knives Out the OG is still better.”  -Ella Chapman 4/5


“FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS. excellent example of a mystery– and also a glass onion. the throughline of metaphor while also presenting an amazingly engaging mystery is something that I really respect about this film. I won’t say more because spoilers, but this movie is definitely worth checking out.” -Greyson Hanna 5/5


“I haven’t watched the first Knives Out, so I didn’t have a lot to compare it to. Overall, I felt it was a little cheesy. However, I do always love a good murder mystery and I thought the way they presented the timeline was unique. This movie really didn’t blow me away and I probably wouldn’t rewatch it, but I didn’t hate it.” -Quinn Enright 2/5


“the blackmail jared leto has on hollywood must be GOOD” -Olivia Elko 4.5/5


I saw this movie in theaters and I think it made all the difference. I was super confused about why this was a Netflix movie. Can we talk about that?? I know Knives Out 1 was not a Netflix movie, and it only streams on Hulu. I don’t really know why only the sequel was released on Netflix, but I was kind of annoyed because the dialogue was Netflix original-ified. But also, it wasn’t as Netflix-y as it could’ve been. I honestly think it was very entertaining and fun and the Covid-era portrayal was honestly spot on and not too forced. But, the original Knives Out has my heart. Definitely watch that if you haven’t. 4/5 for Glass Onion, because I always applaud a movie for being entertaining.


Don’t Worry Darling

Magnet Average Score: 2.9/5

“I think probably 2 of those stars are for Florence.” -Cat Clyburn 3/5


“Ok so. I respect Olivia Wilde’s directing prominence and I aspire to have her kind of drive. However, Don’t Worry Darling felt incredibly predictable. The cinematography was great and the montages that represent Alice’s descent into psychosis were great additions to the movie. Florence Pugh is an insane actress and anything she’s in is an enjoyable watch. Harry Styles, however, is not enjoyable to watch. I’ve evaded going to love on tour for this long, and seeing him on the screen for many hours was a little bit too much. Overall, the concept wasn’t super original and was predictable.” -Ella Chapman 3/5


“Honestly, I had much higher expectations of this movie. The acting was great but the pacing was very weird. After the turning point of the movie, it was definitely drawn out. I think this movie gets way more credit than it should.” -Quinn Enright 2.5/5


“this is why men shouldn’t have access to reddit” -Olivia Elko 3.5/5


“This movie sucked so bad. I also have a negative bias about Harry Styles.” 0/5



Magnet Average Score: 4.2/5

“Love this movie. I’m not even a horror fan but this was so good. Mia Goth is incredible and the “I’m a star” scene will go down in history.” -Emma Hsu 5/5


“I am a star.” -Cat Clyburn 3/5


“This movieeeee omg. The X universe is super interesting to me and Mia Goth is a BRILLIANT actress. Although I’m borderline terrified of the idea of dying at the hands of an alligator in a southern swamp, this movie sent a shiver down my spine to say the least. Although Pearl is undoubtedly crazy, her desire to get off the farm is an endearing thing that many can relate to. I love the use of her red dress, the farm setting, and as I’ve said before, Mia’s acting is phenomenal and kept me on my toes. The perfect mix of scary but not so scary you can’t sleep at night.” -Ella Chapman 5/5


“rip pearl, you would have loved lana del rey” -Olivia Elko 4.5/5


“I loved this movie, I think the directing was incredible. The story was immersive and just really well formulated. I also love love love Mia Goth. Another A24 win, I would say.” 5/5


Magnet Average Score: 3.8/5

“the s8x scenes with the old lady…🤢” -Cat Clyburn 3.5/5


“Although I’m still dying to see X, I’ve watched plenty of clips and the acting is phenomenal. I love Mia Goth I love Jenna Ortega and I think Kid Cudi being in this film makes it worth watching. I also love the Pearl universe and how Mia also played old Pearl was very interesting to me.” -Ella Chapman


“i wish i could explain what it was like to see this movie in theaters” -Olivia Elko 4.5/5


