Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Spirit Week Themes and Ideas!

Look here if you need a little inspiration for next week!!!

Spirit Week Themes and Ideas

As Spirit Week season approaches, you need to make sure you can dress to the best of your ability. This year everyone needs to go ALL out, but due to some scheduling issues, there have been a few changes to the layout and setup of everything. Due to the half-day on Friday, the pep rally and the walls being set up are moved to Wednesday. This still leaves Friday as wall day dress up unless your grade is specified anything else. So basically the walls get put up Wednesday afternoon and stay up til Friday. The day that everyone will dress up for their wall will be on that Friday. The winner of Spirit Week will still be announced on Friday, instead of when it is usually announced during the pep rally. These changes should not cause too many issues, but just be aware for planning purposes and if you want to help set up wall day for your grade!!


The theme for the first day is Anything but a Backpack Day

This theme is a very popular one on the internet and can lead to a lot of creativity when executed well. I’m just going to have to put this out there, but you kind of have to participate in this day, I mean it’s too easy to not. You don’t have to dress up or anything so why not go all out; start the week off with a bang! Do remember that this is a school and some rules do limit what you can bring. I would heavily recommend not bringing pets, people, or any living things. On the subject of anything but a backpack day, Lily Thompson said that she “loves it I’ve always wanted to do it!”

“loves it I’ve always wanted to do it!”

— Lily Thompson

Some ideas!

  • Baby stroller or kid version
  • Kids car or toy
  • Laundry basket
  • Kids shopping cart

Day 2-Surf vs. turf

This one is a bit self-explanatory, the common surfer vs. football player. I think that this is some rendition of Jersey Day, but I like the alteration. It adds a lot more to the day than before. This is another day where you really can easily participate, but if you want to go all out then that is doable. 


  • Wear a sports jersey
  • You could wear a full-out football uniform
  • You could be the football or goalpost


  • Hawaiian shirts 
  • Beachy outfit, make sure it is school-appropriate
  • Surf attire


Day 3- Star Day

The best way to describe this is famous person day. You could go dress up as your favorite influencer or musician. Honestly, the world is your oyster! This was the previously labeled genre day, which if you are unaware of what exactly that entails, you are not alone. Chloe Carlsten stated that “the theme genre needs to be specified,” luckily her prayers were answered! This change is definitely for the better! If you want to stand out, you could dress up as a literal star if that’s what you want or some other form of bright object. The senior spinoff does not limit you on what you want to do, so go crazy.

  • Actor
  • Influencer
  • musician
  • A literal star
  • Maybe you could go for a disco ball if you are feeling a bit adventurous

Day 4- Ages Day

This is the day that separates all the grades. Typically we have Harry Potter Day and Generation Day, so this is just another form of this. So the grade divisions are pretty obvious so that should be quite interesting to see everyone’s divisions. 

9th- 1 ad (Romans)- This is the classic toga day that always seems to make a reappearance. The best way to go about this day is either to grab yourself an old sheet or an extremely LARGE long-sleeved t-shirt and try and fashion it into something that covers everything. You definitely could take the easy way out and just wear all white with a bit of gold, but that is pretty boring so maybe show some school spirit and go all out. 

10th-1000 ad (medieval)

Another classic one, pull up as your best medieval wench, maybe show a little ankle if you are feeling a bit frisky. If you are a guy and want to go all out then the Martin Luther wig has your name written all over it. You could be royalty or a serf. This could be whatever you want it to be, as long as you keep in the period. Try and stay as accurate as you can to the time period!


This one should be so easy… If you guys do not go CRAZY for this day then I will have officially lost hope in the Junior class. If I walk around and do not see Juicy Couture, leopard, and jean on jean, then I am walking out. If you are feeling feminine, then go find your best Aeropostale, vintage Victoria’s Secret or Pink, and other classic brands to bring your outfit together. If you want to wear more masculine attire then BAGGY is the way to go. I mean you do have to stay within dress code limits, but do what you want with this.


          Think silver and shiny. Bring out your old alien attire from Men in black wall day and dress up as if it’s the year 3000. The Jonas Brothers did not write a masterpiece on this age for us to not depict the future. We must go crazy with this theme!! Maybe go for an underwater theme if you want to mimic the song lyrics or just search up some inspo on Amazon. You can find something to do!

Day 5- wall day

Finally, we have Wall Day. This day I am not able to help you with, but do remember that how much and how well you dress up does affect your scores. This means that you need to do as much as possible to get a win for your grade! 

Good luck everyone on spirit week and may the best grade win!!


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