Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Sibling Spotlight

Siblings of AMHS

Siblings. A bond like no other. In order to observe the sibling bonds here at Magnet I compiled al a list of questions for these siblings to answer:
What is your favorite memory with your sibling?
What is your favorite thing about your sibling?
What is one thing your sibling does that gets on your nerves the most?
Who is the favorite child and why?
And finally, anything else to add?

Lucas and Riley Browder

This senior/freshman duo is unmatched. Lucas and Riley have gone through many adventures together, however, one memory stuck with Lucas the most. He says his favorite memory with Riley was scuba diving in Ecuador, how exotic! Lucas says his favorite thing about his brother Riley is how funny he is, but he can tend to get on his nerves a lot when he “harasses people in public and tries to draw as much attention as possible.” When asked who the favorite child was, Lucas responded without hesitation that it was him “no question.” Somebody is confident…


Street and Willy Wilson

Another iconic duo this year is junior, Street Wilson, and her freshman brother Willy. Street says her favorite memory with Willy is “this year in total.” She says that she is “so glad that he decided to come to Magnet” and loves going to the same school as he does. Another favorite memory she has with him is going skiing together every year. As for her favorite thing about him, Street says she loves his humor and mentions how they bond over ganging up on their older sister and making fun of her. However, Willy always makes Street late to school which is one thing that gets on her nerves the most. She says that she tries to leave at 750 every morning and “without fail he always starts to get ready for school at 750.” When asked who the favorite child is, Street reluctantly revealed that Willy is the favorite “despite [his] never doing his homework leading him to practically fail some classes, never walking the dogs, never doing laundry or the dishes. He is still the favorite.” With all that aside, Street still loves her little brother Willy and tells everyone that he is her best friend and she “hope[s] he feels the same!” How sweet!


Thomas and Parker Hamilton

Next up is senior, Thomas Hamilton and his sophomore brother, Parker. Thomas’s favorite memory with his brother is going on road trips and random drives with him and Thomas loves how funny Parker is, which seems to be a common theme among favorite sibling attributes. But one thing that gets on Thomas’s nerves the most is that Parker thinks that he’s taller than Thomas… I don’t know judging from this picture it looks like a pretty close call… Thomas says that he is the favorite child since Parker used to get in trouble a lot as a kid.


Chloe and Suzanna Carlsten

These two are not just siblings but twins! As seniors, they have spent all 4 years together at Magnet and loved (almost) every second of it. Chloe’s favorite memory with Suzanna is having to spend every second of the day together, but Suzanna went for a different type of response as she said her favorite memory of Chloe is when she made her pass out in the Lowes parking lot. However, Suzanna’s favorite thing about Chloe is her ability to find low-priced bathing suits every summer and to ask her to split everything they buy. Similarly, Chloe enjoys their shared closet the most. However, these two are not always sunshine and rainbows as Chloe tends to annoy Suzanna when “she acts like she does not care about something when she really does” and when this happens, Suzanna is the one who says something and tends to take the fall as “the one that people get mad at.” Chloe on the other hand says there are “WAY too many things to count” that Suzanna does that get on her nerves. When asked who the favorite child is, these two had different answers as Chloe responded that it was her since she is “cooler” and Suzanna said that it was her since she is “the most successful and hardworking, unlike Chloe.” I’m sensing some tension here… Despite this, Chloe says she loves having a twin anyway.


Caroline and Grady Uram

Next, another senior/freshman duo. Caroline says her favorite memory with her brother Grady was when they went to Orlando for a football game. Her favorite thing about her younger brother is that is very smart and always teaches her something, but he gets on her nerves when he is mad at her in the mornings when she rushes him out of the house to get to school on time. Caroline says “he sits in the backseat to show that he is mad at [her].” Despite his tardiness, Caroline says that he is definitely the favorite child because he is “easier to deal with.”


Alaina and Mazie Jarrett

This next junior/freshman duo can be seen on the volleyball court together. Alaina says her favorite memories with her freshman sister Mazie are when they have crossover tournaments because Alaina likes to watch Mazie play and says “it’s fun when [they] get [their] own hotel room and have the car.” Her favorite thing about Mazie is that she has a good sense of humor, but Mazie tends to get on her nerves when she is constantly running late.


Isabelle, Maya, and Teagan O’Leary

This trio consists of junior, Isabelle O’Leary and her two freshman siblings who are twins: Teagan and Maya. Isabelle says her favorite memory with them is probably going to Positano last spring break and renting a boat because she got to “keep pushing her off” the boat. Isabelle says that whenever they go on vacation they tend to get closer and talk a lot more. There’s nothing like family time on vacation! Her favorite thing about Maya and Teagan is that they are her “built-in friends” so she can always hang out with them if she’s bored. She says that Maya makes family vacations a lot more fun because she has someone to relate to. However, Maya gets on her nerves when she steals her clothes all the time without asking but mentioned that recently, Maya has gotten better at asking before wearing, so she’s very grateful for that.


Maryn and Molly Tombs

Another sophomore and senior duo, Molly and Maryn! Maryn says her favorite memory with her sister Molly is when they get to travel together and how Molly always makes her laugh. But similar to Isabelle and Maya, Maryn says that Molly tends to steal her clothes without asking first which gets on her nerves a lot. Maryn says that she is for sure the favorite child because she “does not talk back and give attitude.”


Hank, Billy, and Matthew Baer

Everyone knows the Baer family, so this article would feel incomplete without including them. Hank (senior) and his younger brothers Billy (sophomore) and Matthew (freshman) have the most fun together when they get to surf almost every day in the summer or go tubing behind the boat. Hank also says that one of his favorite memories with them is building forts in the yard when they were little. Hank says his favorite things about his siblings are how all of them have very similar interests which means they can do a lot of stuff together. He also says that this makes it easier for them to decide what they want to do or where they want to go. Hank says the he is the favorite child because he is “better at everything and does more things for his parents.”


Honorable Mentions

While these next few entries are not siblings, they are such close friends that they consider themselves brothers and want to be included in the article. Aww!

Lauren Faust if you’re out there please feature this 🙏🏾

— Zuriel


Garrison Gray and Zuriel Nyamutsaka

This junior/sophomore duo says their favorite thing to do together is “stack bread” and their favorite memory was when they were “in the studio with Kanye in ‘05. Some good times frfr.” Tbh I am not even sure that y’all were alive in 2005… Garrison’s favorite thing about being with Zuriel is that they can complete each other’s sentences, but Zuriel’s least favorite thing about Garrison is that he “can’t hoop.”


John Thomasson and Bennet McKnight

While these two are also not siblings, some tend to think they look related and could be twins. Personally, I don’t see the resemblance but maybe they can be included in the next AMHS Lookalike article…

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