Reviewing the Golden Globes 2023 Looks


As you may or may not have known, the Golden Globe awards were last week. I find the academy typically makes lackluster decisions regarding cinema and awards, so I mainly pay attention to the fashion. As we typically do, Harrison and I will be rating and reviewing all of the most notable looks of the night. Also, sharing some opinions on the nominations (scroll to Evan Peters to see my borderline essay on the Dahmer series nomination). Without further adieu, let’s get into it. Please comment your favorite/least favorite looks in the comment section! 

Jenna Ortega

Sadie: I think this is a perfect red carpet look. I love Jenna Ortega, and Gucci did her well with this stunning dress. I also love the Tiffany silver and I think the hair is so her. I’m glad they didn’t go for all black… again. I do love her as Wednesday Addams, though. 8.5/10.

Harrison: I like the dress a lot, but I think they could have done better with the straps in the middle. It reminds me of a butterfly, light and free. The hair fits her and the look perfectly, and the silver provides a nice spark and contrast to the monochromatic garment. 8/10

Jennifer Coolidge

Sadie: Like the rest of the world right now, I love Jennifer Coolidge. Do I think she deserved best supporting actress? No. But that’s ok. She’s still iconic. This dress, though, is not. I think they could’ve done so much better, Dolce & Gabbana being so White Lotus’s vibe. They should’ve had some ornate Italian influences, not black sequins. I wish they gave her something like they gave the Kardashians for Kourtney’s Italian wedding. Side note though, I loved White Lotus season 2 and I’m so glad they won best limited series. However, I think Aubrey Plaza should’ve won best supporting actress. 3/10. 

Harrison: I LOVE Jennifer Coolidge. She is such an icon, especially in the last episode of White Lotus Season 2 (a must watch). However the dress is just not the best. It looks tacky and cheap, and the straps look out of place on the top. I think she could have maintained her conservative look, but with a little more statement and Jennifer Coolidge vibe. Think Jennifer Coolidge in fur. That being said, she is still amazing. 4/10.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Sadie: I honestly love this look. I think it is so vampy and I always appreciate black lace. I love Jamie Lee Curtis and I love her horror roots. 8.5/10.

Harrison: I like it, but it’s not my favorite. It matches her spooky vibe. The lace cape is very intricate; however, I think it could be improved around the neck area to look more chic. Despite the lace, I think it is a pretty simple look overall. 6/10.

Austin Butler

Sadie: I really wanted to include Austin Butler for other reasons than his outfit. I don’t know what’s going on, but the Elvis voice needs to stop. He seriously hasn’t stopped talking that way since the movie, and his speech was honestly just funny because of it. He looks quite dapper, (HOT TAKE) I have nothing against a sleek black suit for a red carpet, but also why is the bowtie drooping. Anyway, I just think it’s funny because you don’t expect what comes out of his mouth. I didn’t watch Elvis, but I heard good things. Outfit 6/10.

Harrison: I like this look a lot, but I knew something was just off. After reading Sadie’s review, I realized that it may indeed be the bowtie. Why is it so droopy? That’s all I can see now. The rest of the outfit is amazing, though. While it may be a simple black suit look, it is very sleek. 7/10.

Billy Porter

Sadie: Ugh. So good. I love Billy Porter, and his iconic look. You can catch him frequently sporting a gown with the bodice structure of a suit and tie. Perfect commentary, perfect look. He honestly is such an inspiration to me, and the fact that this is his signature is my favorite thing ever. If you haven’t seen Pose, as directed by Ryan Murphy, please do (if you’re into things that are amazing and sparkly and inspiring). 10/10.

Harrison: I really like Billy’s take on a suit with this outfit. The color is not my favorite, but that’s because I never like hot/dark pink colors. Still, I enjoy how unique it is and the shape and the train. I think it would have been better in a dark royal blue, but perhaps this is more Billy. 8.5/10.

Margot Robbie

Sadie: My jaw dropped the first time I saw this look on Instagram. Vogue had posted it, explaining that Chanel artisans spent over 800 hours creating this dress by hand. I was honestly in disbelief. It is probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen ever. The chevron, the mermaid cut, the streamers at the bottom, the halter neck, the sequins, the random star at the top. Chanel and Margot Robbie on the red carpet are a notoriously awful pair, and this did not help. I was actually really excited for Margot when she showed up on the red carpet a little while ago in Bottega Veneta. Seems she’s back on her Chanel partnership, sadly. I would love to be the new red carpet stylist of Chanel, because their presence on it is so badly representative of its chicness. 0/10.

