16th Annual AMHS Talent Show


Magnet students, get all your homework done before March 3! The 16th annual AMHS Talent Show is starting at 7 PM; featuring seniors such as Janelle Green, John Pavlides, and Misha Pekar, it’s sure to be an exciting night! Tickets are only $5 dollars at the door. There will be singing, dancing, and lots of fun with MCs Ethan Carter and Penelope Summerall. Gypzy Carrigg, Tony Reda, Peter Sterckx, Jameson Sanders, Nate Bradley, Maddie Steen, Blake Farrell, and Phoebe Rudolph will be performing, too, so be sure to make your way down to the Rose Marie Meyers Auditorium this Thursday!

Too excited for Thursday’s show? Watch some videos from past year’s shows below: