Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.



Just in time for Valentine’s!

It’s official. I have matched 52 raptors (26 couples) ready to take flight in love. St. Valentine’s day is here, and it’s the perfect time to gather your courage and confess your love. Keeping reading to discover who that person you should be confessing to is.

Chase Dillon (12) and Lauren Faust (12)

You don’t want to test your might against this fitness-loving power couple. Lauren has played volleyball for all four years of high school, had a brief rugby phase, and is now a self-proclaimed yogi. Much of Chase’s matchmaker response was very fitness-centric. In fact, his ideal date is at the gym! If he could have any superpower, it would be “carrying boats,” which I think is a David Goggins reference. What more could you ask for than a SEAL man? I mean, who else is known for honor, integrity, AND commitment?? Really, it’s the full package. If Lauren could have any superpower, it would be teleportation, so maybe they can just compromise and he can carry her around on his back. A couple who helps each other achieve their dreams! Both of these athletes love the beach, and hopefully Chase’s love extends to other water-based activities, because Lauren’s ideal date is going to lunch at a cute restaurant and then a sunset boat ride. How romantic!


Sutton Bates (12) and Alexa Conlon (12)

The first thing Sutton needs to know about Alexa is that she LOVES “No Hands” by Waka Floka Flame. If he is okay with that, then this relationship will flourish. Alexa adds that she is really good at singing, so perhaps she could even give him a live performance to help him also fall in love with this masterpiece. While she’s at it, she could also give her rendition of “Time of our Lives,” by Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, which Sutton says “perfectly encapsulates what [he] stands for and how [he] wants to live.” Sutton admits that he is kind of lazy, which is perfect as Alexa loves napping and tanning. Once they get comfortable, I can see many hours passing in bliss on a sunny beach together. If it becomes too silent, Sutton can always regale her with one of his interesting and bizarre stories, an example being the one he put in the Matchmaker form: when he slammed his finger into a metal door when he was five and the doctors had to reattach the tip of it.


Jacob Somsky (11) and Evie Inman (12)

Evie hates driving, so much so that if she could have any superpower it would be teleportation. Thankfully, Jacob loves driving his Porsche, giving Evie a convenient ride in style. Both members of this match love a variety of music, ranging from pop, to rap, to reggae. However, it seems like both of this pair eventually return to their tried and true: pop music, as Evie says she loves listening to Harry Styles and SZA, while Jacob names his celebrity crushes as either Cardi B or Taylor Swift. Using his guitar skills, Jacob can impress Evie by performing her favorite song, “Ice Slipping” by Omar Apollo, or, if he is nervous, he can revert back to one of his own personal favorites, “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. You can find this pair on the beach or the city, ice skating and going to a Rangers game for Evie, or just chilling at the house and watching Netflix for Jacob. Love a couple who can do it all!


Elaine Chen (11) and Donovan Hamilton (11) 

This musical couple is just in perfect pitch! Donovan loves making music (you may have seen him perform in the Junior Teacher Jam a couple months ago), and is in a band. He plays football and runs track, and loves a nature walk. He also loves to talk about philosophies and ways of thinking, and notes that he loves to explore different interests and keep an open mind. Elaine moved to Charleston from New York six years ago, so she is sure to offer a fresh perspective and experiences to their conversations. For a movie marathon, this couple is sure to watch “Let it Snow” and “Spiderman: into the Spiderverse.” On Elaine’s ideal date, they would get dinner and explore the area after, perfect to satisfy Donovan’s natural curiosity. Donovan gave a much more in-depth answer to this question, describing a date where he picks her up in his drop top and takes her to a deli to pick up some sandwiches. They take the food to-go and go to a beautiful spot for a picnic. He would bring a speaker, his guitar, a ball, a skateboard, and other items to ensure they are entertained. While they are there, he suggests that they could perhaps write a poem or a song. He could also serenade Elaine with her favorite song: “Everything, Everywhere” by Gracie Abrams. After the picnic, Donovan plans to take her back to her house and hang out a little longer before he leaves.


Rajane Mitchell (11) and Zachary Butler (11) 

Each half of this pair is very busy, so hopefully they are able to find time to hang out and wind down from a long day. Rajane plays softball, is in BSA, Women in Stem, and loves playing video games, and watching horror movies. Zachary runs track, is on STUCO, in DECA, and is also in BSA. Ever heard of the invisible string theory? Yeah, it’s obvious here. Zachary also enjoys playing video games. Their perfect dates were also eerily similar: Rajane suggests horror movies and chocolate while Zachary detailed chilling together and watching a movie while eating their favorite foods. Zachary works at Hollister and divulges that he would give out his employee discount to his special lady. He also confesses that he bit a kid when he was two because that kid stole his toy and he was written up. I know this may sound like a red flag, but remember, honesty is important in any relationship, and it is good that Zachary is coming clean. Zachary has a different perspective on the incident, saying that he has been “standing on business” since childhood.


Ahhh. Love is in the air. And in the Talon. If you’re still lonely, you know what to do. The link is below. Another issue depends on the volume of responses.

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