Harrison: Yeah, it’s pretty bad. The trim reminds me of a hula skirt from PartyCity. Why spend 800 hours on this when your local PartyCity would sell it to you for under $10? It is also in need of some silver bracelets to tie in the random star on her sternum (I take Anatomy). Furthermore, this is just not her color. 2/10.

Colman Domingo

Sadie: I love this take on a black suit. I think it’s so chic and simple. I always enjoy when people take spins on menswear, and do it right. 8/10.

Harrison: I enjoy the sparkle look on the simple black suit. However, I think the suit itself could have been better, and the bowtie could be improved. 7/10.

Heidi Klum

Sadie: …Heidi. Really bad. I feel bad because she’s such a sweetheart and was always nice to me growing up on set, but this dress is honestly so questionable. Why is it short and why is it fully Sherri Hill runway energy. 2/10.

Harrison: It’s so bad—one of the worst. It looks like a random ensemble of garments pulled out of a Miami dumpster. It’s bad. 0/10.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Sadie: I absolutely adore this look. I think this silhouette is so perfect for the red carpet and, while I’m not often a fan of yellow, it looks amazing on her. Dior and Tiffany suit her so well, and this look is so simple and sweet and glam. I feel like this is the perfect representation of a red carpet look that isn’t over the top yet is still stunning. 10/10.

Harrison: I think this look is great. I agree with Sadie that yellow specifically looks good on Anya. This may be controversial, but The Menu was so weird, that my eyes were pretty much glued to the screen the whole time. It was quite the experience. 10/10.

Liza Koshy

Sadie: I actually really like this ensemble. The dress/jewelry/shoes are really cute and definitely my style. The hair has me really confused. Why are her 3 bangs gelled onto her head like that? So bad. I’m kind of confused why Liza Koshy keeps getting invited to things like the Met Gala and such. I’m not against influencers, but it’s not like she’s known for fashion, or movies for that matter. 5/10 because I’m confused. 

Harrison: I disagree with Sadie. I think that this look is one of the best of the best of the best of the night, and the hair compliments everything. 10/10. 

Donald Glover

Sadie: I was so excited when I saw this look. I think this is such a good menswear look, it’s so chic and inventive and sleek. I also love Donald Glover so I was excited to see him on the carpet. I think this is one of my favorite menswear looks I’ve seen on the red carpet. If I were the designer, I probably would’ve made the white undershirt be asymmetrical though. But no notes. 9/10.

Harrison: Once again, I disagree with Sadie. I think it looks sloppy, but I am generally not a fan of such loose fitting garments when it comes to men’s wear on the red carpet. Furthermore, the blazer just feels out of place. 3/10.

Viola Davis

Sadie: If you didn’t see this interview, her dress is actually not two toned, but had been dragged in water. I love that she still wore it on the carpet. The dress in itself is pretty underwhelming, though. I don’t really like it. 4/10.

Harrison: Even though the wet look on the bottom of the dress was not intentional, I wish it was. I think that it may need to be incorporated into a look in the future. The fact that she was confident in it and still dragged it down the red carpet says a lot and adds to the overall rating. The dress as a whole looks pretty basic upon first glance. However, I think its intricacies are revealed upon further inspection, and it actually works out well. 6/10.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez

Sadie: This is an absolute icon. Another one of my favorite Pose actors on the carpet. As I mentioned in my Billy Porter review earlier, this show is for icons only. I know she wasn’t at the Golden Globes because of Pose this year, but I’m still just so proud of her. She looks amazing and always brings beauty and grace. Balmain and red bottoms are so her. Literally pls watch this show. 9/10. 

Harrison: This one is quite amazing. It has the look of a big bow tie, and I love it. The blue color is very well complimented by the golden shoes. Together, it is very effective and looks great on her. 

Selena Gomez

Sadie: Selena is in her renaissance era and I’m here for it. This dress is pretty cute, definitely her vibe. I think the fit of the dress could be a lot better, it looks kind of awkward. The hair is also very questionable. This reminds me of when she showed up to the Met Gala in 2018 looking like she just rolled out of bed. Her makeup looks so pretty, though. I’m unsure why she’s trying to give us a candid laugh on the carpet. Honestly some parts are so good and some are so bad. 5/10. 

Harrison: I see where the designers were trying to go, but I think it could have been carried out much better. The purple arm garments seem disproportionate to the rest of the outfit. They are just too big and sloppy. I also agree with Sadie that the dress could be fitted a lot better. 5/10.

Daisy Edgar Jones

Sadie: I don’t know who this is, but when I saw her dress I immediately needed to include it. I love it so much. It’s so gorgeous, and it speaks for itself. I love that there’s no jewelry or anything. I just love this look. 10/10.

Harrison: I also do not know who this is, but maybe I should…because this is quite a good fit. I usually don’t like mermaid looks (is this what that is?), but I think this one has been executed pretty well. 9/10.

Abby Elliot

Sadie: I don’t know who this is either, but I knew I needed to include it because of how bad it was. I don’t know why we’re still doing these sequin dresses. They’re so bad, and this color is so bad. The way the sequins are sewn on in a line. I just can’t. Nothing against Abby, I just think we need to stop doing this in general. 0/10.

Harrison: No. It’s not very good. It looks cheap and tacky. It just looks like a big, orange, sparkly blob. 0/10.

Evan Peters

Sadie: You know I love Evan Peters. I’m going to take this as a chance to share my opinions on the Dahmer series, because its controversies are immense. You guys also know that I love Ryan Murphy (who directed the Dahmer series), so it’s fair to say I’m biased. But, in as objective a view as possible, I think the criticisms of the show are far-fetched. I think that when the show came out, and the hype around it was so large, people immediately drew conclusions about the content of the show. People criticize it for being disrespectful to the victims, sexualizing/romanticizing Dahmer, and being in poor taste. I think that the argument that a serial killer being the subject of a piece of entertainment is automatically in poor taste is too assumptive. People, whether they should or shouldn’t be, are interested in serial killers. They are fascinating because they aren’t normal. The TV industry has always capitalized on things that grab people’s attention, like disturbing events and stories such as Dahmer’s. Biopics and movies have continually been made about murderers, like the Ted Bundy movie and countless more. If the critique is that media shouldn’t be made about murderers then there are larger fish to fry. I think there is something to be said about the respect of the victims. I think there should have obviously been notification to the families, if not monetary compensation as well. So yes, they should’ve respected the real life families moreso. However, I think the arguments about how the show glamorizes Dahmer and overlooks the victims is insane. I think that most of the critiques of this show online are from people who genuinely never watched a minute of it. I watched the whole show, and the whole time I felt like it was from the perspective of the victims. I personally did not know about Dahmer’s story before watching the show, and I think it shed so much light on the abhorrent occurrences that led to his killings. There was so much representation of the justice system’s role in the matter. Dahmer actually got caught by the police a multitude (like, a TON) of times before being convicted. The reason he was able to be a serial killer was because of racial injustices in the system. His victims, usually minorities, were not represented in the justice system whatsoever, and in turn, Jeffree, being a white male, was consistently ruled in favor of despite clear evidence. The show explicitly made this a key point, and portrayed the corruption of local police and racism and homophobia. I feel that I learned so much about the corruption within the system that was able to make his actions possible at all, and that the representation of the victims was only informative. I never found myself viewing Dahmer in a “romanticization” way from any of this either. Basically, my point is: watch the show before drawing conclusions and spreading opinions. It’s insane that people are upset about Evan winning his Golden Globe, as his performance was insane regardless of the topic. I find that people have begun to associate him with the character, which is insane. I think that, in the end, the backlash is as a result of purposeful misinformation. Please comment if you watched or have an opinion to share! Outfit is cute though. 8/10.

Harrison: I think that Sadie has covered everything that needs to be covered. Evan Peters is generally pretty introverted, which is reflected in his Golden Globe acceptance speech. This is also reflected in his outfit, which I find very classy and elegant. I love the velvet look Dior uses for the blazer. Sometimes simple is great, but it definitely depends on the person wearing it. Evan needed something simple, and this was a perfect way to carry it out. 9/10.

Ayo Edebiri

Sadie: I don’t know who this is, but her look is my favorite of the night. I’m in awe. The structure, the colors, the silhouettes. So good and so my style. 10/10.

Harrison: This is one of my favorite looks of the night. It adds a spicy twist to a classy silhouette. The top, for example, is quite avant-garde (can you really write a paper about fashion without including this word?). Everything about it is great. 10/10.

Hannah Einbinder

Sadie: I think this is so classic. I don’t know who this is either but I love her outfit so much. Loving the Tiffany representation at the Golden Globes this year. 9/10.

Harrison: This is amazing, and I love it. It may be the classiest look of the night. I appreciate the inclusion of the pockets, perhaps something we should normalize. 10/10.