“This movie, the prequel to Pearl, astoundingly had many less viewers than Pearl did. I guess they don’t have to be watched in order, but the X movie is really good too. However, I would say Pearl was better. I’m also super excited for the third film Maxxxine.” 4/5

The Menu

Magnet Average Score: 3.9/5

“I respect the writer’s creativity regarding the screenplay, but I found the movie considerably predictable (to the point that I was pretty bored.) The main thing that caught my attention was when the chef killed himself and while I enjoyed the social commentary against grossly rich people, the Menu didn’t leave me feeling anything particulary strong about the movie or the world. Anya ate though love her and I forget his name but the chef was very good too.” -Ella Chapman 3/5


“I thought there were so many plot twists and the characters’ relationships were revealed in such a way that your attention was captured the entire time. The cinematography was fantastic and the message was delivered in a subtle, yet impactful way.” -Quinn Enright 5/5


“gordon ramsay’s midsommar” -Olivia Elko 4.5/5

I think this movie was really lacking. I honestly just think it was a concept that could’ve stayed on the drawing board. I don’t feel passionately about chef culture, and this movie didn’t make me care either. I guess the whole time I was just kind of asking myself why it was made. The acting was also super questionable, though I love Anya Taylor Joy. 1/5


The Batman

Magnet Average Score: 3.8/5

“This is a hot take but I hated this movie. I did not enjoy it at all and have a hard time understanding the rave reviews.” -Emma Hsu 2/5


“I love Robert Pattinson and I love Batman.” -Cat Clyburn 4.5/5


“This was definitely my top movie of 2022. Everything about it was perfect. I don’t usually enjoy superhero movies too much but this movie was well-rounded with romance, suspense, and action. If you haven’t seen this movie go watch it right now, you will not be disappointed.” -Quinn Enright 5/5


“brilliant cinematography at the hands of the ever talented greig fraser and another outstanding score from michael giacchino” -Olivia Elko 4/5

I agree with Emma Hsu on this verdict. 2/5


Avatar: The Way of Water

Magnet Average Score: 3.7/5

“this movie was so g0d@mn long i slept for an hour and we were still in the rising action” -Cat Clyburn 2.5/5


“The special effects of the Avatar movies simply make them worth the watch. Although it felt long and I was kind’ve confused because I’ve never really seen the original, but the CGI and water storyline made it enjoyable for me. Very sad however, I was crying.” -Ella Chapman 4.5/5


“The hype for this movie was crazy. I thought the concept was cool but just wasn’t executed as well as it could’ve been. I will say, however, that it made a great setup for a sequel and I’m excited for that.” -Quinn Enright 3.5/5


“i was waiting for gargamel and that stupid orange cat to pop out for the entire movie but it was still good ig” -Olivia Elko 4/5


I haven’t personally seen this movie, but it looks good. I do fear that I would have the same problem with it as Cat did.


Magnet Average Score: 3.2/5

“Although I wish Austin Butler would please for the love of everything good in the world, stop using that accent, Elvis was a decent movie. His commitment to the role did make the movie a great one. The costume design and settings were also enjoyable to watch, and Austin’s mimicking of Elvis’s voice & demeanor added depth to this film. However it just felt really long.” -Ella Chapman 3.5/5


“I thought it did a great job of telling all about Elvis and his story. The idea of making it from the perspective of the Colonel was very interesting and allowed for insight that likely hasn’t been spotlighted before. Parts of it were slow, especially after he went to Hollywood. The ending was emotionally satisfying and I loved seeing the videos from when he was alive.” -Quinn Enright 3.5/5


“this was an okay movie it was good to watch once but it was way too long in my taste.”  -Talia Barsness 3/5


“a film that never fails to remind you that it’s a baz luhrmann film” -Olivia Elko 3.5/5


I also never saw this movie, but I think it is so funny and absurd that Austin Butler still uses that accent in real life. I wonder if he realizes. From what I’ve seen, I think Olivia Elko is right. Baz Luhrmann is not always a great thing, though I love The Great Gatsby movie.


