Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Oh No! It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Meet Your Fellow Furry Friends


Magnet’s better half. The fuzz in our life. What keeps us happy outside of school. Our pets. Everyone’s favorite thing to do is brag about their pets, so, what other platform is better to do this than on the Academic Magnet newspaper. To create a cumulative profile of most pets at magnet, we asked for the best and worst qualities of your pet, their special talent, someone your pet reminds you of, and a funny story that highlights the good characteristics of your pet. We also asked for a unique picture for the readers to visualize their pets. These pets range from chickens to horses, with many dogs and cats in the middle. Take a peek down below to see magnet’s furry friends. Who’s best in show?

*These are responses directly from students

Student name: Bowen Gao

Pet type: Cat 

Pet name: Butter

Cool factor: I taught Butter how to open a bottle, window, and door using AP Psychology.

BEST qualities: He waits by the door after school, he lets people pick him up and pet him, and he’s extremely intelligent.

WORST qualities: N/A

Special talents: He knows how to unscrew the cap of a bottle, open windows, and open sliding doors.

A funny story: He’s extremely curious and fell into the toilet as a kitten. We had to give him a bath.

Someone your pet reminds you of: N/A


Student name: Charlie Zaifert

Pet type: Cocker Spaniel

Pet name: Rambo

Cool factor: He is a puppy with a lot of energy and spark as he always wants to play and lovingly bark at you. He has one blue eye and one green eye. He is multi colored and adorable. At home he is surrounded by our two cats so one could say he is gaining cat like qualities such has waking things with his paw.

BEST qualities: His multicolored nose and colorful blue and green eyes.

WORST qualities: Hisw waking up in the middle of the night to go pee and since he is a puppy we cant leave him alone.

Special talents: He lays on his back when he sleeps.

A funny story: He is young and we have only had him for less than a month now so not many stories to share. Except when I took him to the beach for the first time and he was very flustered and scared but loved it at the same time.

Someone your pet reminds you of: My childhood dog who passed away last year.


Student name: Elena Barber

Pet type: Mini poodle & Havanese mix

Pet name: Olive

Cool factor: She’s a black poodle that can run really fast and is pretty smart too.

BEST qualities: She is super fluffy, cute, cuddly, and sometimes funny.

WORST qualities: She is too smart for her own good sometimes and makes trouble while knowing it’s wrong, and sometimes she’s overtaken by anxiety and she has a lot of anxiety I’d say. Poor thing. Also- barking. She barks A LOT but has been getting better!!

Special talents: She can throw her own toys, run super fast, and does lots of tricks! (Such as spin, roll over, shake paw, perch on her hind legs with paws up, high five, dance, shake her body, and more). Also: cuddling/snuggling.

A funny story: When she was younger and I was younger and we lived at our old house, she learned how to jump the 3.5 foot front yard fence… so we started putting her out in the backyard that had a 4.5 ft fence because of course that would solve the problem… but no. She learned to jump that too. Keep in mind this is a little 1.5 year old 13 lb dog at the time!!

Someone your pet reminds you of: My mom, maybe, because Olive has curly fur and my mom’s hair is dark brown and curly and my mom is definitely Olive’s favorite.


Student name: Christian Nelson

Pet type: Havana or Mini Rex Rabbit

Pet name: He indulges in the occasional biting.

BEST qualities:  He’s curious and elusive. He’s found a total of four ways to get out of his cage without making a ruckus. And his cahoots are always fun to watch.

WORST qualities: He indulges in the occasional biting.

Special talents: Escape and stealth. Sometimes he rests under my bed for hours at a time without my knowing and evades any attempt I make at catching him. Very cheeky.

A funny story: He can’t run well on smooth surfaces like wood and such so when I found him halfway into our kitchen I caught him with ease while he was cranking up his legs like a cartoon character.

Someone your pet reminds you of: He doesn’t remind me of anyone exactly. He is unique like that.


Student name: Isabella All

Pet type: She’s a cat

Pet name: Hermione

Cool factor: she has a tortie pattern which is really really pretty, and she is rather chaotic and clumsy and DEFINITELY has the infamous tortitude which tortie cats are known for.

BEST qualities: Hermione has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat, on a daily basis they fade from green to blue to gray and back.

WORST qualities: She bites me, A LOT. We’re trying to train her not to do that but she refuses to listen

Special talents: Her special talent is being adorable, to the point where even when you’re really mad at her you still want to give her the biggest hug.

A funny story: One time she was chasing one of her toys and she ran straight into the wall. I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. She froze and looked at me as I giggled before she jumped on the bed and burrowed under the covers in embarrassment. She is absolutely precious.

Someone your pet reminds you of: She reminds me of my bff Arlie because Arlie took in Hermione’s mother when she was a stray. Two weeks later Hermione’s mother, Delilah gave birth to six little kittens, Twix, Cobble, Garfield, Stone, Sandman, and of course Hermione.


Student name: Annie Passyn

Pet type: German Wire-haired Pointer (GWP)

Pet name: Reiner 

Cool factor: He is certified with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). As a result, he can do a variety of therapy work and he visits the children’s hospital once a week for two hours to visit the kids there who want to see him. Reiner is also from Germany (like he was born there). My mom’s friend from Germany trained him for us and flew him to the states as a gift.