Magnet Average Score: 1.5/5

“I was not as big of a fan as other people of this movie, I  also didn’t finish it so I can’t really give a rating.” -Ella Chapman


I only watched a little bit of this movie so I also don’t think I am able to give a rating. I honestly have only heard bad things about it except from one friend, who thought it was amazing. So I don’t know. Also only 2 people gave a rating for this movie so let me know in the comments if you’ve seen it and what you think.


Magnet Average Score: 3.6/5

“Hahaha…. Barbarian was quite the unsettling film and I wasn’t really sure of what was going on at the time. However, I liked the different storylines that were eventually weaved together, which allowed for comedic relief and an increase in interest with the film. I love Bill Skarsgard so that was an endearing part of the film. 4/5 because it was very original, minus one star because the special effects freaked me out.” -Ella Chapman 4/5


I saw this movie in theaters with Ella. I love horror movies and I’ve never seen one like this before. It reminds me a lot of Infinity Pool which just came out. Definitely extremely weird and not for the faint of heart regarding disturbing images, but it was  cinematically good in my opinion. I didn’t love the exposition. 3.5/5


Magnet Average Score: 2.4/5

“HATED this movie. Babylon fans: please stop trying to convince everyone this movie is good. It is not. I love Damien Chazelle as much as the next girl but this movie was insufferable. It was so long (for no reason at all) and did not make itself worth my hours wasted. It did FAR too much despite having many hours to develop a story. ” -Emma Hsu 1/5

I personally adored this movie. I genuinely enjoyed the story. I recognize it was scattered and kind of all over the place, but I don’t think that’s always a bad thing. I love Margot Robbie in this movie and I think Brad Pitt’s character was an interesting commentary. Of course, Manny’s storyline was amazing. But, yes, it was too long. 4/5


Infinity Pool

Magnet Average Score: 3.75/5

“The idea of this movie scares me tbh” -Ella Chapman


I saw this movie in theaters with fellow senior Will Siegling (who failed to fill out my google form). I think our verdicts were similar. It was an extreme movie in most ways, but also one of my favorite new horror movies. I think it was cinematically so interesting, and Mia Goth in her female rage self truly makes the movie. If not for Alexander Skarsgård’s completely mundane acting performance (he literally had the same head-empty expression the whole movie), it would be a 5/5. But also, don’t see it if you aren’t ready for …experimental depictions. For those who are reading this and have seen it (and have also read Grapes of Wrath); Grapes of Wrath core. 4/5

You People

Magnet Average Score: 3/5

Nobody gave a review for this movie, and only 2 people gave ratings. Thanks Blake Bird and Addison Junkins for being as avid movie watchers as me. As for my review, this movie is simply a Netflix original about people from different backgrounds overcoming their racial/familial differences. You can probably guess what occurs. 2/5

Women Talking

Magnet Average Score: 3.5/5

I put this movie because I wanted to see why it was nominated for best picture this year. Seems nobody else knows because this rating is from 1 person. Thx Blake!

The Great Gatsby

Magnet Average Score: 3.3/5

“this movie cracked me up but the book was way better” – Cat Clyburn 3.5/5


“I spilled my chai all over the lecture hall floor during this movie so I don’t really remember the detail, but the cinematography, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lana’s Young and Beautiful made for what I remember to be a good movie.” -Ella Chapman 3.5/5


“Five out of five. unfortunately at heart I am an art nerd and I think that this movie’s snappy editing, bright visuals, and dazzling everything was super enjoyable to me. Of course, reading the book before watching makes it more enjoyable in my opinion, because if you’ve already read then you can absolutely just lean back and enjoy the wild, wild ride.” -Greyson Hanna 5/5


And from Mrs. Hurt, who’s definitely seen it more than any of us, a 4.5/5


I know it’s a hot take, but I love this movie and the directing is so camp, if you didn’t like it I’m just going to assume it went over your head. 5/5


and Magnet’s Best Picture winner is…

Everything Everywhere All At Once!