BEST qualities: My dog is super loving. Whenever I am stressed about a test, he finds me and lies next to me as I study. He loves to play fetch and run next to our horses, when I go horseback riding. He’s super tolerant and even seems happy when all of my siblings and I lay with him while watching a movie. 

WORST qualities: Because Reiner is so hyper active, he has to be left in a room where he won’t get into trouble when we leave him. The attempts we’ve made to do the opposite have resulted in his jumping up on the counter to eat a loaf of bread, eating our defrosting fish out of the sink, and playing with the ornaments off our holiday tree.

Special talents: My dog is super athletic and loves to jump horse jumps. He’s also learning how to track animals. 

A funny story: It’s funny in hindsight, but not in the moment. My dog managed to close the door behind him when he went into the shed to get a toy. No one could find him because he doesn’t bark. The whole neighborhood was looking for him. When he was finally found, he was standing on one of the bins looking out the window, seemingly confused about what took us so long.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Reiner really doesn’t remind me of anyone in particular. The most I can say is he reminds me of my family because almost all of my memories of him involve them.


Student name: Ella Foss

Pet type: Mix, German Shepard

Pet name: Auzzie

Cool factor: He has these really big ears that can hear really well

BEST qualities: He is very friendly and always wants pets when you get home

WORST qualities: He get grumpy if you disturb his sleep

Special talents: He can lay down halfway when told then lay down fully when asked

A funny story: One time we were on a hike and Auzzie ran into the woods and when we called him back he ran out of the wood covered in mud from head to toe like he fell into a mud hole.

Someone your pet reminds you of: My dog reminds me of my cousin bc they are both have good chaotic energy


Student name: Noah Orza

Pet type: Mini Pig 

Pet name: Squirmy

Cool factor: it’s a pig, what’s not cool about a pig. My boy squirmy always has a fun time with me and the homies. Sometimes I sneak him into my golf bag and bring him with us.

BEST qualities: It’s very playful and cute. I love the way it smiles at me sometimes, I feel special in a way no one’s made me feel before

WORST qualities: It has a putrid stench, similar to that of a Hungarian Grey Cow.

Special talents: It rolls in mud pits and oinks. It also bites little kids sometimes. I bet it could provide bacon if it keeps the biting up

A funny story: One time I was at school and I got home and it hopped in the bath with me after its mud pit. It was a hoot and a holler.



Student name: Sophia Benich 

Pet type: Australian Shepard

Pet name: Coco

Cool factor: Light blue eyes

BEST qualities: Friendly and energetic

WORST qualities: Sometimes she gets too excited and bites people. Out of love  but it still hurts.

Special talents: She can bow. 

A funny story: In the summer when she was little, my friends and I were in the pool and my mom brought her outside. She was so excited to see us that she ran right off the edge into the water. We got her out right away but she was so startled. I felt bad but it was pretty funny. She’s been terrified of the pool ever since. 

Someone your pet reminds you of: idk


Student name: Dean McCullough

Pet type: Cat

Pet name: Princess

Cool factor: She is beautiful as well as has an amazing personality. She has gotten a wee bit older, but still maintained her natural beauty. My sugar poo is 15 years old now.

BEST qualities: Her ability to look so cute when she wants to get something. My honey gets anything she wants, whenever she wants.

WORST qualities: To be honest, she is just too cute.

Special talents: She can jump extremely high!

A funny story: One time Princess actually got stuck in a tree! I never thought it would actually happen. So of course I called the fire department, and they came. They really did not want to get Princess down for some reason, maybe they thought she was too cute.



Student name: Sierra Robinson

Pet type: Cat

Pet name: Gumball

Cool factor: He’s just a cool cat fr. The man just be chillin.

BEST qualities: He follows me everywhere and he likes to bird watch💯

WORST qualities: He bites my ankles when he wants to get pet.

Special talents: He can jump like 7 feet in the air.

A funny story: When I first adopted him he ran out my arms and hid under a file cabinet.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Gumball Waterson




Student name: Bridget Enright

Pet type: Dog 

Pet name: Satchmo

Cool factor: He sits up like a meerkat, and looks over his shoulder, we call it the “over the shoulder smolder”

BEST qualities: He is very sweet

WORST qualities: He’s really needy and stubborn

Special talents: He has no special talents

A funny story: One time he got really scared b/c my dad was imitating a wolf and he ran and jumped into my moms lap.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Louis Armstrong




Student name:  Maddy Jolly

Pet type: Dog

Pet name: Cassie

Cool factor: She’s just a silly guy

BEST qualities: She’s a silly guy

WORST qualities: She can get too silly

Special talents: Being silly

A funny story: One time she was silly

Someone your pet reminds you of: A silly guy




Student Name: Piper Hudgins

Pet Name: Jolene

Pet Type: Chicken

Cool Factor: She is sooo social and has so much personality

BEST Qualities: She’s confident, sassy, and can run very fast

WORST Qualities: She sneaks her way into my house and sleeps in the kitchen

Special Talents: I can make her jump up and down pretty high and its rlly funny

A funny story: one time I thought someone was in my house until I walked around and heard her quiet chirping around the corner. another time I was watching her chase squirrels away from the bird feeder even though she doesn’t eat from there she just hates squirrels.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Burton McCulley

She’s confident, sassy and can run very fast

— Piper Hudgins


Do not be offended if you did not see your pet in this feature, there will be a part two with even more furry friends and another chance to submit your pets.

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